9 Best Battery Lawn Mowers UK

If your lawnmower is creating many issues and you are getting tired of using it, you should consider getting a new one. No matter what type of mower you previously had, a battery lawn mower would be a great replacement. It offers a variety of different features and benefits which might be essential for your lawn. If you want to maintain the ever-growing grass in the garden with a good-quality mower, you should keep reading. Below is a review of the best battery lawn mowers that would be helpful for your garden to keep it clean and healthy.

While searching for the best battery lawn mower UK, you will find many options. There are more types of lawn mowers than the traditional petrol lawn mowers. You would also want to get the right size, battery life, and level of ease. They are highly recommended if you have a small to medium ranged lawn. Keep reading the detailed reviews for further information.

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Best Battery Lawn Mowers UK:

  1. Murray 2 x 18 V (36 V) Lithium-Ion 44 cm Cordless Lawn Mower IQ18WM44:

Best Battery Lawn Mowers UKdigitalglobalistThe Murray 44cm cordless lawn mower features a strong 2 x 18 volt battery. It is also equipped with a dual battery charger and 36 volts brushless motor for long and efficient life. This battery mower is ideal for covering around 640 sq. mt as it is easy to manoeuver and lightweight. The blades that come with this mower perform exceptionally well and ensure a quality cut.


Lightweight and Efficient:

What makes this lawn mower exceptional is that it is very lightweight and contains strong battery power. It does not require much effort from you as the batteries enable it to function easily. Your lawn will remain well-maintained without dealing with much noise or fumes.

Soft-Grip Handles:

The Murray lawn mower also comes with soft-grip handles that minimize vibration and offer comfortable foam. You can adjust it to three heights and fold as per your feasibility. You won’t have to worry about storage with a Murray cordless lawn mower.

High Rear Wheels

If you are looking for a mower that can run efficiently on all terrains, this mower would be a good option. It comes with high rear wheels of 25 cm that ensure easy maneuverability. It is a great option for everyone who wants a non-stop, best-quality mowing experience.

Long Battery System

Another reason why this mower performs excellently is its long battery system. It features the Briggs & Stratton 18V Lithium-Ion system batteries. They provide exceptional performance and maximum productivity.

  • Fine run time

  • large grass collection box of 50 litre
  • Impressive warranty
  • It contains a dual battery
  • Absence of rear roller

Bottom Line:

The Murray 44cm cordless lawn mower is among the best battery lawn mowers UK. Its quality can be compared well with well-known brands like WORX and BOSCH. Even though it is not very cheap, it offers great performance and an effective cut. Your lawn mowing experience will be pleasant and enjoyable with this mower.

  1. Bosch Cordless Lawnmower Advanced Rotak 36-650

Best Battery Lawn Mowers UKdigitalglobalistMake your mowing comfortable and easy with Bosch Cordless Lawnmower. It provides a range of desirable features that will result in an excellent cut. This mower offers quieter mowing, which means nearly 60% lesser noise. It also offers adjustable ErgoSlide handles to ensure a healthy posture. You can adjust the height from 25 mm to 80 mm according to the grass height.


Deck Size:

It comes with a relatively larger deck size of 40cm compared to UniversalRotak that offers 36cm. Due to this large size, this mower can cover a garden area of around 650 m2. This mower cuts more grass in a shorter amount of time.

Grass Collection Box:

Now you can spend more time mowing than worrying about emptying the grass box often. This mower comes with a wide capacity of 50 litre that allows worry-less mowing and improved productivity. However, a full 50 litre grass box might make maneuverability difficult.


The overall weight of this mower is not very high. It is considered a lightweight mower that users can easily operate.

Lesser noise:

Users often dislike mowers that create louder noise due to the noise inconvenience. A mower that will wake up your family members or disturb the neighbors with constant noise is not ideal. However, this mower is designed to provide pleasant gardening and mowing experience. It is built with a ProSilence technology that reduces the noise up to 60%.

  • Reduced noise due to ProSilence sound reduction system

  • Excellent cut and collect performance
  • Great height adjustment
  • Ergonomic design
  • Expensive


Bosc did an excellent job by creating this fine battery lawnmower. It is enriched with features that make your lawn mowing easy and effortless.  Mowing won’t feel like a difficult chore with this mower. It let you mown even in the morning due to its impressive reduced noise feature.

