6 Best Budget Electric Bike UK

Are you looking for the best budget electric bike UK? Read on to this detailed article to get the best product on the market.

Electric bikes are constantly rushing in their popularity as the prices have reduced, and many high-end brands are available for rider’s assistance. A high-quality e-bike is sure to make biking fun so you can enjoy the freedom of using a high-tech product for commuting, leisure riding, and chore performing.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best budget electric bikes in the UK so you can choose a style to suit your traveling requirements.

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6 Best Budget Electric Bike UK

  1. Oppikle Electric Bike Electric Bicycle for Adult

Best Budget Electric Bike UKBudget Electric Bike

The Oppikle Electric Bike Electric Bicycle for Adult delivers an extra boost on rough terrains with convenient riding features to ensure ultimate comfort on the trajectories.


  • High-Quality Materials

The bike features a strong and high-quality aluminum alloy frame. It is lightweight, extremely robust, and manufactured to last long. Thanks to this lightweight material, this electric bike is easy to maneuver around, even in the bumpiest of all terrains.

  • Rims

There are aluminum alloy double-walled rims for more durability and prompt rides with little to no drag. It also comes with a high-strength front suspension fork to take your overall riding experience to a whole new level.

  • Gear Shift System

The 250W high-speed gear shift system consists of front and rear mechanical disc brakes. The disc brakes are present for consistent and all-weather stopping power. What more? The 21-speed gear improves the hill-climbing power for better terrain adaptability and range variation. A bright LED headlamp and horn are incorporated for safe nighttime riding.

  • Powerful Battery

The Oppikle Electric Bike Electric Bicycle for Adult features a 36V 8Ah lithium-ion battery that is removable and easy to charge. There is a 250-watt stable motor that allows you to ride a maximum range of up to 15-30 miles at the top speed of 15mph per charge. This number is more than enough to fulfill your most commuting requirements.

  • 3 Working Modes

The working modes are e-bike mode, assisted bicycle mode, and normal bike mode. There is a three-speed smart meter button to help you choose the riding mode as per the needs.


  • Long battery life
  • Exceptional performance
  • Collapsible frame


  • Less torque than other bikes on the list


It is a powerful electric bike that can handle different types of terrains with convenience. It offers a unique blend of power and performance so you can enjoy the rides of your life.

  1. Basis Hunter Unisex Budget Electric Bike

Best Budget Electric Bike UK

Budget Electric Bike

This best budget electric bike UK 2021 is a complete game-changer from Basis bikes. Though it looks like an ordinary MTB, it is still jam-packed with the most advanced features you will ever see in a budget-friendly e-bike.


  • Construction

The chunky lower frame tube of the bike features a 7.8Ah 36V LG battery. Both the features help send the power to the rear hub brushless motor, providing an optimum surge to the rear wheel torque as you ride to make it through the toughest of terrains and inclines. You can enjoy the ride and commute up to 25 miles of assistance with a single charge from the battery. The motor is able to reach a speed limit of up to 15.5mph.

  • Wheels

The manufacturers have incorporated front suspension MTB forks to cushion out the ride in accord with the 26 inches wheels enfolded in 2.125 high-quality, off-road tires. As far as the gearing is concerned, this bike packs a Shimano six-speed system with a 14-28t ratio that you can adjust using a handlebar-mounted grip shifter. This feature, when combined with the power assistance, ensures you an effortless and enjoyable adventure.

  • Assembling

The Basis Hunter Unisex Integrated Electric Mountain Bike comes pre-assembled and packs almost everything that you need to hit the road. It checks all points when it comes to durability, convenience, and affordability. Coupled with the fact that this e-bike is water-proof and comes with a replaceable battery, it is indeed an ideal option for every beginner rider out there.


  • 25 miles range
  • Easy to ride
  • Powerful brushless motor


  • Lacks adjustable handlebars


The Basis Hunter Unisex Integrated Electric Mountain Bike is best for causal starters who wish to ease themselves into the electric bike riding experience. It features an integrated design, which makes it one of the most functional and practical options out there.

  1. Eloklem 26″ Electric Bike – Best Budget Electric Bike UK

Best Budget Electric Bike UKBudget Electric Bike

Eloklem is the only e-bike brand out there that lets the rider be whatever he wants. With the Eloklem 26″ Electric Bike, you can significantly change your traveling means and avoid the frustrations of a traffic jam.


  • Three Riding Modes

The electric bike has three working modes, i.e., pure electric bike mode, assisted bicycle mode, and normal bike mode. The pure electric bike is for people who want to enjoy longer commutes without pedaling. However, we suggest combining three modes together to enjoy a more customized riding experience.

  • Durable And Quality Materials

The Eloklem 26″ Electric Bike is made from a high-quality aluminum alloy frame. This framework is light yet strong simultaneously and features a high-strength carbon steel front fork for premium comfort and shock absorption.

  • Wheels

Both the rear and front wheels of the electric bike are made of double-layered aluminum alloy. They are strong enough for a comfortable and easy ride on all types of terrains. The braking system is quite advanced as well for your complete protection and safety.

  • Removable Battery And Powerful Motor

Another great thing about this e-bike is its 250watt high-speed brushless gear motor. It can help achieve a maximum speed of 15-17mph in no time. Under optimum conditions, a rider can ride up to a maximum range of 22-28km on a single full charge.

Moreover, this product is equipped with a smart lithium battery charger that only needs 4-6 hours to charge the bike for your next adventure.

  • Brakes

The premium braking system includes rear and front disc brakes with a 21-speed transmission system for reliable stopping power. The bike features 26 inches bead spoke wheels. These wheels are made of aluminum alloy and anti-slip, wear-proof, heavy tires. For added security, you will find a horn and LED headlights to enjoy nighttime riding.


