10 Best cordless lawn mower UK

Having a lawn comes with the need for a lawn mower because lawns also need a trim. This wide range makes you think about what you should choose. It feels like a marathon to hunt and pick out the perfect lawn mower. But there needs to be guidance about the type you might need. The lawn you own matters a lot and on the cash of the buyers. Of course, the priority of any buyer is quality.

The customers prefer electric lawn movers, cordless lawn mowers, and robotic lawn mowers as they are light in weight, irrespective of the traditional petrol lawn mowers. In addition to light in weight, these lawn mowers also cause almost no pollution. It is very much essential to buy the perfect product when you are investing. Alongside cost, the battery of the lawn mowers is also an integral part of the inspection.

Let’s explore the best cordless lawn mowers with their pros and cons. It focuses on batteries, costs, and cutting lengths of cordless lawn mowers. The products making to our list have a tool score of 4/5.

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Best cordless lawn mower UK

1.     Greenworks Cordless Lawn mower G40LM41K2X (Li-Ion 40 V 41cm Cutting Width


Best cordless lawn mower in the UK

digitalglobalistGreenworks G40LM41K2X is one of the best cordless lawn mowers. It has a powerful battery, and it cuts the grass finally. This product is long cordless. You can use it for years. While having this lawn mower, you will not be worried about its maintenance. Most of the lawn movers who are cheap and low quality are pretty complicated to maintain. It would be best if you oiled every other day and keep changing its parts again and again. But GreenWorks G40LM41K2X cordless lawn mower will not give you all these tensions. You can easily enjoy you are green and Happy lawn.

Easy to assemble

The first step towards your green and healthy lawn is your lawn mower. But first, you have to assemble get. This GreenWorks lawn mower is super easy to assemble. All you need to do is joined the parts according to the instructions. And your cordless lawn mower is ready to go.

Low maintenance

Most of the tools you used for gardening require high maintenance. But this GreenWorks tool is convenient to use and easy to maintain. And there is no need to get tired while modern fixing its parts.

Up to 4Ah batteries

Greenworks lawn mower has 4Ah batteries which are very powerful, and you don’t need to worry about charging while doing the mowing.


Another plus point of GreenWorks cordless lawn mower is it is highly durable. Its parts are constructed up of high-quality raw material, so it is unbreakable. Its battery also is long-lasting. So if you buy a GreenWorks cordless lawn mower, then you can use it for years.

  • Easy to use.
  • The mower cuts finely.
  • Long-lasting batteries.
  • Highly durable.
  • Batteries don’t charge fast.

Bottom line:

Greenworks G-Max Is a high-performance cordless lawn mower with excellent features. There is only one issue of Charging. Otherwise, all other features are perfect for day-to-day use.

2.     Flymo Mighti-Mo 300 Li Cordless Battery Lawn Mower, 40 V, Cutting Width 30 cm.

Best cordless lawn mower in the UKdigitalglobalistIf you want something more than just a lawn mower, you need a Flymo Mighti-Mo 300 Li Cordless lawn mower. This powerful lawn mower is very easy to use. This lawn mower with battery of 40V is powerful enough to cut grass off your big lawn. You don’t need to friend your time on maintenance because the Flymo Mighti-Mo lawn mower is very easy to maintain.

Modern design

The Flymo lawn mower comes in a very meet design. It is cordless.  Its height is adjustable.  The goal was not only to make the procedure pretty but also to convenient as it could be. When you are into gardening, you also want your tools to look flawless. If so, then this lawn mower is for you.

Powerful batteries

While cutting your grass from the lawn, you don’t need to worry about the batteries dying when you have a black Decker lawn mower. It has powerful batteries. If you have a huge lawn, you might need an extra battery but with a standard size lawn when one-time charging is good to go.

Sharp blades

The blades of this lawn mower are very sharp. So it cuts and trims grass nicely. These blades are also very easy to use on problematic areas and uneven land. The sharp edges cut the grass smoothly from wherever you want.