  1. Greenworks Cordless Lawnmower G40LM41K2X

Best Battery Lawn Mowers UKdigitalglobalistIf your garden is up to 600m2 and you want a mulch and cut features, this mower might be a suitable option for you. The overall performance of the mower is impressive. Your lawn will be cut without much effort from you. The mower will do its job excellently since it contains strong batteries. The batteries are also interchangeable with other tools of Greenworks.


Easy to Operate:

If you are a beginner who just needs to maintain the newly purchased lawn, here is some good news for you. Greenworks lawnmower provides very simple functions which can be understood without any difficulty. Its 40V battery helps the machine to run smoothly across your garden. The absence of cables would make it work more effectively.

2-in-1 Function

When it comes to versatility, Greenworks lawn mower doesn’t disappoint. Its grass catcher bag of 50L is capable of mowing as well as mulching option.

High Efficiency:

This machine provides high proficiency in cutting the grass of different thicknesses and lengths. You will get high efficiency and quality performance with Greenworks Cordless lawnmower. What makes it unique is the fact that this mower is very reasonable in price.

  • Mulching feature

  • Large grass box
  • Five cutting heights
  • 30 minute charging time
  • Only one battery can be charged at a time

Bottom Line:

Greenworks Cordless Lawn Mower is undoubtedly among the best battery lawnmowers UK. It offers features that its high-end competitors, like Worx and Bosch provide. This product provides great value for money, and the quality of the machine provides effective performance. It also offers a mulching service that is quite trendy these days.

  1. Swift EP132CP2 14V Cordless Lawn Mower 32 cm Cutting Width Lightweight Battery Rotary Lawn Mower

Best Battery Lawn Mowers UKdigitalglobalistThis mower from Swift is a great choice for everyone who desires amazing run time and power. It tackles grass of different heights, lengths, and conditions easily. Even if you have dense grass, Swift lawn mower will ensure cutting efficiency with consistency.


Strong Battery and Motor Performance:

This machine is equipped with a 40V 2.0Ah battery and a brushless motor. These are sufficient to tackle down a garden of size nearly 250 square meters.

Secure Height Adjustment:

Another remarkable feature that this battery lawn mower offers is secure and easy height adjustment. You can adjust the wheels according to your desired height. The height range that can be adjusted is 25mm to 75 mm.

40 Litre Grass Box:

Get rid of frequent visits of emptying the box in the middle of your mowing. The bag included in the Swift lawn mower is big enough to collect all the grass. You can perform mowing smoothly and consistently without any interruption.

Manufacturer’s Guarantee:

The manufacturers are offering a warranty on this product so you can trust it with your money. It comes with a 24-month warranty for the machine and a 12-month warranty for the battery.

Freedom and Flexibility:

As it contains a battery, this lawnmower will not make your life difficult without the power cord’s restriction. You will feel more flexible and free while mowing your garden with this battery lawn mower. It will bring more efficiency and reduce hurdles for your ease.

  • Easy to start
  • Adjustable height
  • Digital brushless motor
  • Lightweight

  • The quality of wheels is average

Bottom Line:

This lawn mower is suitable for anyone who wants to make mowing a fun experience. Its strong batteries and wide blades will keep cutting grass with excellence. With a striking appearance and promising performance, this lawn mower might be the best option for your lawn.

  1. Flymo Easimo Electric Wheeled Lawn Mower:

Best Battery Lawn Mowers UKdigitalglobalistIt is yet another battery lawn mower on the list of the best battery lawn mowers UK. This lawnmower offers you fine grass mowing on small and medium gardens. The designers have made it easy to operate so first-time buyers can use it. It offers many features that will make your mowing process less complicated.


Cutting, Collecting, and Compacting:

This mower offers a simple solution to your stoppage problem during the mowing process. It is capable of collecting and compacting the grass as it cuts. In this way, it ensures the maximum utilization of your time and energy.

Easy Emptying Out:

If you choose to buy this mower, you will easily mow your entire garden without emptying the bag. Flymo Easimo electric lawn mower contains a large 29 litre bag that can store the grass of a small to medium-sized garden. Your mowing will be smooth and easy.

