9 Best Cylinder Lawn Mowers UK

Cylinder lawnmowers are an innovative kind of lawn mowers offering scissor-like action which offers an even cut and beautify your lawn like a pro. They are also known as the reel mowers and equipped with multiple blades which function when the cylinder rotates. This unique action gives them the edge over ordinary lawnmowers provided that their blades are sharp and well-aligned.

So, let’s learn more about cylinder lawnmowers along with some reviews on the best cylinder lawn mowers available in the market. Our objective is to help you through the course of buying the best cylinder lawn mowers for your home. In the next section, we have also scribbled a quick buyer’s guide to help you in making the wise decision.

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Best Cylinder Lawn Mowers

  1. Webb WEHR12R Roller Hand Mower

Best Cylinder Lawn Mowers

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If you are looking for a compact and easy-to-handle lawnmower then Webb Webb WEHR12R Roller Hand Mower is a reasonable bet. Webb is a reliable manufacturer which makes trust-worthy mower and this model is one of their masterpieces having a sturdy built and reliable performance when it comes to trim a small to medium scale lawn.


Easy to Assemble

Webb WEHR12R Roller Hand Mower is extremely easy to assemble. You do not need to hire a professional service because assembly takes no time. What you need to do is to put the handles, bolts, and wing nuts together. A large grass collector is also given which can easily accommodate 18-liters of grass so you need not empty the collector now and then in case of a small lawn.

Stellar Cut

Cylinder mowers are popular for their even and sharp trimming action and so is this model. It is equipped with a cylinder featuring five sharp and well-aligned blades. The blades can easily be adjusted with the help of the two adjustment nuts. Moreover, you can also adjust the height of the mower by loosening the wingnuts.


Dual Rollers

Webb WEHR12R consists of two sturdy zinc-plated rollers, a front one and a rear one. The rear roller is larger than the front roller. However, one must admit that this simple and small arrangement offers the best even cut you would ever witness.

  • Equipped with two sturdy rollers
  • Offers a fine and even cut
  • Large grass collector prevents you from frequent emptying
  • Easy to assemble
  • Affordable
  • You can easily make height adjustments
  • It needs you to put the effort in order to trim the grass
  1. Allett Sandringham 14E

Best Cylinder Lawn Mowersbuy now digitalglobalistIf you are looking for a self-propelled cylinder lawnmower, you are reading the right review. Allet Sandringham 14e is another hit pick for its wider cut, better reach, and power-packed electric motor which offers loads of energy to cut the grass effortlessly in a matter of minutes.


Self-Propelled Mower

The most notable feature is its self-propelled functionality which grabbed our attention. It is large and bulky followed by loads of power backed by a self-propelled motor which allows you to create the best lawn stripes effortlessly. It is equipped with two sturdy rollers and driven by the rear one. The rollers flatten the grass and make trimming the large lawn, a piece of cake. You can easily maneuver the mower anywhere and access the hard-to-reach areas of your lawn smoothly.

Pre-set Cutting widths


Allett Sandringham 14E is a mower with pre-set cutting width settings.  The 5 levels of width allow you to make width settings from 6mm to 32mm. It is equipped with 5 sharp blades made up of steel which can offer a cutting width of up to 88 cm cuts per meter.

Long Power Cord

Another notable feature is the long power cord which gives you the ease to maneuver all around the lawn. The cord is 22 meters long ensuring that you may be able to reach all nooks and crannies effortlessly.


Large Grass Box


The grass box is 32-litres and gives you plenty of space to collect the clipping so you don’t have to empty it frequently. Overall, Allett Sandringham 14E is a remarkable model with the updated features and ease you are always looking for in a mowing machine.

  • Large capacity to collect clippings
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Self-propelled model so does not require you to put a lot of effort
  • You can adjust the width according to the length of the grass
  • Large and bulky
  1. Spear & Jackson 32cm 

Best Cylinder Lawn Mowers

buy now digitalglobalistIf you are looking for an affordable model which not only offers all the value-added features but mows your garden like a pro, Spear and Jackson 32cm is definitely a bag for a buck. Recommending a cheap and reliable model was not easy at all but after reviewing countless cheap models, I have landed over Spear & Jackson because it is not as ordinary as the other cheap models available in the market. However, Spear & Jackson is not a well-known brand but this model is indeed a considerable choice.