  • Funky design.
  • Sharp blades to cut fine grass.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Not fast recharging

Bottom line:

Flymo is a famous company for high-quality products. This Flymo lawn mower is perfect for mowing. It gives a flawless look to your lawn.

3.     Aerotek 40V X2 Series Cordless Lawn mower

Best cordless lawn mower in the UKdigitalglobalistAerotek 40V X2 lawn mower is super powerful and easy to use. If you want the best quality lawn mower that is convenient in every way, this product is for you. Aerotek 40V X2 lawn mower is famous for its superfast battery. Its motor is designed to work for several hours in a row. You don’t need to fuel it. It only takes 15 minutes to get fully charged, and then you can use it for two or more hours constantly.

Multi functioning

Aerotek lawn mower is famous for its three-in-one functions. You don’t want to invest so much into different tools for gardening.  You can buy a single device for three various purposes. It is convertible into a string trimmer. You can trim your lawn grass with this lawn mower. The person can set the edges but making it and an edger.

Easy to store

It is complicated to manage tools that you use for your gardening, especially heavy machinery. But this lawn mower is very easy to store. You can simply fold it, and it takes very little space. Its parts do not get rusty. The maintenance of this tool is nothing to get concerned about. You don’t have to oil it daily.


If your lawn is uneven and you have some problem space where you need to cut grass, you would like to have a lightweight machine to mow the grass.  Aerotek lawn mower is lightweight. You can easily push and pull at and cut your grass easily. Even if you are aged or do not want to waste a lot of energy pushing a heavy machine, this Aerotek lawn mower is for you.

Battery life

Most people are concerned with the battery life of a lawn mower. It would not be very pleasing if the lawn mower dies in half of your lawn. Hence worrying about battery life is legit. But Aerotek lawn mover has a powerful battery. You only need to charge it for 15 minutes; then, you are good to use it for two or more hours.


As this lawn mower is very lightweight, its Maneuverability is also excellent. The height of the lawn mower is adjustable. And its handle has a strong and smooth grip. This lawn mower has a digital battery indicator. So you will know beforehand if the battery is going to die.

  • Easy to carry.
  • Easy to store.
  • Charges fast.
  • Long-lasting battery.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Sharp blades.
  • It is expensive.

Bottom line:

Aerotek is providing us with their best products for a long time. You can rely on an Aerotek lawn mower for all your lawn mowing needs. The quality, worth the money.

4.     Bosch Cordless Lawn mower UniversalRotak 36-560

Best cordless lawn mower in the UKdigitalglobalistBosch cordless lawn mower is all that you need for day-to-day use of keeping your lawn neat and clean. It has an excellent leaf collection blade system that collects leaves and arduous grass. It is a self-propelled lawn mower, so you do not need to operate the Bosch lawn mower by yourself. If you like to keep things neat without effort, then this lawn mower is for you. Bosch lawn mower has many advanced features, making your mowing experience way smoother than an ordinary low-quality lawn mower.

Leaf collect Blade system

When it comes to cutting grass, you should choose a lawn mower that has very sharp blades. Sharp blades help to cut faster and give an elegant look to your lawn. Bosch has a leaf collect blade system that can use and change blades according to the need and type of grass. Then you would go with this lower blade. But if you forget to do your mowing for weeks, there would be long grass on your lawn for that. This feature will give you the most satisfactory results.

Powerful Lithium battery

This product has a Lithium battery full stop, and we all know how much power this battery is. After charging for few moments, you are good to use it for 2 to 3 hours. This lawn mower is perfect for extensive lawns as well.

Efficient features

Many other efficient features make the Bosch cordless lawn mower best for use. For example, there is a speed control with which you can mow your lawn slow or fast. You have LED headlights in this product. You want to use a cordless lawn mower at night or in the dark. Bosch comes with a key that can use to switch the power of the machine. It is a safety feature.

Easy to use

As we go, a powerful cordless lawn mower comes with excellent features. It makes it very easy to use. The height is also adjustable, so it makes it more convenient. It had headlights. You can also use it in the dark. Many other features make the lawn mower excellent to use.

