9 Best Electric Bike for Delivery in UK / E-bikes

You must have witnessed people zipping down the street on an electric bicycle (or scooter), almost unconcerned with their surroundings.

It would have been unusual to see anyone driving on an electric device only a few years ago, but there are now many excellent choices for people who want to reduce their carbon emissions while still getting around their cities.

Since the demand for electric bikes is consistently increasing, we have come up with the best electric bike for delivery.

So, no matter what kind of deliveries you are making, these E-bikes will definitely help you have a faster ride and delivering goods on time.

Let’s take a look below to know everything and more about the best E-bikes in town.

9 Top-Rated Best Electric Bikes for Delivery UK

1.     ANCHEER Electric Bike   



Best Electric Bike for Delivery


 Electric Bike uk

On top, we have the Rad Power e-bike, which is especially designed for providing smoother day-to-day delivery experience.

If you have a limited budget, chances are you can afford this electric bike as it comes at reasonable rates. It is the perfect bike that competes favorably with the premium options.

The electric bike has a 250-watt Shengyi direct-drive hub motor that provides a powerful pedal assist. Unlike most e-bikes, it does not make a lot of noise.

The throttle helps you to ride the bike like a scooter, and the 7-speed transmission will not let you down.

Despite its length, the e-bike is difficult to navigate, even while carrying cargo. Not only that, this electric bike can efficiently navigate rocky terrains without scraping the back foot platforms against the ground.

Although it’s not too sturdy, it also doesn’t shake. Not only this, the low center of gravity maintains a stable ride.

However, it has a drawback – it does not offer sufficient torque which will cause trouble only on the steep hills.


  • It is available at affordable cost.
  • It has a motor of 750W.
  • It has a maximum speed of 22-30 km/h


  • Insufficient torque.

2.     Extrbici Upgraded Electric Bike

9 Best Electric Bike for Delivery in UK / E-bikes


 Electric Bike uk

Another excellent bike that we have is the Extrbici Upgraded E-bike. It is one of the fastest and smartest electric bikes available right now, and it provides an incredibly smooth power-assisted ride.

This is due to the powerful Bafang motor of 750-watt. Not only that, the E-bike also has 80 Nm of torque and 1,500 watt peak output.

The Extrbici Upgraded Bike is incredibly simple to set up and ride – all credit goes to the rear hub motor.  Apart from that, you can enjoy the fastest rides with the waterproof, 48-volt LG lithium batteries.

Even if you are having a round trip, the 13AH batteries will make it easier and smoother for you. It also provides turn-by-turn navigation as well as crash tracking, which can give your location to an emergency contact if you’ve been in an accident.

If you are confused due to the many options available on the market, this e-bike is definitely one of the best to choose.


  • It provides the best ride with 750W.
  • You will love the comfortable ride that it provides.
  • It has batteries of 13AH, so you can have round trips without any hassle.


  • None reported yet.

3.     VOZCVOX Electric Bike for delivery UK

9 Best Electric Bike for Delivery in UK / E-bikes


 Electric Bike uk

This electric bike has so much to offer for its users. To begin with, it has a foldable design but it’s not like a typical “folding bike.” It has a 17-inch frame size, which is made of high-quality aluminum alloy.

You don’t have to worry about carrying it because it is a lightweight design with a size of 93* 100* 40 cm. Hence, you can take it wherever you want – all you need to do is fold it in 3 steps.

Furthermore, it is equipped with 48V 1000W brushless motor, allowing you to ride faster and make timely deliveries. Its lithium battery of 12.8 ah ranges from 25 miles to 30 miles in maximum electric mode.

The hydraulic disc brakes, an enclosed chaincase, magnesium wheels, a tiny front hub engine, and internal three-speed gearing make it one of the best E-bikes for delivery.

When riding the bike, you will notice that it has an excellent motor assistance. The slightly idiosyncratic handling provided by the tiny 20-inch wheels, as well as the fact that some of the technology might be confusing to home mechanics, are about the only drawbacks.


