Best 42 inch riding lawn mower

Best 42 inch riding lawn mower

Outdoor patios and lawns are the most relaxing parts of any house. You can spend breezy evenings on your lawn while enjoying your tea and having quality time with your family. But for this, you will need a neat and proper lawn with properly mowed grass.

While it can be done through a push mower, the riding mowers eliminate much of the effort and time taken during this task. They have a more oversized mowing deck and can cover a vast area at one time. The cutting decks vary from 36 to 46 inches, while the 42-inch ones are most preferred. However, buying a lawnmower is a one-time investment. This is why you must consider all the factors and rice range before purchasing.

To ensure you find the best 42 inch riding lawn mower, we have considered some of the market’s best products. Our blog will explain the best features of riding lawn mowers in light of their performances, deck size, engine power,r and comfort features. Without further ado, let us discuss the products in detail.

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Best 42 inch riding lawn mower

  1. EGO Power+ ZT4204L 42″ Z6 Zero Turn Riding Mower

Best 42 inch riding lawn mowerbest riding mowerEGO power is a renowned brand and number 1 rated battery-operated platform producer. It’s a zero-turn riding mower that has a large,42-inch mowing deck. This will allow you better coverage in lesser time and proves to be an energy-efficient machine.


Technologically advanced batteries

The technological advancements have now led us to experience high-power premium quality lithium-ion batteries. The batteries integrated into the EGO mowers lawn mower combine the power of 6 56V ARC batteries. These batteries can get fully charged with a fast charger in 2 hours only. This provides horsepower, which is equivalent to that of a gas engine. With these four batteries, you can cover a 2-acre lawn on a single charge at a speed of 8MH. You can add more batteries to cover an even larger area.

42-inch cutting deck

EGO power mower has a more expansive cutting deck of 42 inches. This deck can be adjusted to ten positions for different height grass. It has a zero-turn radius with which it has high maneuverability around trees, fountains, and other lawn objects. With these features, it becomes the first-ever platform adjustable lawnmower. You can use it to ride on any type of terrain and any lawn size.

Three driving modes

The mower comes with three automated riding modes for the convenience of the rider. These modes are named Control, Standard, and Sort. With these modes and different additional accessories, this lawn mower performed three other functions. These include mulching, side discharge, and bagging, along with regular mowing. The machine comes with a five-year extended warranty, which includes batteries and a charger also.

  • Battery-powered machine with fast charging

  • A maximum speed of 8 MPH
  • Multi-purpose machine
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Suitable for average-sized lawns
  • The operation is slightly noisy

Bottom Line

The EGO power is a battery-powered lawnmower. The batteries recharge soon with a fast charger and work on the 2-acre lawn in one go. It is a multi-purpose tool that allows you to mulch your property as well.

  1. TimeCutter SS4225 42 in. 22-HP Kohler Zero-Turn Riding Mower

est 42-inch riding lawn mowerbest riding mowerWith TORO’s TimeCutter lawnmower, you can cut down the mowing time to exactly half. It has an intelligent seed system with which you can trim the grass or carry attachments to perform a  variety of functions as well.


Seven cutting heights adjustments

The size of the cutting deck of this lawn mower is 42 inches. This deck has seven different cutting height adjustments. This range is between 1.5 to 4.5 inches. This gives a professional level of grass cut and allows you to style your lawn as well. After use, the mower can be washed through the water ports so that maintenance becomes more manageable.

Hydrostatic transmission

With dual hydrostatic transmission capabilities,  this lawn mower can maneuver through any and every lawn obstacle.

Durability features

To make the machine durable, it features heavy-duty steel construction with a one gauge frame. Cast iron and steel-based axles ensure the device works longer and more robust. There is an engine guard specially designed to protect the internal mechanism of the engine. It offers protection from the low branches, obstacles, dust, and dirt.

Fuel capacity

The machine has a higher than usual, 3-gallon fuel capacity. The fuel container is translucent so that you can easily observe the level of fuel.