  • Leaf collecting blade.
  • Fast charging.
  • This cordless mower has Sixty minutes of constant running time.
  • Easy to use.
  • Lawn mower is heavy

Bottom line:

Bosch cordless lawn mower has innovative technology like a multi-plate system. With this lawn mower, you can easily keep your lawn neat.

5.     WORX WG779E.2 36V (40V Max) Cordless 34cm Lawn Mower

Best cordless lawn mower in the UKdigitalglobalistIf you are looking for a cute small lawn mower to keep your lawn tidy, then a WORX power share lawn mower is all that you need. This power share lawn mower is lightweight and adjustable height setting that makes it easy to use. WORX lawn mower has two batteries, so you can easily use it to mow your lawn in one go. It comes with a dual charger.  You can charge for both batteries at a time. If you do not want to keep a messy lawn, this WORX power share lawn mower is for you. It has many excellent features, which makes it very convenient for modern-day usage.

2 in 1 function

Having a gardening tool that only gives you a mowing feature is often a waste of bucks and time. But if you want a lawn mower with more than one function, then WORX Power share is perfect. You can do mulching and bag with this model of lawn mower.

Adjustable height

When you are using a lawn mower, there are many e areas in your lawn where you need a high height of your tool, and there are also some areas where you need the small height of your lawn mower. So it would be best if you had different heights for the perfect look of your lawn. This lawn mower comes with three settings of height which you can easily do by using a button. Adjustable height is a crucial feature of the WORX Power share lawn mower.

Push start

When it comes to assurance, then WORX brings up very innovative ideas to make your gardening experience to the next level. This lawn mower is very easy to use, and you can quickly start it with a button.

No noise

One of the cons of you ordinary and movers is they are very noisy. Which instantly makes you hate it. But with a WORX power share lawn mower, you will not face this issue. It is super quiet and efficient, then that it will not give you a headache.

  • Easy to use.
  • Two rechargeable batteries
  • Easy to carry.
  • Quiet and smooth.
  • The size is tiny.

Bottom line

WORX is an excellent two-in-one function Lawn mower with a unique experience, smooth and rememberable.

6.     Swift Deluxe 40V Cordless Lawn Mower

Best cordless lawn mower in the UKdigitalglobalistIf you are tired of old gas lawn mowers and want to switch on a cordless lawn mower with good batteries, then Swift Deluxe cordless lawn mower will suit you best. It has modern automation that cuts your grass nicely. It comes with very convenient features to satisfy the quality and performance of this cordless lawn mower. The storage bag is big enough to store a lot of grass, so don’t worry about filling the storage bag if you have a big lawn.

Adjustable height setting with six positions

One of the prominent features of this codeless lawn mower is its adjustable height setting with six positions. It is suitable for all the corners and ups and downs of your lawn. If your learn land is not even, then this feature is going to benefit you a lot. When you have a lawn mower with only one height, it becomes complicated to mow grass from problematic areas.

Huge storage grass bag

One of the cons of lawn mowers is having a small storage glass bag that fills up in no time. It wastes your time and energy to empty it and fix it to continue mowing. But with the Swift Delux cordless lawn mower, you will not face a small storage bag problem because it has a 40-liter large grass box.

Powerful battery

Any other feature you will get in the Swift Delux cordless lawn mower is powerful batteries. Batteries are powerful enough to mow your whole lawn in one go.

  • Eco sharp, powerful motor.
  • Huge grass bag.
  • Adjustable height settings.
  • Compact design.
  • This lawn mower is not suitable for extensive lawns.

Bottom line

Swift Delux cordless lawn mower gives you perfect results effortlessly. It has a big storage grass bag and powerful batteries to make your work less exhausting.

7.     AL-KO 34.8 Li Easy Flex 34.8Li Cordless Battery Powered Lawn mower

Best cordless lawn mower in the UKdigitalglobalistWhen we hear about AL-KO 34.8, it is all a good quality product. But let’s see if this AL-KO 34.8 cordless small lawn mower is suitable for you or not. Every product is of the best quality but, you need to find the one which suits your condition and your lawn the best. This lawn mower comes with an adjustable height setting.   So you can easily use it to have a perfectly find the look of your lawn. Let’s see some features.