  • It comes with a foldable design.
  • It is made of best quality material.
  • It has waterproof batteries that last for hours.
  • It provides you the fastest rides.


  • It has slightly handling issue.

4.     Oppikle Electric Bike

Best Electric Bike for Delivery


 Electric Bike uk

This electric bike comes with an excellent range – it will go up to 215 miles with an extra battery pack attached, meaning you won’t have to worry about running out of juice on long recreational journeys.

It’s also a good option for commuters because it lasts so long that you only have to charge it on weekends.

Regardless of which of the five pedal-assisted modes you chose, the rear hub motor is smooth to start, and you can quickly turn between them when facing a hill or a flat.

Apart from that, it also has the LED 3-speed meter so you can set the speed as per your requirement. Combining all three modes is the best option to provide the fastest deliveries timely and safely.

Not only that, this E-bike comes with some remarkable additional things, including – such as an anti-tamper detector, multi-function rear lights, and geo-fencing, which prevents the bike from being rode outside of a certain location.


  • It comes with the 3-speed modes.
  • It has batteries that can last for a week.
  • It is made of high-quality materials.


  • It is not durable.

5.     GUNAI Electric Bike For delivery

Best Electric Bike for Delivery

 Electric Bike uk

The incredible E-bike is one of the most fashionable electric bikes on the market, with slick road stylings and dynamic power assistance when required from its 1000W engine.

Whether you are riding through the snow or mud – it has a durable frame that provides you the most comfortable and fast bike.

With a composite chassis, ultra-hydraulic disc brakes, 46T chainrings, 11-speed rear derailleur, Ultegra Di2 Disc R8070 transfer levers, Alloy Cranks, and 11-speed, 11-42t cassette, the parts are all of the highest standard.

Whether you want to make on-time deliveries or looking for something reliable to enjoy long weekend trips the GUNAI electric bike is the best option for people. Enough to persuade perhaps the most adamant traditionalists.

Apart from that, it offers one-year warranty for the electric motor and six-months for battery, so you know that you are making investment in the right bike.


  • It comes with one year of warranty.
  • It is made of the best quality materials.
  • It gets charged quickly.


  • It does not have a rear eat.

6.     ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike


 Best Electric Bike for Delivery

 Electric Bike uk

The ANCHEER is a fun and folding electric bike to ride, with a convenient upright geometry, front suspension, and a well-controlled motor that delivers a smooth boost of power when needed (the excellent torque sensor ensures a quick start at traffic lights).

Its potential to navigate a large range of terrain for weekend fun amazed our reviewer, making it more than just a capable commuting workhorse.

For better alignment, the Shimano Steps motor is positioned centrally rather than on the rear hub, and the wheels have low-maintenance hydraulic disc brakes (essential for a powerful e-bike).

We prefer prototypes that tuck more cables neatly into the frame, but if that isn’t a concern for you, this well-built electric hybrid is well worth considering.


  • It has an excellent torque.
  • It come with a folding design.
  • It has premium quality brakes.
  • It is created with high-quality material and equipment.


  • None reported yet.

7.     Swifty Electric Bike with Sem-Integrated Battery

Best Electric Bike for Delivery

 Electric Bike uk

The Swifty E-bike, which resembles a compact electric scooter, is entirely fitted to replace a vehicle or motorcycle. Its rack, lamps, and mudguards combine to help you hold your gear in comfort and protection, whether you’re commuting or going to the store.

It has a 36V 9.6 AH lithium-ion battery, which can ride up to 35 miles only with a single charge. Not only that, it has Shimano 7-speed gears and TY-21 rear derailleur all terrain tires.

This electric bike’s handling and assistance are also excellent, thanks to its large battery and mid-mount engine. Despite its weight, riding on the road or on the trail is a thrill thanks to its multi-terrain tires and suspension fork.

It has a semi-integrated massive capacity battery that would definitely last several commutes before having to be recharged, well outdistancing the other bikes here.

Even then, it isn’t the longest-running on the industry, which is something to remember if variety is your primary concern.