Ideal for Small and Medium Gardens

As you have already read, this mower is an ideal match for small and medium garden owners. It offers features that make mowing a joyful activity that you can perform at any time. If you have a small or medium garden, you should definitely consider buying it.

  • Smart design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can cut close edges of grass
  • Easy to carry due to being lightweight
  • Cut the grass extremely short even while being on the highest settings.

Bottom Line:

This product can fulfill your needs if you prefer mowers that cut grass with ease and comfort. Its extremely light weight makes it easy to carry. You can also store this machine since its size is not much large. It will be worth spending your money.

  1. Sprint 2691749 18V Lithium-Ion 37 cm Cordless Lawn Mower:

Best Battery Lawn Mowers UKdigitalglobalistSprint 2691749 cordless lawn mower is ideal for people having approximately 520m2 of the garden. It features a Briggs & Stratton battery. The overall performance of this mower is remarkable as it is light and simple to maneuver.



This mower is equipped with brushless motor technology and an 18V battery. These features ensure the long, excellent life of the machine. Your investment in this product will eventually turn out to be a wise decision.

Robust Battery System:

If we talk about batteries, a Sprint lawn mower contains a robust battery that performs very well. The Briggs & Stratton 18V Lithium-Ion battery system ensures excellent performance with maximum productivity. The product also comes with a good-quality battery charger.

High-Performance Blades

The blades of any mower truly determine its performance. Without sharp blades, a lawn mower can never achieve the desired results. That’s exactly why this battery mower by Sprint offers high-quality blades. They are capable of offering quality cutting of the grass just like you always desire.

Soft-Grip Handles:

Soft-grip handles are another great feature that is essential in a good-quality lawn mower. Sprint battery lawn mower offers easy, and soft-grip handles for a minimized vibration. They are also very significant for storage due to their folding capability.

  • Excellent handles

  • Long battery life
  • Approximately 45 minutes run time
  • High rear wheels
  • It does not come with a mulching option

Bottom Line:

This remarkable mower is enriched with features that are demanded by the users. Whether it’s about product life or its performance, Sprint has done a great job designing this product. You can search for the reviews which mostly are satisfied with their purchase. If you buy this product, it will be worth your money.

  1. Swift EB137CD2 40V Cordless Lawn Mower with 37 cm Cutting Width, Lightweight Battery Rotary Lawnmower

Best Battery Lawn Mowers UKdigitalglobalistThis mower by Swift is powered by a lithium-ion battery of 40 volts and five height adjustments. If you want unhindered lawn mowing without stopping frequently, this product might be your best choice. Powerful motor, strong battery, and a huge collection box work together to offer you a streamlined mowing experience.


Quick and Effortless Performance:

This is a suitable option for mowing the lawn without much work. Swift battery lawn mower turns cutting into an easy and effortless task. It provides quality cuts with a 40-litre grass box for grass collection. Furthermore, it comes with a foldable control frame that helps in storing the big machine.

Strong 40V 2A Battery

The 49V 2A battery included in this mower offers excellent performance. The addition of a battery is far better than cord mowers. So no more worrying about tripping hazards, tangled cables, or complicated setup.

Height Adjustments

With a swift battery lawnmower, you can get the exact cut that you desire. There are five options for height adjustments ranging from height 25mm to 75mm. Not only will you experience easy mowing, but you’ll also get the desired cutting.

Mulching Plug

This mower by Swift offers a mulching plug that prevents the grass from getting into the grass chute. The mulching blades can cut, lift and dice the grass clipping smoothly and efficiently.

  • Easy to store due to light weight
  • It comes with a mulching plug and blade
  • Offers two years warranty
  • Powerful battery
  • Charging takes much time (approximately 4 hours)

Bottom Line:

The Swift EB137CD2 lawn mower is a convenient machine that provides a smooth lawn mowing experience. It has a powerful battery that can be taken out at any time. You can easily insert the battery and key. Even though the power cable is included, you won’t need it because of the strong battery. This lawn mower might be your go-to product if your lawn is in the size range of 250m2.