Easy Assembly

Assembly of a mower is something that always takes time and most users like me prefer a model which is easy to assemble. Overall, the Assembly of Spear & Jackson is not strenuous except for the grass collector which is a bit hassle to fix. Moreover, it is extremely easy to store and fold because the handles have quick-release catches and a soft grip.


Easy to Maneuver

Maneuverability is another important consideration for a lazy user like me. A mower must be easy to maneuver so you need not struggle a lot in order to access hard-to-reach areas. This mower is made up of plastic so it is quite lightweight i.e. it possesses only 13.5 Kg weight which is fairly light. However, the stripping effects are not very bold as they could be if it would have been a bit heavier. Nevertheless, on the positive side, it is easy to handle and move, which is preferable if you have a large place to mow.


Dual Rollers

Spear & Jackson is equipped with two rollers i.e the front and the rear roller. Both the rollers work together in order to create the finely striped lawn you are looking for. Moreover, the cutting width is 32 cm, and height ranges from 18mm to 38 mm which is pretty high for a cheap cylinder mower like Spear & Jackson.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Adjustable height and width
  • Sharp blades and dual rollers for fast mowing
  • Large grass box to collect more clippings
  • Very affordable
  • N/a
  1. Bosch AHM 38 G Lawnmower  

Best Cylinder Lawn Mowersbuy now digitalglobalistBosch is a reliable name known for making premium-quality equipment. Bosch AHM 38 G is one of its successful mower used and loved by most of the homeowners and horticulturist too. The professional-grade simple reel mower has quick spinning blades which offer a striped finish and even cut in a very short time. This mower works best on lawns that are frequently trimmed and have short grass.


Resilient Blades

The cylinder is equipped with very sharp blades made up of metal. These blades are rust-resistance and have a long lifespan. However, they may need to be sharpened or replaced after a certain time. These blades work great on dry grass and have a cutting width of 38 cm. You can also adjust the cutting height between 14-43mm.


The mower is compact and lightweight. It is equipped with large wheels which make maneuvering very easy. The total weight of the equipment is just 7 kg. Moreover, it is also equipped with a large grass collection box which can accommodate up to 25 liters of clippings. In addition, this push mower is sturdy and well-built with striking looks.

Cutting Capability

Bosch AHM 38 G Lawnmower is made to handle small to medium-sized lawns. However, mowing a large lawn would be strenuous with this lawnmower. It is easy to assemble and easy to clean with a low maintenance cost and quiet operations. It is a perfect mower if the grass has short or medium height. The only shortfall is the push mechanism that needs you to put in the effort in order to mow the lawn.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Sturdy and durable design
  • Sharp replaceable blades
  • Easy to assemble
  • Mowing needs you to put effort


  1. Fiskars StaySharp Plus Reel Mower 

Best Cylinder Lawn Mowersbuy now digitalglobalistIf you don’t have a budget constraint and looking for a conventional push mower, Fiskars StaySharp proves to be a good idea. It is an old-fashioned cylinder mower which is suitable for areas up to 200 square meters. It is an ideal choice for those who prefer quiet mowing machines over easy but noisy self-propelled mowers. However, it is quite costly so would have to spend a fortune on some good features.


Ergonomically Designed

Fiskars StaySharp Plus Reel Mower is ergonomically designed with a well-built body. It is equipped with high-quality sharp blades which can stripe the lawn neatly. The handlebars are ergonomically designed and have an adjustable height which proves to be very useful while mowing. They also have a soft and comfortable grip. In addition, the mower is equipped with large rubber wheels and a tread that provides a better grip on the surface.

Remarkable cutting width and depth

This cylinder lawnmower is superior because of its better cutting width and depth. It has a 43 cm cutting width so it can cover a large cutting area so that you may be able to finish mowing the lawn quickly. Moreover, it has an adjustable cutting height. You can adjust the height in 8 levels from 4 to 10 cm. You can easily make adjustments using a lift and click the lever.

