7 Best Commercial Zero Turn Mower For the Money

If you have a luxurious lawn or have a landscaping business, buying a zero turn lawn mower would be wise. It can be useful for keeping the lawn neat and tidy with faster performance. These lawn mowers are designed specifically for making your lawn mowing experience easy. Fast performance is combined with easy functions and much better comfort in these mowers. Due to their excellent performance, commercial lawn mowers are even popular among non-professionals. For instance, if your lawn has several obstacles and you want a powerful lawn mower, these mowers can be your ideal choice.

The zero turn lawn mowers can turn at zero radii. However, using them for the first time might not be very easy. One has to get used to the machine and its functions to easily enjoy maximum comfort. However, some of these powers are quite pricey. That’s why we have listed the best commercial zero turn lawn mowers for the money available. Keep on reading if you want to learn about the best commercial zero turn mowers.

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7 Most Wanted and Best Commercial Zero Turn Lawn Mower for the Money       

  1. Husqvarna Z254 54 in. 26 HP Kohler Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower:

Best Commercial Zero Turn Mower For the MoneyHusqvarna Z254 is the mower that brings style and performance together. This unit offers cutting-edge design, innovative features, and proven performance. By buying it, your mowing chore will more likely become a fun activity that you’ll enjoy. It features a 54 inches steel cutting deck and a 26 HP Kohler engine. As a result, you’ll get the optimum performance that your lawn deserves. Moreover, its maintenance-free transmission leads to innovative, long-lasting performance.


Park Brake System:

One of the unique features of this lawn mower is its patent-pending park brake system. Due to this feature, this mower can be functioned according to the movement of the lever. For instance, if the steering lever goes inward or outward, the park brake system would be deactivated or activated. In this way, you can safely function your mower without worrying about any possible damage.

Air Induction Mowing Technology:

The designers engineered this mower to be innovative and versatile. That’s why it features an air induction mowing technology system for ensuring consistent cut. It is known for drawing air from the deck’s top and bottom. As a result, you’d get improved grass along with a superior cut.


So many amazing features can become useless if a mower is not durable. Therefore, this mower contains a steep stamped cutting deck that is made by using flat-stock steel. It can be a good investment since it is very likely to last long. All in all, adding a high-quality material to the body ensures its excellent performance and durability.

  • Easy assembling

  • Includes safety features
  • Air induction mowing technology
  • Good value for money
  • Durability
  • Can be very fast for beginners

Final Verdict:

This lawn mower contains a wide range of features that make it worth considering to buy. If you have owned a zero turn lawn mower before, you can consider purchasing this item. From powerful engines to versatile performance, it can cover pretty much everything. Additionally, numerous customers are also happy with their purchases. Hence, this unit is quite impressive for the price you pay.

  1. Husqvarna MZ61 in. 27 HP Briggs & Stratton Hydrostatic  commercial Zero Turn Riding Mower:

Best Commercial Zero Turn Mower For the MoneyTake your mowing performance and productivity with Husqvarna’s MZ61 mower. Its heavy-duty frame and intuitive operator interface will give you the ultimate mowing experience. Furthermore, its rugged fabricated steel deck provides collection and mulching options. Your ride experience is ensured to be joyful by adding adjustable ergonomic steering levers and a high back seat. This mower ensures an effortless mowing experience as well at a reasonable price.


Comfortable Steering:

This product offers you comfortable steering to elevate your riding experience in numerous ways. You will experience much lesser fatigue since the rubber isolators of this unit are separated from the frame. Constant support is provided through ergonomic seats during your ride to an extended shift. The back of this mower is also made comfy enough for your pleasant experience. Lastly, you’ll find steering and other on-the-go adjustments quite easy due to ergonomic controls.

9 Bushel Collection System:

9-bushel collection system represents the versatility and productivity of this mower. It comes with a unique design that provides the efficiency you need for mowing a large lawn well. This collection system can be removed or installed in a matter of minutes. Hence, if you want to save time and increase productivity, this mower might be your top choice.

0 Degree Turn Radius:

If we talk about maneuvering, this unit offers individual hydraulic wheel drive. Thanks to the wheel drive, the maneuvering becomes precise and the mower rotates around its axis. The addition of these marvelous features indicates the super-level performance of this mower. If you consider buying this unit, it might turn out to be an excellent purchase.

  • Comfortable ride
  • 27 HP Briggs endurance engine
  • Discharge, mulch, and bag features
  • 54 inch cut thanks to 11-gauge steel cutting deck
  • Does not contain suspension which might cause damage to the lawn

Final Verdict:

Husqvarna lawn mower brings performance and versatility to the premium level. Not only does it offer excellent performance, but also some additional comfort. Your overall experience with this mower will be easy and enjoyable. Features like commercial-rated hydraulic systems and heavy-duty steel frames offer promising performance. Most customers also seem happy and excited with their purchases.