Lithium-Ion battery

Lithium-ion batteries are super powerful. And in this lawn mower, these batteries are used to make its functioning maximum. These batteries Do not waste your time on charging. You can mow your whole lawn with single charging. The battery is an essential part of a lawn mower because you don’t want to do your half lawn and wait for another half. Hence make sure that you choose a lawn mower with powerful batteries.

Easy height adjustment

This AL-KO lawn mower has six positions for height. You can easily use six different positions for various types of grass areas.

Multi functioning

AL-KO lawn mower is famous for its three-in-one functions. You don’t want to invest so much into different tools for gardening.  You can buy a single device for three various purposes. It is convertible into a string trimmer. You can trim your lawn grass with this lawn mower. The person can set the edges but making it and an edger.

Perfect cutting

This lawn mower has a powerful battery and motor. The plus point is is it sharp blades that cut even Bridget and long grass in no time. Its results are very smooth. You will be satisfied with them.

  • High-performance quality
  • Lithium-Ion batteries.
  • Easy height adjustment.
  • Batteries are not interchangeable.

Bottom line

AL-KO Cordless lawn mower is perfect for moving, mulching, and bagging. It has powerful Lithium-ion batteries, which give you ideal cutting and good results.

8.     Kärcher LMO 18-33 Cordless Battery Lawn Mower

Best cordless lawn mower in the UKdigitalglobalistKarcher is a German brand famous for its manufacturing of high-quality machines to make life easier. This cordless lawn mower is its innovations. Karcher designed this lawn mower to make it most easy to use. It has small features that intensify its functionality.

The compact design gives inner peace while using it. If you are a nature lover and love vibrant shades, then this lawn mower is perfect for you. Following are few permanent features of the Karcher cordless lawn mower.


The most important part is the maneuverability of any lawn mower. It can be safely said that the Manoeuvrability of this cordless battery lawn mower is far more than excellent. It has an LCD for battery power which tells you if your lawn mower is going to die. Karcher has adjustable height.

Potent battery

If you do your lawn after a long time, you are not regular in cutting the grass of your lawn; you need a lawn mower with a potent battery. This lawn mower has a powerful battery which gives you a long running time. Battery life is also good enough, so you do not need to change its batteries every month.

Big grass bag

A grass bag is a problem when it comes to mowing. But with this lawn mower, it is not an issue because you have a big grass storage bag that will fill up in your moderate-sized lawn.

Easy to store

This lawn mower is very easy to store if you do not have much space to keep your equipment, then this is best for you. It can be bent and convenient to store because you can separate its part. Again join it whenever you need to mow your lawn.

  • Highly manoeuvrable.

  • High-quality performance.
  • Easy to store.
  • It takes time to get charged.

Bottom line

Kercher LMO cordless battery lawn mower is highly malleable with pot and battery. It has all features which you need in a perfect lawn mower to make your daily life as easy as possible.

9.     Cobra MX3440V 40v Lithium-ion Cordless Hand Propelled Lawn mower

Best cordless lawn mower in the UKdigitalglobalistCobra MX3440V is one of the best cordless lawn mowers. Easy to use with so many super cool features to make your mowing experience easy and fun.

2.5 Ah Battery:

Cobra cordless lawn mower has a powerful 2.5 ah battery full stop. It has a compact design, and its battery is also perfect for moving your big lawn. You can easily use Cobra cordless lawn mower with this powerful battery.

Hand propelled:

If you like to move your lawn the traditional way, this hand-propelled lawn mower is for you. It did not take a lot of energy, but you need to drag Lon mobile with your hands. It has soft plastic handles with a leather covering, which you can easily grab, and it has a good grip.


If this is a hand-propelled lawn mower, then it should be lightweight, and it is. Heavy lawn Movers a very Difficult to move, and eventually, you don’t get your desired results full stop; hence it is very important for a lawn mower to be a lightweight one it is hand-propelled or not.

Adjustable liver

You can easily adjust its liver with a single push. Height adjustment in this cobra lawn mower is very easy.