Overall, it is a successful model but the most clingy thing about is its price. Nobody would like to choose a bulky and conventional push mower with old-school style. However, it still has a very good rating which compelled us to review this mower.

  • Simple and quiet operations
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Sharp blades
  • Comfortable and adjustable handlebars
  • Remarkable cutting width and depth
  • Heavier than the conventional push mowers
  • Bulky and hard to store
  1. Gardena Comfort Cylinder Mower 400

Best Cylinder Lawn Mowersbuy now digitalglobalistGardena Comfort Cylinder is one of the most popular cylinder lawnmowers in the UK that is why we have listed it in the list of best cylinder lawnmowers. It is quite affordable and has very good customer reviews for performance, maneuverability, and price. In addition, it is very easy to use and assemble with lightweight most homeowners sorely appreciate.


Resilient Blades

Gardena Comfort Cylinder Mower features high-quality sharp blades and cylinders made up of hardened steel. The cylinder has a non-stick coating so the grass or other sticky debris does not stick to it.  The blades offer a neat and clean even cut giving your lawn an admirable look.

Remarkable cutting height and cutting width

Gardena Comfort Cylinder Mower has a 40cm cutting width which is a considerable number. So, the mower covers a large area and has the ability to mow your lawn in no time. Moreover, it has a 4-level adjustable cutting height ranging from 12 mm to 42 mm. Each side has an adjusting lever from which you can adjust the height conveniently.

Easy to Store

Ease of storage is also a factor that adds value to a mower. This mower has foldable handlebars so you can easily and quickly fold it down and store it in any narrow space like a storeroom or backyard. Overall, it is a great pick, and buyers like it because it is quick, efficient, and quiet. It is hassle-free and there are no cables or cords attached. Operations are simple and it also has a low maintenance cost.

  • Easy to maneuver
  • Affordable
  • Easy to store
  • Competitive cutting height and width
  • Well-designed and durable
  • It does not have a grass box
  • It is quite bulky


  1. Murray HM400 Hand Push Cylinder Mower

Best Cylinder Lawn Mowersbuy now digitalglobalistMurray HM400 Hand Push Cylinder Mower is one of our best cylinder lawn mowers because of the price and the value for money it offers. It contains all the features an expensive brand is offering at a competitive price. It is easy to assemble and maneuver and equipped with a large grass catcher which can accommodate a large number of clippings.

Easy to Assemble

Like the other reviewed models, this model also has an easy assembly. You need neither to hire professional service for it nor even a screwdriver. Moreover, it is lightweight having only 11 Kg of weight so handling and maneuvering it around the lawn is not a big deal.

Ergonomically Design

Murray HM400 Hand Push Cylinder mower is a well-built model. It has an ergonomic design consisting of a soft padded handlebar that does not hurt your hands. Usually, the mower having rigid handles causes blisters on the hands due to long cutting sessions but this is not the case with this mower.

Large Grass Catcher

Unlike most of the cylinder mowers, this model features a large grass catcher having a capacity to accommodate 20 liters of clippings which is pretty large for the small gardens so you don’t need to empty the collector frequently. The collector is made up of soft mesh material and is attached to the rear part of the mower.

Competitive cutting Capacity

The mower has a cutting width ranging from 13mm to 38mmand an adjustable cutting height up to 40mm which ensures fast and neat trimming of your home garden. There are five blades and they are made up of sharp steel.

  • Very easy to assemble
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • A large trash bag is attached to collect clippings
  • Ergonomic design
  • Economical model
  • N/a
  1. Webb 17″ Petrol Cylinder Lawn Mower

Best Cylinder Lawn Mowersbuy now digitalglobalistIf you are looking for a power-packed mower for professional use, the petrol-powered mower is a perfect choice. Web 17’’petrol cylinder mower is our best cylinder lawnmower operated by petrol. This mower is powerful, reliable, and durable. It offers a precise cut and evenly trimmed lawn in a matter of minutes no matter how big your lawn is.