  1. Ariens IKON XD 52 inch 23 HP (Kawasaki) commercial  Zero Turn Mower 915267:

Best Commercial Zero Turn Mower For the MoneyIf you want an amazing combination of speed and reliability in your mower, this unit might be great for you. It can be a worthy investment since this mower provides powerful performance. Its active control system can be quick and efficient to mow your lawn. Furthermore, its engine provides enough power for commercial level mowing. It also provides quite a comfortable seating experience so you can enjoy mowing instead of getting tired.


Easy to Use:

Even though this unit is made for professionals, it can be used for amateurs too. It comes with two hydrostatic EZT gears to make cutting control easy. The double triangle hitch features an industrial design and a 4-point suspension system. As a result, your lawn’s grass will result in an even cut. Premium-level comfort for both arms and back will make sure your riding experience is wonderful.

Effective Cutting Deck:

This mower also contains some worth-mentioning commercial features that give it an edge over other units. For instance, it is a 52 gauge steel platform that is 52″ thick. Additionally, the ramp of this unit contains 3 blades which are huge for any household lawnmower. Furthermore, you can cut bush-free grass of up to six inches at once. The hydraulic transmission allows automatic parking brakes and causes them to stop if an operator is not there.

Powerful Engine:

A powerful engine is yet another significant feature included in this unit for efficient performance. The mower also contains a professional grade 4 stroke double cylinder along with a suspended V valve. It also provides high-level efficiency due to automatic compression release. The engine contains an instantaneous electronic spark ignition with a pressure lubrication system. It is capable of developing maximum power of up to 3600 rpm with a maximum torque of around 2200 rpm. It indicates the correspondence to the speed of up to 11 km / h.

  • Powerful performance

  • Affordable price
  • Height adjustment
  • Commercial cut quality
  • A control lever for each wheel
  • Accessories have to be purchased separately

Final Verdict:

This mower is one of the great options for the best zero turn commercial mower for the money. It contains the standard functions of a lawn mower at a reasonable price. Its 23 JP engine is among the winning aspects that can operate for hours. You can use it to mow a large area thanks to its 52-inch wide deck. To put it in a nutshell, this mower is a great option for household gardeners as well as professionals.

  1. Craftsman 17ARFACQ091 50-Inch Hydrostatic Gas Zero Turn Mower with 24 HP Kohler Twin-Cylinder Engine:

Best Commercial Zero Turn Mower For the MoneyThis 50-inch lawn hydrostatic lawn mower offers you an ultimate mowing experience through its strong engine. Its 50-inch durable steel deck can mow grass quickly and easily. It has an engine of 24 HP twin-cylinder that would neither choke nor prime. Additionally, this mower contains a 46 inches steel deck along with a sleek frame design. As you mow your way throughout the lawn, you’d feel relaxed thanks to the optimum-level comfort.


Great Maneuverability:

Maneuverability is one of the important aspects of any zero turn lawn mower. It is zero turn radius allows simple and fast directional changes. Thanks to its optimal efficiency, you can give your lawn a pleasant look without much effort. Hence, this mower can be a great choice for keeping your lawn well-maintained.

Reliable and Durable:

Another great feature of this lawn mower is its reliable and durable structure. The designers manufactured it to last long for ultimate customers’ satisfaction. That’s why it contains a robust frame made of stainless steel to enhance your mowing. Thanks to the high-quality material used, this mower can provide you excellent performance for years.

Adjustable Cutting Height:

If you like changing the way you mow your lawn for new looks, you should consider buying this mower. It comes with adjustable height settings that allow you to pick the height every time before starting to mow the lawn. The minimum height is 1.25 inches while the maximum is 3.75 inches. Hence, by buying this product, you can take a better charge of your lawn’s appearance.

  • Provides beautiful cut

  • Good-quality material
  • Great maneuverability
  • Powerful performance
  • Received some complaints about the difficulty to start

Final Verdict:

Get the powerful mowing experience with this zero turn mower by Craftsman. Its strong twin-cylinder engine of 24 HP offers a reliable and easy start without any choke. The frame design and dual-range hydraulic transmission ensure optimum support and comfort. It also provides an opportunity to cut the grass according to your choice. By buying this mower, you’ll get excellent maneuverability, support, and comfort.

  1. Greenworks Pro 80V 21 inch Cordless Push Lawn Mower:

Best Commercial Zero Turn Mower For the MoneyThis GreenWorks lawn mower is manufactured by using innovative smart cut technology. It is offering fast and efficient performance, thanks to its durable steel deck. It contains a brushless motor that provides extra torque, longer life, and quieter operation. This mower is also impressively versatile that allows you to have more control over the functions.