Varying speed settings

This lawnmower features three varying seed settings to allow for differential jobs. For example, for simple lawn trimming, a seed setting of 0-3 mph will be delicate. However, for towing, the setting of 0-5mph will be required. The actual mowing requires 0-7mph to save time and finish more.

  • Has a hitch kit to carry around a trash bin
  • Floor pan for easy cleaning
  • Automated parking brake
  • Convenience features like high back seat, padded seat, and cup holder
  • It comes with a 3-year warranty
  • Slower than battery-operated mowers

Bottom Line

If you have a smaller or medium-sized lawn, this lawnmower is ideal for regular lawn maintenance. It is durable and offers excellent performance. It mows large areas in a lesser time.

  1. Ariens Edge 42 inch 19 HP (Kohler) Zero Turn Mower

Best 42 inch riding lawn mowerbest riding mowerThis zero-turn mower is one of the newest additions to the Ariens Edge series. Hence it has all the features which we can expect from an Ariens Edge machine. The driver can simply sit back and enjoy a ride on the lawn while the machine does its job.

Wide steel deck

One of the reasons the Ariens Edge mower is the best 42-inch riding lawn mower that it has an expansive cutting deck. With its twin blades, the steel fabricated deck closely resembles the commercial-style mower. Hence it gives a similar performance and professional lawn trimming results.

Kohler V twin engine

A premium 19 hp Kohler engine powers this lawnmower. It allows a smooth and consistent performance. The hydrostatic transaxles are designed and integrated within the machine. These axles and the engine provide the desired control in various speed settings. The device can achieve a maximum speed of  6 mph in the forwarding direction and three mph in the reverse direction.

Convenience and comfort

The lawnmower has a high back seat with thick padding to ensure the operator is comfortable during lawn mowing. This ensures the back is protected during the vibrating movements of the mower. The deck is easy to operate through the driver’s foot and can be adjusted up to 7 different height levels.

  • Tires with the best traction for uneven terrains

  • Covered with a two-year warranty
  • its Convenience features for a comfortable mowing session
  • Convenient operation for cutting deck
  • It might be expensive than other brands

Bottom line

With its traction tires, the machine is excellent for the most uneven terrains. Zero-turn radius allows for extended maneuverability along with the lawn objects and flower beds.

  1. Ariens IKON XD 42 inch 22 HP (Kohler) Zero Turn Mower

est 42-inch riding lawn mowerbest riding mowerAriens high-end end brand for lawn mowers and other riding equipment. The IKON XD features a premium quality residential lawnmower. It delivers the desired power with optimum performance.

Triple  blade cutting deck

IKON XD is one of the best 42-inch riding lawn mowers, which has triple blades. With an 11 gauge steel deck and the airflow technology, the air circulates through the grass to lift and cut equally. It results in the prim and proper lawn. This cutting deck ensures consistent and clean cutting.

Dial operated height selector.

Now you do not require any sort of ins and levers to adjust the cutting height. With a simple dial-operated selector, you can select the exact height for the cutting deck. Additionally, 13 different height settings allow for precise and clean cuts. The height can be adjusted between 1.5 to 4.5 inches.

Specific traction tires

The best thing about this machine is the premium quality traction tires. The front tires measure 11 inches, and the rear ones measure 2 inches. With these traction tires, the device can mow the most uneven lawns and sloppy areas with perfection.

  • 22 HP V Twin Kohler engine
  • Airflow technology to ensure uniform grass trimming
  • Easy seed controls
  • Comfortable added seat
  • Revents vibration from reaching the driver
  • 3-year warranty
  • Oil changing is difficult

Bottom Line

The airflow technology of this lawnmower allows equal and precise cutting of the grass. It is an ideal machine that covers medium to large-sized residential landscapes.

  1. TOROMowers Toro TimeCutter Riding Mower

est 42-inch riding lawn mowerbest riding mowerIf you have a vast lawn with many trees and lawn objects, then the zero-degree riding lawn mower is a lifesaver for you. TORO TimeCutter mower works efficiently and offers more excellent maneuverability around the entire area for a neat and clean-looking lawn.