Powerful Engine

 Web 17’’petrol cylinder mower is equipped with a powerful 118cc engine and a five-blade cylinder powered by petrol. The blades are made up of hardened steel and offer a precise cut backed by enormous power.

3-way drive system

The mower has a 3-way drive system so you can either choose only the driving function or the cutting function or the drive or cut function. When you choose the driving function, the equipment concentrates to drive only and the cutters stop functioning. While if you choose the drive and cut function then it keeps cutting along with driving the machine.

Competitive cutting capacity

This lawnmower can deal with all lengths of grass and has an adjustable cutting height from 10 to 35mm. There are 5 levels of height adjustment. It is a competitive cutting capacity when we look at the competitive cylinder mowers.

Large Grass Box

Another good feature is the grass box which collects all the debris and keeps your lawn tidy. So, the good news for you is that you won’t have to empty the bin frequently if you buy this mower.

  • Equipped with a large grass box for collection
  • 3-way drive system
  • Adjustable height
  • Suitable for all grass lengths

  • Not suitable for rough surfaces
  • The petrol tank is small so it needs frequent refills


  1. Wolf-Garten WPCM-F Hand Push Cylinder Lawn Mower

Best Cylinder Lawn Mowersbuy now digitalglobalistWolf-Garten WPCM is another hand push cylinder lawn mower which is none other than an exception. The mower is suitable for the long grass and is the best lightweight cylinder mower we have reviewed till now. This lawnmower is known for creating precise stripes which look good and always get you the compliment. It is a perfect choice for small to medium-sized lawns.

Lightweight Mower

The most notable feature of this mower is its lightweight as I have already stated.  The lightweight body also makes it maneuverable all around the lawn so you can move it around conveniently even if the grass box is full of clippings.

Resilient Blades

The cylinder is equipped with 5 sharp blades made up of helix-carbon. These blades are durable and last for a lifetime. They make the cutting job finer and quicker than you expected.

Rear Width Roller

Wolf-Garten WPCM is also equipped with a rear width roller which allows creating the precise stripes. The cutting height ranges up to 40mm so it can handle long grass conveniently.

Ergonomic Design

The mower has a simple but ergonomic design. The handle has a soft grip so it does not leave blisters in the hand even after the long cutting session.

Equipped with a Grass Box

A 15-liter grass box is located at the rear allowing you to collect the clippings in it keeping your lawn clean and tidy.

  • Offer precise cuts and stripes

  • It can handle long grass conveniently
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Comfortable handlebar

  • N/a

An Ultimate Buyer’s Guide for the Best Cylinder Lawn Mowers

Lawn Mowers are the necessary equipment when it comes to beautifying your lawn. In fact, they are essential for the health of the grass. That is why; making the right choice is inevitable. Keeping your concern, we have composed a quick buyer’s guide where you will learn about the important factors you should ponder over before buying a reasonable cylinder lawnmower.

How to Choose the Best Lawn Mower

Following are some of the factors you should consider while making the decision.

Type of Lawn Mowers

Here are few types of lawnmowers which really make a difference.

Electric Lawn Mowers

Electric lawnmowers are powered by electricity. They are lightweight, small, and easy to use. They are perfect for small to medium-scale trimming tasks. However, you must look at the mowers having long cords or better accessibility and maneuverability so that you may be able to reach each and every part of the garden.

Cordless Lawn Mowers

If you are looking for the hassle-less version, Cordless lawn mowers are worth the look. They are easy to use, quiet and compact. They are cordless so you can maneuver them in your garden easily. Moreover, they are eco-friendly as they do not emit fumes at all.

They are usually operated by a battery. The latest version of the cordless lawn mowers can share the battery with other equipment making them more favorite. They have low maintenance costs and prove to be a really good choice if you have small to medium-scale mowing or mulching to do.

Petrol Lawn Mowers

If you have a large lawn or you want to buy a professional lawn mower to handle the complicated tasks, Petrol lawnmowers are the suitable option. They are a powerful mowing device that offers a better cut in a matter of minutes, no matter how large the garden is. They are cordless but heavier than their counterparts so they are not so easy to handle. However, you must look for a self-propelled design so that you may be able to trim the garden effortlessly.