Easy Start:

Since it is a cordless mower, it doesn’t need oil, gas, or emission to start. Not only will it provide smooth performance but also will make your mowing easier. This feature is critical because some mowers might take much effort to start off. However, you only need to use the button as this unit offers a push-button start option.

Versatile Options:

By buying this mower, you’ll get three options. It offers mulching, side discharge, and bagging features. All features are quite handy depending on your lawn’s length and your target. Among these features, mulching is quite useful for the grass. These features will improve your grass’s health while saving your money and time.

Height Adjustment:

You can adjust the height using a single lever with this Greenworks lawn mower. It offers a total of seven height options starting from 1 ¼” to 3 ⅝”. This range covers the required height options for most units. You are free to pick your favorite height for mowing your grass.

  • Great run time (1 hour)
  • Offers 2 batteries
  • Large wheels
  • Sufficient power
  • Solid built to ensure durability
  • The mulching feature may not be great

Final Verdict:

If you are looking for a powerful and strong mower, then this unit by Greenworks can be a good choice. It provides a run time of one hour which makes mowing easy for large yards. Since it is an electric mower, the battery can be charged quickly. Thanks to its 20-inch blade, you can mow your yard fast and efficiently. Lastly, it also offers a digitally controlled brushless motor to ensure maximum efficiency.

  1. PowerSmart Lawn Mower, 17-inch Push Cordless Mower, Lawn Mower for the money

Best Commercial Zero Turn Mower For the MoneyPowersmart is determined to provide innovative tools and accessories for the outdoors. It has been around for 10 years and has provided numerous useful units like this lawn mower. It contains a 17-inches steel deck and a 3600 RPM brushless motor. You’ll also have three versatile options regarding what to do with the grass clippings. There are several amazing benefits of this mower, including the following features:


Agile and Flexible:

This lawn mower features a three-in-one option for maximum flexibility. With the help of mulching and side discharge, you can spread the grass clippings throughout the lawn. As a result, you can get healthier and thicker grass. The clippings are a great nutritional source for your lawn which can be returned back by using mulching or side discharge option.

Quick Folding:

This mower was brilliantly designed to fit in a smaller space. You can quickly fold it without using additional tools due to its foldable handle design. In this way, your mower can be tidily stored and you’ll also save some space. Therefore, this mower can be a great addition to your house if you have small space for a big machine. It will be helpful in keeping your house organized.

Powerful Performance:

This mower contains a strong motor of 3600 RPM to ensure powerful performance. Furthermore, its 40V 4Ah Li-ion battery can help you clear tougher and taller grass. Its 17-inch steel mowing deck can provide high durability along with efficient cutting. In this way, these features combine together to mow the lawn easily.

  • Space efficient
  • Great cutting performance
  • 3-in-1 versatile functions
  • 5 height adjustments (1.18 to 3.0 inches)
  • The battery doesn’t perform exceptionally well.

Final Verdict:

This lawn mower is designed to provide long-term performance. It also contains some amazing additional features that make it worth considering to buy. From powerful batteries to versatile options, it provides a wide range of beneficial features. All in all, it can be a perfect choice for you in the given price range.

  1. Husqvarna MZ61 61 in. 24 HP Kawasaki Hydrostatic commercial Zero Turn Riding Mower:

Best Commercial Zero Turn Mower For the MoneyWhen it comes to zero turn riding mowers, Husqvarna is among the finest manufacturers. The MZ61 mower is among the mowers with great performance. It features a 61 inches cutting deck that makes it ready for light professional mowing. It also contains a heavy-duty steel frame and commercial hydraulics for a wonderful mowing experience. A comfortable seat and oversized chassis ensure a smooth ride. Moreover, the engine included in this mower is a 24 HP Kawasaki that supplies enough power.


Roll Over Protection System (ROPS):

This lawn mower comes with a Rollover Protection System (RPS) for a safer performance. This RPS system ensures that the driver is safe and sound throughout mowing time. As fun and easy they are, zero turn mowers can be extremely dangerous too. Back in 2007, they were even held accountable for multiple deaths. In case the mowers overturn, the ROPS ensures the safety of an operator. That’s another reason why considering this lawn mower will be worth it.

Comfortable Ride:

Another attractive feature of this lawn mower is the level of comfort that it provides. As per the sellers, it contains a high-back seat featuring armrests and vibration dampeners. This mower also comes with a foam-padded hand grip and all these features ensure long-hour comfort. Hence, it indicates that you can comfortably mow medium-large yards with this zero turn lawn mower.