  • Easy to use.
  • 5 Ah lithium-ion batteries
  • Charge fast.
  • You cannot use it in a big area.

Bottom line

Cobra lithium-ion cordless hand-propelled lawn mower is lightweight and has an adjustable Lever to get desired height effortlessly. It makes your experience convenient and smooth.

10. Einhell 3413260 Cordless Lawn Mower GE-CM 18/33 Li Power X-Change

Best cordless lawn mower in the UKdigitalglobalistEinhell cordless lawn mowers are super good to use. You can easily store it because you can fold its part. With a powerful 4.0Ah battery, you can enjoy lawn mowing.

High performance

Einhell cordless lawn mower is built with many powerful features which provide you with maximum performance. You can effortlessly move 200 m with this excellent lawn mower. It is very flexible.  It has a potent brushless motor which gives you excellent running time. It comes with the feature of adjustable height, so it makes it more convenient to use.

Rechargeable batteries

Einhell cordless lawn mower comes with rechargeable batteries; you don’t need to change batteries and buy an extra battery for it. It is a waste of bucks. You can easily charge them in no time. Its battery is 4.8 ah. You can easily use it for hours and enjoy doing your lawn mowing.

Large wheels

It has large wheels and comes with an adjustable height feature; you can easily carry it anywhere on your lawn. It also gives very need to results from the edges and corners of your lawn. These are the areas that usually remain neglected while moving because of the adjustable height of your lawn mower but say no more.

Easy to store

This cordless lawn mower is foldable. Hence it is very easy to store; you can simply fold its parts or separate its parts to store them if you do not have enough space for the whole machine.

  • Large wheels
  • Cuts finely.
  • High quality.
  • Good design.
  • Not good for uneven lawns.

Bottom line

Einhell cordless lawn mower with large wheels is the easiest and Powerful lawn mower. It provides you maximum performance with an easy-to-store feature.

 Buying guide for Best cordless lawn mower UK

If you want to keep your lawn neat, you need to spend your time finding a good lawn mower. Here is a simple but effective guide for you to choose the best cordless lawn mower to have maximum results.


We often pass by our neighbors while they are moving the lawns; what thing annoys you the most, of course, is the noise of the moving machine. To avoid such a situation, you should choose a moving machine with very minimal noise, so your neighbors do not hate you for keeping your lawn neat and clean.

Easy to use:

Gardening is all fun, and there should be nothing too complicated that makes it boring. So your lawn mower must be easy to use. Different features make a lawn mower easy to use. For example, lightweight and highly maneuverable lawn mowers are the easiest to use. Another feature that makes a lawn mower easy to use and adjustable height. And fast charging also make sure gardening fun and easy.

Battery power:

Most essential while buying a lawn mower is battery power. If you have a lawn mobile with a good battery, you will save a lot of time and energy; otherwise, it will be a waste of money. Good batteries with fast charging time are good to go with.

Height adjustment:

As is mentioned earlier, height adjustment makes your lawn mower easy to use, but it is also very important for high performance. Because there are some corners and places in your lawn that you cannot mow with the same specific height, for example, if you have a steep rocky place and need to move the grass from its corner, the height should be lesser. Hence you need a lawn mower with adjustable height settings to change settings according to the place and size of the glass.

Low maintenance:

Much equipment we buy for these and they become a pain because of their high maintenance. No one wants to spend their box on expensive oils to oil your tools and change batteries every other day. Hence you need to find a lawn mower with low maintenance to keep your life happy and healthy.


Q1: Are lawn mowers with batteries good to use?

Definitely! They will save you from so many issues you are facing while having a conventional gas lawn mower.

Q2: Do a cordless lawn mower good to mow?

These cordless lawn mowers are easy to use because you want to mow in strangled wires. Wireless things are always easier to use and are much better.

Q3: What should I do to keep the lawn mower battery long-lasting?

You should keep your battery charged. Do not use it for hours in a row. Do let the battery overcharged and get overheated.


It is not easy to find the best cordless lawn mower, but you can choose the best to save yourself from post-buying regret with an efficient mind and good reviews.