  1. Einhell 3413260 Cordless Lawn Mower GE-CM 18/33 Li

Best Battery Lawn Mowers UKdigitalglobalistThis lawn mower by Einhell is offering much maneuverability and freedom that you enjoy the mowing. It provides nearly 30 minutes run time with nearly 120 minutes of charging. It is affordable in price and frees you from the hassle of adding fuel. The lack of cord and agility are the features that make it among the best battery lawn mowers UK.


One Battery for All Devices:

You can use a single battery for more than one device of Einhell. This machine comes with an interchangeable battery that can run other compatible devices of Einhell too. No matter if you use a gardening tool or power device, a single battery is sufficient for all.

Active Power System:

Another great feature of the Einhell battery lawn mower is its battery quality. The lithium-ion cells not only deliver quality power but also provide durability. These cells are pretty sturdy, thanks to ABS-battery monitoring.

Easy to Assemble

This lawn mower is designed to provide ease and comfort to the users. That’s why it’s quite easy for users to assemble the product themselves. It’s a matter of only a few minutes.

Quality Cut

This lawn mower provides a quality cut thanks to the high-quality blades. If you have a small or medium-sized garden, this lawn mower will take good care of its maintenance. It cuts the grass impressively well and keeps your garden healthy.

  • Single charge offers a good run time

  • 30-litre grass box
  • Fine stability due to wide wheels
  • The battery can be interchanged with other cordless Einhell equipmen
  • Side discharge or mulching option is not available

Bottom Line:

If you go for this product, it will perform with efficiency and effectiveness. It is a well-built machine that is not very hard on the pockets. Einhell battery lawn mowers provide height adjustment so you can decide the ideal height. The overall performance built quality, and durability makes it unique from others.

  1. Murray 2 x 18 V (36V) Lithium-ion 37 cm Cordless Lawn Mower IQ18WM37

Best Battery Lawn Mowers UKdigitalglobalistThe Murray lithium-ion cordless lawn mower features powerful batteries and a brushless motor. It also offers a dual battery charger for efficient charging. If you have a medium-sized lawn of approximately 425m2, this might be your best bet. Although it is a little pricey, you’ll get premium features that make it worth the money.


Hard Top Fabric Catcher:

For improved and non-stop performance, this machine is supplied with a big 40-litre grass collector. It can be detached from the lawn mower easily and enables high airflow. The bag helps you complete the mowing fast.

High Rear Wheels:

The rear wheels included in this lawn mower are yet another great feature. It contains high rear wheels of 25 cm that provide excellent maneuverability. These wheels also let the machine function on difficult terrains without losing quality.

Soft-Grip Handles:

The soft grips that come with Murray cordless lawn mower help in minimizing vibration. The mower also comes with an ergonomic handlebar to let users adjust the height accordingly. Furthermore, these handles can be folded effortlessly to store in a minimum space.

Powerful Battery System:

The powerful battery of this mower is yet another reason why it can be the right choice for you. The Murray cordless lawn mower comes with Briggs & Stratton lithium-ion batteries. The battery is 18 Volts, and you can use it for all compatible devices of Murray.

  • It provides an adequate run time of 30 minutes.

  • Supreme build quality and performance
  • It contains a dual battery charger
  • More stability and maneuverability due to larger rear wheels
  • Rear rollers are not available

Bottom Line:

You are getting premium quality and performance if you choose to buy this product. Murray compares this lawn mower with its competitors like Worx and Bosch impressively. Its performance is excellent, making you love mowing time. It can be your perfect match if you want premium features and easy storage.

Buyers Guide to the Best Battery Lawn Mowers UK

Buying a lawnmower is essential for every lawn mower. There are plenty available in the market, making it difficult to pick the right one. Do you want to buy a battery lawn mower but don’t know how to pick the best one? Here is a complete buyer’s guide for you to understand better. Everything you want to know, from benefits to the main features of a battery lawnmower, is stated below.

Benefits of Buying a Battery Lawn Mower:

If you have experience of mowing with a petrol mower, you might understand the frustration due to the power cable. Not only does it get in the way, but it also increases the chances of tripping over. Many users want to get rid of such problems by buying a battery lawn mower. Others simply want to upgrade their mowing game with advanced technology, easy-to-use mowers. Buying a battery lawn mower has many advantages as compared to traditional petrol mowers. If you opt for a battery lawn mower, you will get the following benefits:

Easy Maneuverability:

The battery lawn mowers provide more maneuverability than typical petrol mowers. They have lesser weight and can move easily without creating hassle.