V twin engine

The V Twin engine is integrated to power the commercial-level machines. This kind of engine matches the torque curve to the cutting deck they mow. The resulting intelligent design and higher tolerance handle the challenging tasks and longer mowing sessions better than any other mower.

Durable steel deck

The cutting deck is constructed by welding one gauge steel plate together along with the bummer. This type of construction ensures the strength and durability of the deck. It is 42 inches in width, covering a larger lawn area at one time. This size makes it energy efficient. Additionally, the deck has washout ports at its underside. It is constructed to create pressure, which helps in quick and efficient cleaning of the deck.

Versatile machine

The TORO TimeCutter is a versatile machine. It has a hitch kit attached to its rear side, which can carry several attachments. The attachments like mulchers, snow blowers, fertilizer spreaders, dump carts, or de-thatchers can make this machine-usable throughout the year. A foot mat is also provided to reduce the vibration and impact during operation from reaching the driver.

  • Saves 45 % of mowing time
  • A powerful engine allows for longer operating times
  • The zero-turn mower for increased maneuverability
  • Trim, Tow, and Mow speed settings
  • Automated park brake
  • Comparatively expensive than other brands

Bottom Line

TORO TimeCutter saves up to 45% of cutting time through its more expansive deck and powerful engine. It allows a comfortable ride for the mower and delivers optimum performance.

  1. Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Series Riding Mower

est 42-inch riding lawn mowerbest riding mowerMany larger mowers are quite expensive and yet are not long-lasting. However, the Cub Cadet riding lawn mower is different. It comes in a reasonable price range but delivers far better performance.

18 Horsepower engine

An 18 Horsepower engine powers the Cub Cadet mower. It is ideal for a residential lawn. With its hydrostatic transmission, the shifting of gears is made possible without turning the machine off and on frequently. A push-button is provided to maintain the speed at all times, which automates the seed settings according to your terrain type.

Ideal for mowing around small spaces

Cub Cadet is one of the best 42-inch riding lawn mowers because it can maneuver around tight spaces. With its 16-inch turn radius, it can offer neat trim around flower beds, fountains, tall trees, etc. you can even use this lawnmower at night because it has bright LED headlights. With its 42 inches cutting deck, a larger area can be mowed within no time. The cutting deck has 12 different height adjustment settings; thick, you can stylize your lawn in various designs.

Fuel Capacity

The Cub Cadet mower can house an ample amount of fuel for longer sessions. The gas tank can hold three gallons of gas. This is to provide an uninterrupted mowing session.

  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • Powerful engine for better performance
  • Maneuverable around lawn obstacles
  • High backseat with thickly added base
  • The large and heavy machine requires more storage space.

Bottom Line

The Cub Cadet lawnmower is ideal for a vast space with landscaping obstacles. It has a height adjustment setting with which you can stylize your lawn.

  1. Husqvarna MZ48 Riding Mower

est 42-inch riding lawn mowerbest riding mowerHusqvarna is one of the best brands for riding lawnmowers. It manufactures a good range of these machines, which come with varying sizes of cutting decks. This 48-inch lawnmower is also an excellent option for mowing moderate to large-sized landscapes.


Superior performance

The Husqvarna lawn mower provides much better performance with new and improved features. It has a 48 inch wide cutting deck which is ideal for large lawns. The airflow technology allows for equal cutting and a neat appearance. High-performance blades are designed so that they will not catch any rust from the garden mist. Its 23 HP Kohler engine allows you to drive it at a maximum speed of 8 mph.

Triple bag collection

Clear your lawn as you mulch with the unique feature of the Husqvarna lawnmower. The clipping of the grass and the leaves can be collected in the bags, which are attached to a 9-bushel bag collection system. However, you need to purchase the mulching attachments and bags separately.

Deck lift system

The deck lifting system lifts the decks according to the different height settings. This allows you to cut according to your liking and stylize the lawn. These adjustments can be made directly from the rider’s seat, and you do not need to get off the mower frequently.