  • It is a powerful motor.
  • It comes with additional accessories.
  • It consists of a semi-integrated battery.
  • It can cover 35 miles in a single charge.


  • It is a little heavier on the side.

8.     VOZCVOX MX02S Electric Mountain Bike

Best Electric Bike for Delivery

 Electric Bike uk

The majority of the electric bikes in this roundup are intended for road use, but the VOZCVOX MX02S is an exception.

Basically, this is a mountain bike that combines chunky tires, a sturdy frame, and sporty drop handlebars to produce a bike that can be used on both tarmac and trails.

The CGR AL e accelerates effortlessly, and this, along with its maneuverability, makes it a joy to fly.

It suggests you to be put off the beaten path (there’s plenty of space for knobby tires or just a massive amount of mud), and it charges from flat in just 3.5 hours, meaning you won’t have to schedule your journeys that far ahead of time.

Furthermore, the seat and handlebars of the E-bike can be adjusted as per your requirements and preference.

The 48V 17AH battery equipped bike ranges 65-70 kilometers on road when the pure electric mode is on. It charges fast and has flexible charging options.


  • It has extremely high acceleration.
  • It has easier switch modes.
  • It is ideal for multiple terrains.
  • It provides a stable and comfortable ride.


  • It does not have an app.

9.     HIMO Electric Bike

Best Electric Bike for Delivery

 Electric Bike uk

The Curt has trendy looks, excellent extras, and a great kit list, and it’s easy to mistake it for a regular bike. The bike’s lights are also conveniently incorporated, thanks to a hub engine and hidden battery.

This electric bike is suitable for nippy city riding or longer trips where reliability is a problem, thanks to its skinny race tires and low front end.

Light tires, excellent hydraulic disc brakes, and excellent touch points are all evidence of this. Customers seem happy with the single-speed variant, which is also available with derailleur gears.

The Curt is so fast even in one gear that it often seems like it’s going against the grain, and you may sometimes yourself pedaling quicker, forcing the motor to cut out.


  • It has a reliable battery.
  • It comes with a durable motor.
  • It is stylish and has all important features.
  • It is easy and light-weight to get going.


  • Its motor assistance is fragile.
  • It has a low motor cut point.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Electric Bike for Delivery

When it comes to buying the best electric bike for delivery, make sure to take care of the following factors:

01 – Speed

Having a faster electric bike means you can deliver more in less time. We all know how competitive delivery services are, so you need a bike that can deliver on time.

The best electric bike is the one that can deliver the required package to the given address safely and timely without any hassle.

Therefore, having the right e-bike with higher power and accurate motorization is necessary.

But it does not mean that you go for the electric bike with highest speed because it could be quite expensive on your pocket.

Just choose an e-bike that provides a reasonable speed while keeping you safe. Usually, not less than 25 miles per hour.

02 – Power

The kind of battery you choose determines the power your e-bike has. Choose the level of power as per your requirements, or the purpose of buying an e-bike.

For example, the power requirements of a postal and mail delivery e-bike can vary from those of cargo e-bikes.

E-bikes for cargo delivery need more power because their applications are heavier than regular deliveries.

For example, avoid the 250W or smaller motors when it comes to cargo e-bikes. You should rather opt for the higher-rated options, such as 500W or 1,000W lithium-ion batteries.

03 – Price

There are different aspects when it comes to the price of an electric bike.

One aspect is the initial cost, which can be paid by the company. However, if the company is not willing to pay, you can go for another better option that is affordable for you.

The idea is to find a balance between price and functionality; look for an e-bike that suits your budget while meeting your delivery requirements.

Another aspect is the cost-effectiveness.

Before making a purchase, you must decide figure out whether the e-bike can make the deliveries easier and help you earn better or not.

You can do so by considering the working hours and mileage. For example, if you only deliver for less than 10 hours a week and the deliveries are near, then do not invest in an e-bike.

On the other hand, putting in the hours and clocking up the miles mean that you should go for an e-bike.