Lesser Noise:

Battery lawn mowers usually contain lithium-ion batteries, due to which they are quieter. The battery lawn mowers are more peaceful and can be used any time without worrying about disturbing the neighbors.

Minimum Maintenance:

Petrol mowers require regular services that can be annoying for some people. On the other hand, battery lawn mowers don’t require regular maintenance. They are low-maintenance, high-functioning machines.

No Emission:

Emission is a drawback that is found in petrol mowers due to the presence of an engine. However, battery lawn mowers do not emit any emissions.

Features to Consider While Buying a Battery Lawn Mower:

You might have an idea; there are multiple brands that provide good-quality battery lawn mowers. While they all performed really well, they might not be suitable for you. It would be best if you look for the features that you think are essential in a lawn mower. The main features that you should look for are given below:

Lawn Size:

Lawn’s size is among the primary factors that determine the best battery lawn mower UK for you. If the size is extra-large, a petrol mower would be a better option. The size determines how much cutting width a mower should offer. The battery of the lawn mower is also the size of your lawn. An ideal lawn mower would mow the entire lawn without getting run out of battery. However, the battery performance also depends on how big your lawn is.

Cutting Height and Width:

The lawn mower’s cutting width determines how much it will mow the lawn in one pass. So, if a lawn mower offers a 40cm cutting width, it would cut a 40 cm strip of a lawn in a single pass. The cutting width is a vital consideration as the size depends on how it would function on your lawn. If a lawn mower offers a small cutting width, it will take much longer to finish the mowing process.

Cutting height determines how short or tall the mower will cut your grass. Best Battery lawn mowers UK usually provide the option to adjust the height with a lever. Different lawn mowers offer different levels of height adjustment ranging from 3 to 7.


The battery is the essential factor in your lawn mower as the entire performance of your machine depends on its battery. It would be best to research thoroughly for a battery just to ensure the desired performance from the lawnmower. Lithium-ion batteries often power battery lawn mowers. These batteries are reliable, efficient, and powerful. They are also one of the reasons why cordless lawnmowers are trendy.

Even though lithium-ion batteries are excellent in terms of performance, their lifespan is shorter. Nevertheless, the best quality batteries can last for five years. If you want to learn about batteries, you should look for the voltage and Amp Hour. These factors will be helpful in determining the estimated run time and power.

Comfortable Usage:

Users don’t appreciate the Lawn mowers that are difficult to use. They want an easy and quick solution to their problems. Fortunately, battery lawn mowers are designed to be user-friendly, offering easy functions. Many users show concern about how easy it is to adjust the mower. It would help if you also looked for comfortable usage of the product before buying it.

When it comes to comfort level, it is not limited to using only. Storing the lawnmower after completing the mowing is also a big issue. You wouldn’t want to bring a new lawn mower just to find out it doesn’t fit in the storage area.


Handles are the true determinants of the level of comfort your lawn mower provides. If you want to make mowing a pleasant activity, you must be considerate about the handles. If your lawnmower has adjustable handles, you won’t have to bend over or reach it while mowing. High-quality battery lawn mowers usually offer more benefits in their handles. Always look for handles that provide more comfort and are capable of absorbing vibrations.

Best Battery Lawn Mower UK – FAQs

How long do battery lawn mowers last?

A good-quality battery lawn mower can last up to ten years. However, the lifespan of any equipment depends on its usage. Sometimes poor-quality products can don’t last as long as the manufacturers claim. That’s why buying a good-quality lawn mower is essential.

What are the drawbacks of battery lawn mowers?

Battery lawn mowers require to be charged after a while. They might need recharging even before completing the mowing process. They may not cut thicker grass, as well as other mowers do. Furthermore, you would have to ensure the absence of water while mowing with a battery lawn mower. They are also more pricey than gas mowers.


Finding a perfect battery lawn mower that matches your needs and budget is difficult online. However, you will find the right match by researching thoroughly. Hopefully, you now have an idea about the best battery lawn mowers UK available in the market. For more information, you can search for customer reviews for every product.