Excellence and Versatility: 

When it comes to cutting performance, this mower does a good job. It comes with a fabricated steel cutting deck of 11 gauge for a 61-inch cut. Versatile performance is ensured by adding the options for discharging, bagging, and mulching. This unit contains a 9-bushel triple bag for individuals who want to bag their clippings. However, the mulching kit and bagger are not part of the purchase and should be bought separately.

  • Comfortable
  • Good value for money
  • Great cut
  • Tough built
  • N/A

Final Verdict:

This zero turn mower by Husqvarna can be your best fit if you want a fast and comfortable unit. It can work on any given terrain impressively. You will also get high-level performance with its powerful Kawasaki engine. All in all, considering this option might be a good decision for you, due to its numerous advantages.

Best Commercial Zero Turn Mower For the Money – Buyers’ Guide:

After going through the detailed information about mowers, you are probably feeling overwhelmed. If you are feeling confused as to which features to look for in a commercial zero turn mower, don’t worry. We have shared the buyer’s guide for you to understand better. You won’t be needing all the features in a mower, but some features would be a must for you. By reading the buyer’s guide, you’ll be able to understand which features to look for in a mower and why this product is important.

Why is Commercial Zero Turn Mower Important?

Landscaping is all about making money faster. If you complete your job faster, you’ll get on with another job quicker. A commercial zero turn mower can give you the advantage of completing the job at a fast pace due to its innovative design. They are generally built with high-quality material and are based on innovative technology. They can give amazing results and would definitely improve your business. You’ll be able to get the job done easily and efficiently.


If you want a mower that is fast and works like a beast, a commercial zero turn mower is your best bet. However, numerous lawn mowers offer different features and benefits. So, how should you know which one is right for you? Finding the right features in any lawn mower depends largely on the type of landscape. For instance, a hilly and rough surface would require a mower with more power. Below are mentioned some primary features that are offered by the best commercial zero turn mower for the money.

High-Performance Engine:

Top-notch commercial zero turn mowers have the ability to zip across the grass at an amazingly fast rate. They can even go 13 miles per hour all thanks to their high-performance engine. A powerful engine can make your garden look fresh and tidy in no time. Some engines with excellent performance include Kohler, Kawasaki, Honda, and Briggs & Stratton. These engines deliver the standard performance that is expected from a commercial zero turn mower.

Mowing Deck:

Mowing decks of commercial zero turn lawn mowers are designed with features that are not easy to find elsewhere. You should look for a deck that can push the grass up with sloped fronts. As a result, it will give you a consistent cut. Some great decks on commercial zero turn lawn mowers offer a revolutionary cutting system for a superior cut. The size of the deck depends on how large your land is. The larger the yard is, the bigger the deck would be.

Roll-Over Protection:

It is a safety feature that comes with some of the best commercial zero turn mower for the money. A lawn mower is included with a seat belt that is attached to a seat bar. It is added in numerous lawn mowers to keep the driver safe. In case the machine overturns, the driver is more likely to be protected from potential damage. Whether you are a beginner or pro, if you want to be super safe while riding, look for safety features.

Cutting Width:

When it comes to an excellent cut, a powerful engine is not the only factor that affects it. As a matter of fact, cutting width also plays an important role to get a fine proper cut. Unlike a common assumption, a significant cutting width won’t necessarily produce the best results. Wide cutting width can surely cover larger areas. However, there will be numerous obstacles in your path that’d require your attention. If a lawn has various decorating pieces, your mower should be large enough to cut larger areas. Having said that, it should also be able to reach narrow spaces easily to give a proper look.

Best Commercial Zero Turn Lawn Mower For Money – FAQs:

  1. Can I apply brakes on a zero turn lawn mower?

Zero turn lawn mowers do not have traditional brakes that are usually found in lawn mowers. However, the speed of these mowers is determined by the levers. By keeping the lever in a neutral position, the mower won’t move.

  1. How can I ensure safety while riding a zero turn lawn mower?

You can follow the below-mentioned safety tips to ensure your safety.

  • Never remove any safety feature (like ROPS) that comes with a mower.
  • Train yourself to control the speed of your mower. Zero turn lawn mowers can be extremely fast and powerful. Avoid putting too much pressure on the levers.
  • For mowing hills, avoid going for a slope over 15 degrees as zero turn mowers are not made for that.


We hope that our shared information regarding the best commercial zero turn mower for the money was helpful for you. For whatever reason you want to buy a commercial zero turn mower, they’re the best. They will surely give your garden a neat and fine look with faster performance. If you have any confusion, feel free to research further. As it is a big investment, avoid placing an order before being completely sure.