Cylinder Mowers

As we have already discussed, Cylinder lawn mowers offer a unique scissor active offering an even cut and a well-trimmed garden everyone would admire. The mower features multiple blades which trim the grass like the scissor when the cylinder rotates. However, you should make sure that the mower is equipped with good quality blades having proper alignment. These lawnmowers are suitable for even and smooth terrains where there are no stones and rough long grass.

Rotary Lawn Mowers

Rotary lawnmowers are equipped with one sharp rotary blade. Some models have a grass box or bag which collects the grass while some do not have the box. Such mowers are available in electrical battery-operated or petrol-powered variants as well. They are easy to use and can handle a range of tasks and challenging terrains. Some rollers are equipped with 4 wheels while some are equipped with rear rollers.

Purpose of Buying

Before making a buying decision, you must also identify the primary purpose of buying the mower i.e. Mowing or mulching. Some mowers come with a grass bag or a disposable bag to collect the clippings. Many mowers are designed to collect as well as mulch the grass while some mowers are dedicatedly made for mulching. Such lawnmowers do not collect the clippings but mulch them completely in the grass so here you need not dispose-off the grass.

These mowers are more efficient than conventional mowers. This mechanism is healthy for the health of your lawn too because the grass when decomposed provides nutrients to the soil providing a better growing environment for plants and grass. However, there are models which offer all three functions i.e. collection, side-discharge, and mulching. Such models are widely popular because the user can decide to mulch or collect according to the need.

Other Considerations When Choosing The Right Lawn Mower

  • One of the main considerations to ponder over is to decide whether to buy a self-propelled lawn mower or a push mower. The self-propelled mowers are expensive but they make your work quite easier as they do most of the mowing on their own.  You don’t have to put a lot of effort as the engines power both the wheels and the blades. They are easy to handle and come with adjustable speed. However, the push mowers are affordable, lightweight, and have low-maintenance costs but they would require you to put the effort in order to mow the lawn.
  • Another consideration is the length of the cord if you buy an electric corded mower. Make sure that the length of the cord is long enough to help you maneuver around the garden easily.
  • If you choose to buy a mower with a bag or grass collector, make sure that the bag or grass box is large enough to carry a considerable amount of clipping so that you may not have to empty the bin again and again.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a Cylinder mower?

A Cylinder mower is a relatively simple type of mower but there are few important factors you should consider before buying a cylinder mower i.e. the durability, lifespan, and sharpness of the blade, cutting width and height, weight and design, length of the cord if you buy a corded one and the availability of the grass box, etc.

How much should I spend on a lawn mower?  

It largely depends upon your need. If you need a simple lawnmower to trim your lawn, you can easily get one within $100. However, the average cost of a gas-powered lawnmower is $1068 so the more power, the more would be the price.

Are Cylinder Lawn Mowers any good?

Yes, Cylinder lawnmowers are good for trimming the lawn having smooth and even terrains. They are equipped with a cylinder having blades aligned in spiral shape offering a scissor-like action that offers an even cut to your lawn.

What is the most reliable brand of a lawn mower?

Lawnmowers are available in a range of brands but the renowned makers of lawnmowers are Black & Decker, Husqvarna, Honda, Toro, John Deere, Craftsman, and Snapper, etc.

Do Cylinder Mowers cut better?

Yes, cylinders or reel mowers have a better cutting action than rotary mowers. The scissor-like action cuts the grass evenly provided that the blades are sharp and well-aligned. It is better than the chopping action of a rotary mower.

How often should you replace your lawnmower?

The average lifespan of a lawnmower is seven to ten years. However, if you are facing issues with the mower then it is high time to make a replacement.

Wrapping Up

If you are a horticulturist or looking for the best cylinder lawn mowers for your lawn, our buyer’s guide and reviews will prove to be the key for you.   We hope one of our choices would definitely grab your attention.

In the meanwhile, share your experience with us in the comments section below and also let us know about your queries regarding the lawnmowers if any.