  • Comfortable seat with armrests to allow longer mowing sessions
  • Zero degrees turn radius for better maneuverability
  • Comfortable steering, which reduces the vibrating impact
  • 11 gauge steel fabricated deck
  • Expensive than other brands

Bottom Line

Husqvarna is the premium brand for producing lawnmowers. This is why we included the 48-inch mower on our list. It is also suitable for trimming moderate to large size lawns.

Buyers guide for Best 42 inch riding lawn mower

Since the riding lawn mowers are expensive machines, we cannot frequently replace them. It is essential to consider some essential factors before buying them.

Size of the lawn

If your lawn is ¾ acre or smaller, you should consider buying a push lawn mower instead of a riding one. It is because riding lawn mowers are especially beneficial for larger areas and landscapes with lots of obstacles.

The best 42-inch riding lawn mower will deliver prime Performance on a 1 to 2-acre lawn.

Type of landscape

If your lawn has many obstacles or lawn objects, like trees, fountains, shrubs, flower beds, consider buying a lawnmower with a zero-turn radius. This allows the machine to maneuver around the objects and give your lawn a professional finish with a carpeted look.

The ones with hydrostatic transmission also work well on uneven terrains and sloped lawns. Some lawn mowers can also mow in the reverse direction. They are even more efficient in mowing lawns with obstacles.

Comfortable seat

Although this might be considered a less important factor, it becomes critical if you have a more extensive lawn that requires long mowing sessions. Consider buying those riding lawn mowers that have a comfortable and thickly padded seat. This prevents strain to the back and keeps the rider comfortable. Additionally, the seat should be accompanied by a high backrest. Other convenience features include armrests, cup holders, etc.

Additional attachments

Any best 42-inch riding lawn mower will have the option to attach several parts. These include mulchers, snow blowers, dump carts, etc. With these attachments, you can use your lawnmowers not only during mowing season but for the entire year. Another commonly used attachment is a bagger. This helps you to clear the lawn from unnecessary grass and waste material.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How much tall grass can be trimmed with a riding lawn mower

Usually, a riding lawn mower is designed to trim fields that are covered with taller grass. They have features that can cut the differently heightened grass with their height adjustment support. However, consider buying the mower, which precisely specifies the length of grass it can trim. Many mowers cannot cut off knee-length or longer grass. For longer grasses, consider buying lawn tractors.

  1. What safety measures should be considered while using a riding lawn mower

While using a riding lawn mower, the most crucial factor is to decide on a proper place for its storage. The place should not be moist and should not have water puddles. Water and moisture can cause damage to the engine and form rust on the cutting deck. The mower should not be operated during rain. Use it on uneven terrain only of the tires and other features that support this type of terrain. Mowing should be done in a direction opposite to the cord so that any damage to the cable can be prevented. Use the lawnmower only on the type of landscape it is intended for.

  1. My lawnmower does not start. What should I do?

First of all, check the power supply of the mower. If it is fuel-driven, the fuel may have run out. You may need to charge an electric mower or change the oil. A corded mower can have a broken or damaged cable. The self-propelled mower may have faulty coils. Mowers also require proper cleaning. Clear the internal components from all the debris but do not insert sharp objects. If nothing works, do not open up the machine by yourself and call the technician.

  1. What are some other kinds of lawnmowers?

Other lawnmowers include push lawn mowers, self-propelled lawn mowers, lawn tractors, and electronic lawnmowers. Riding lawn mowers are suitable for only a tiny residential lawn.  Choose the one which suits the size and type of your landscape.

Final Thoughts

While many kinds of lawnmowers are available in the market, the best for an average-sized landscape is a riding lawnmower. They come in different deck sizes, which range from 14 to 61 inches. In today’s blog, we have covered the best 42-inch riding lawn mowers in the market.

They come from reliable brands and increase your productivity on the lawn. These mowers will last long provided regular care, and a maintenance schedule is followed. We hope our blog will help you in making the best decision in buying the machine.