  • Lightweight bicycle
  • High-quality aluminum alloy frame
  • Easy to fold up


  • Poor instruction manual


Despite being on the heavier side, the Eloklem 26″ Electric Bike looks stylish, modern, and works extremely well. The battery also lasts long without taking too much time to charge back up.


  1. Speedrid Electric Bike 26’’ Electric Folding budget Bike

Best Budget Electric Bike UKBudget Electric Bike

The Speedrid 26’’ Electric Folding Bike is designed and manufactured for effective pavements and off-road performance. It is an ideal choice to consider, especially if you are looking for a means to expand your horizon with a high-quality, affordable e-bike.


  • Excellent Build Quality

Unlike other e-bikes on the list, the Speedrid 26’’ Electric Folding Bike is not limited to a high-strength carbon steel frame and strong front fork shock absorption. It adds similar power to the rims using double-layered aluminum alloy. Both the features contribute to the outstanding collapsible bike design.

  • Acceleration And Bike Speed

Above everything else, the e-bike is also considered one of the best throttle electric bikes in the market. With the help of speed professional 6, you can enjoy six different types of speeds riding on a 500W brushless motor. Thanks to this immense power, the bike can easily top off the speed up to 24 mph, which is impressive considering its reasonable price tag.

  • Safety Features

The best budget electric mountain bike UK is jam-packed with some advanced safety features. The folding frame does not come apart on the rider due to the locking mechanism feature; the headlight is neat and not too bright, whereas the dual disc brake system is for ultimate stopping power over inclined and linear systems.

  • Battery And Range

The range and performance of the lithium-ion battery is excellent despite the working mode. In pedal-assist mode, you get 22 miles range per charge, and in pure electric bike mode, expect it to go down a little to only 15 miles.


  • 24 mph maximum speed
  • Powerful brushless motor
  • Includes push-button horn


  • A bit heavy for some buyers


This electric bike truly justifies its budget-friendly price with a strong build and powerful motor. So, if you are not a mountain person or just like to ride on rough pavements, this bike is the best option to consider.


  1. Coolautoparts 26 inch Folding Budget Electric Bike

Best Budget Electric Bike UKBudget Electric Bike

The Coolautoparts 26 inch Folding Electric Bike is best for everyone interested in longer commutes and mountain biking. So, if you are on a tight budget and wish to find an affordable e-bike with all the features of a high-end product, opt for Coolautoparts 26 inch Folding Electric Bike to step up your riding game.


  • Build Quality And Motor

The e-bike features a 26-inch wide, strong and robust aluminum alloy frame. This frame helps make this bike a particularly lightweight and stable product. The bike only weighs around 25kgs, so easy to transport from one place to another.

Moreover, it comes with a 360W 48V motor that can reach up to a maximum speed of 25 km per hour. The maximum climbing ability, on the other hand, is 35-degrees.

  • Battery

It has a 10Ah, 48V lithium-ion battery that you can only remove to replace and not to charge. This battery gives about 40km mileage in pure electric mode and 43.5 miles in moped working mode.

  • Foldable Design

The folding size of the e-bike is 41 x 15 x 41 inches, which is ideal for easy, hassle-free transportation. The design is backed by the locking suspension hydraulic fork and 26 inches aluminum alloy suspension mountain frame to deliver a smooth riding experience.

  • Multiple Working Modes

Another advantage of the Coolautoparts 26 inch Folding Electric Bike is the three working modes, i.e., electric mode, pedal-assist mode, and manual driving mode.


  • Clear and bright LCD screen
  • Best for both adults and teens
  • Unisex electric bike with 21 number of speeds


  • On the heavier side for some people


With an impressive acceleration, battery content, gears, brakes, and suspension, this electric bike delivers excellent performance. It is very well built and has a very handy and secure folding action.

  1. ANCHEER Electric Bike, E-bike Citybike Adult Bike

Best Budget Electric Bike UKBudget Electric Bike

People who are keen on their first electric bike must give ANCHEER E-bike Citybike Adult Bike a try. The bike is manufactured to its price, has top-quality components, and is just as strong as all the other expensive bikes out there.


  • Removable Battery

The core and heart of this electric bike is its large capacity 8Ah lithium-ion battery. This removable and rechargeable battery can deliver a range of up to 20 miles with a single charge. Also, you can charge it on or off the bike to suit your preference and convenience.

  • Quality Construction Materials

Like most of the economical e-bike out there, the ANCHEER E-bike Citybike Adult Bike is also made of an aluminum alloy frame. The frame is lightweight, strong, and delivers excellent durability. Thanks to an aluminum alloy frame, the bike is easy to move around tough places.  On the other hand, the rims are of doubled walled aluminum alloy for speedy rides and consistency.

  • Adjustable Seat

What most people like about Ancheer bikes is the adjustable saddle. You can alter the stem length or handlebar angle to bring significant improvement in your riding comfort and convenience.

  • Working Modes

There are two working modes, i.e., e-bike mode and assisted bike mode. You can choose whatever suits you best but combining the two modes deliver amazing results.


  • Low price
  • Good range and speed
  • Silent yet powerful motor


  • Hard to understand instructions


At an affordable price, the ANCHEER E-bike Citybike Adult Bike is a practical choice for travelers who wish to avoid multiple arrangements of transportation. Those with a tight budget but looking for an e-assistance can also benefit from the advanced features of the bike.

Final Thoughts

These are some of our best budget electric bikes UK. For daily commuters looking for a budget-friendly yet advanced e-bike, we suggest Oppikle Electric Bike Electric Bicycle for Adult. It is a viable, all-rounder product with the most helpful features and best-in-class battery/motor. It delivers a smooth ride and an even more monotonous braking system for a controllable and well-manageable performance.

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