Total Cost Ownership (TCO) is the final cost component. It is applied to the initial investment as well as any additional costs.

The associated costs are the finer points for running e-bike, such as repair cost, maintenance cost, insurance, downtime, and legislation.

04 – Weight Capacity

The maximum load that an e-bike can carry is referred to as its weight capacity.

The optimal weight load is determined by the intent and use of your electric bike.

Before choosing an electric bike, make sure to consider the delivery’s weight and find out whether the chosen bike can efficiently handle the weight without any hassle.

Taking an example, if the average delivery weight is 70 pounds, an electric bike with a weight capacity of 90 or 100 pounds could be a good fit.

Tips to Maintain Your Electric Bike for delivery


Battery is an overlooked aspect of electric bike maintenance. Lithium-Ion batteries are pretty low maintenance, so you don’t have to do anything about them.

If you treat them well, they should last you 1,000 charge cycles. Do not store them in an excessively hot or cold setting.

Basically, if you wouldn’t leave your pet there for an extended amount of time, don’t place your battery there (unless your pet is a reptile and you have a hot lamp for it).


Check out the manufacturer’s manual when cleaning the bike’s frame. Since different paints respond differently to different chemicals, double-check.

Use a low-grade cleaning solution and a fluffy cloth or paper towels to keep the frame neat and clean. If your bike is covered in a thick layer of dirt, you can hose it off thoroughly to avoid scratching the finish.


Whether your E-bike has drum brakes, rim brakes, hydraulic brakes, electric brakes, or other types of brakes – cleaning method may vary.

You should be able to look for wear on any of these brakes. Rim brakes are the most noticeable, so make sure they have plenty of “meat” on them.

Testing disc brakes involves looking through the caliper or removing the whole caliper and inspecting the pads. This is something you can only do if you’re confident in your ability to bring them back on safely.

Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Bikes

  1. What is the difference between Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3 bikes?

Electric bikes are categorized in the following classes:

Class 1 – This E-bike comes with a motor which offers assistance to the rider during pedaling, which means no throttle. Also, it ceases to deliver assistance when the bike is reached to the speed of 20 miles per hour.

Class 2 – The second class of electric bikes involve the usage of throttle, which increase the bike speed up to 20 miles per hour during pedaling. Not only that, it also has the capability of achieving 20 miles per hour with the rider’s assistance, without using any throttle.

Class 3 – This class is also called as the speed pedal-assisted electric bike, which has a motor that provides assistance while you are pedaling the bike. Moreover, it provides assistance when the it reaches the speed of 28 miles per hour.

  1. Does an electric bike recharge when going downhill or applying brakes?

It is a rare concept which does not work well in most conditions. However, a few models of E-bike come with a feature to recharge the battery when you are applying brakes.

In such situations, the battery’s range increases up to 5% to 10%, meanwhile adding hundreds of dollars to the bike’s price.

But you will notice that the electric bike is more difficult to pedal when it is turned off; it is because of the motor’s design that deliver regeneration.

  1. Are electric bikes heavy?

There is no doubt that electric bikes are heavier than conventional bikes. Climbing hills mean that you will feel the most weight whether using an electric bike or regular one.

The electric assist on an E-bike makes up for the additional weight several times. That is why an electric bike is loved by most people, which usually weighs around 150 pounds or more.

Final Thoughts:- best electric bikes for delivery UK

We hope that you find this guide for the best electric bikes for delivery useful because we have tried more than our best to provide you some valuable details.

Investing in an electric bike is a huge decision since it costs a lot of money, which is why we just want to make sure that you make the right choice. All the electric bikes that we mentioned on the list are great for deliveries.

We would recommend you to go for the one having a wide variety of premium-quality specifications and features. Also, note down your requirements on paper or a notepad initially, so it will help you decide at the time of purchasing.

Furthermore, don’t get impressed by the low-price tags because some manufacturers use low-quality materials and mislead you. Hence, before ordering an e-bike for you, check out the buying guide mentioned above, as it will help you decide the best and affordable e-bike.

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