Best Electric Bike Under £800 UK

Buying a good-quality electric bike can be a challenge if you have a tight budget. Although you may find plenty of sellers online, you have to be careful about the quality of their products. As challenging as it seems, buying a quality electric bike online at reasonable prices is not impossible. If you do thorough research, you will be able to suss out quality products and differentiate them from cheap lemons.

As plenty of electric bikes are being sold online, it might be difficult to tell which product is the most suitable as per your preferences and budget. Here are some of the options for the best electric bike under £800. Check out their prices, features, and other details to see if they match your requirements.

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7 Best Electric Bike under £ 800 UK

Best Electric Bike for Comfort under 800:

  1. Electric Bike Eleglide M1 E Bike Mountain Bike

Best Electric Bike Under 800

The two worth-mentioning qualities of this product described by the sellers are reliability and comfort. That’s why it is featured as the best electric bike for comfort. The Electric M1 is said to have three modes: pure electric mode, electric assist mode, and bike mode. All three modes offer a chance to experience long-distance travel. However, the combo of the three modes is said to be a better option. It also offers a highly efficient motor alongside Shimano transmission, three-speed + 7-speed. The sellers claim that this electric bike is easy and quick and offers reliable gear adjustment so the riders can enjoy an effortless and lighter ride.

What’s more, this electric bike offers a 36V 7.5 Ah Longlife removable battery. The sellers claim that the bike is more durable, safer, and lighter due to lithium technology and battery management system. So, if you are interested in riding longer and further, this may be a good option for you.

The fully charged electric assist mode of this bike offers riders to reach almost 65 km (41 miles). Another worth-mentioning feature offered by this bike is anti-slip technology and shock absorption. This feature would be more valuable to those who ride on rough roads. According to the sellers, this e-bike has a dual disc brake design. Furthermore, shock absorption and soft damping are provided by the lock function and front suspension.

  • Intelligent LED display
  • Powerful E mountain bike
  • Anti-slip safety
  • 85% pre-assembled
  • Non-slip tires
  • Received a complaint of the brakes not working


Best Electric Bike for Quality Material under £800:

  1. Hiriyt 26″ Electric Mountain Bike

Best Electric Bike Under 800

This electric bike can be worth your consideration if you prefer material quality. As per the sellers, it uses an aluminum alloy frame and high-strength carbon steel for the front fork. Furthermore, its front and rear wheels are claimed to be double-layer aluminum alloy wheels. In addition, a 36V/8AH li battery is added to support riding. The electric bike also offers a smart lithium battery charger that is capable of charging in 4-6 hours only. Hence, if you want to enjoy long rides without having to wait for long hours for the bike to charge, this option may be significant for you. So, if you are looking for the best electric bike for quaity, this one may be a good option.

Furthermore, this e-bike is said to wield front and rear disc brakes along with a 21-speed transmission system. These features offer riders a chance to adjust the speed as per their preference. The sellers also claim that this electronic bike has a detailed ergonomic design, including an adjustable seat and RST, ergonomic handlebar, and wear-resistant and anti-slip tire.

For adventure lovers who want to ride their bikes at night, this bike offers a bright LED headlamp and horn. The meter is said to have a 3-speed smart button. It allows the riders to select electric-assist power as per their needs.

  • Offers high-quality material
  • Ergonomic design
  • 250W High-Speed Gear Shift System
  • Three working models
  • LED headlamp
  • N/A

Best Electric Bike for Safety under £800:

  1. ANCHEER Electric Bike Electric Mountain Bike

Best Electric Bike Under £800 UK

Here is your third option for the best electric bike under £800. This e-bike by Ancheer is said to use strong and ultra-light aluminum alongside double-check absorption. The product also offers rock climbing ability with its 21-sped professional transmission alongside mechanical front and rear disc brake design. Moreover, the sellers also claim that this electronic bike comes with 26-inch magnesium alloy one-piece wheels and thick anti-skid tires. Strong wheels should always be your priority, as they play a vital role in keeping riders safe and sound throughout their travel. Due to the above-mentioned features, this bike can be considered among the best electric bikes for safety.

This electric bike also offers three electric working modes, i.e., ordinary bicycle, auxiliary bicycle, and electric bicycle. Riders can use the LED three-shaped smart meter button to select the electric auxiliary power supply. Moreover, using the combination of all three is advised.

Now let’s talk about the electric system of this bike. According to the sellers, it is equipped with a 250W stabilized electric motor and 36V 8AH lithium-ion front battery. The bike offers a 15 mph maximum speed and is said to be capable of reaching 15-30 miles. Another good thing about this bike is that it comes 85% assembled. There are assembly videos of ANCHEER sports to understand how to assemble the whole bike. You can also hire an assembly service, but it’s a separate third-party company that offers these services.

  • 36V 8AH Lithium-ion front battery
  • Strong wheels
  • Folding bike
  • 85 percent assembled
  • Three working modes
  • Received a complaint about having a difficult assembly

Best Electric Bike for Powerful Motor under 800:

  1. HITWAY Electric Bike E-Bike Foldable City Bikes

Best Electric Bike Under 800

The Hitway electric e-bike offers a super long and powerful range with its 250W 36V motor. It can worth-considering as the best electric bike with a powerful motor. The maximum gradient of this bike is said to be 25 degrees, while the maximum speed is 25 km/h. According to the sellers, the bike has a simple folding premium quality design. The electric is said to be capable of folding up fast. Furthermore, other mentioned qualities of this bike include being easy to store and use.

There are three modes available in this bike, so the riders can choose according to their convenience. A smart meter display and three-shaped cruise control are also offered. If you don’t want to use it as an electric bike, you can simply use it as a simple bike. Another great thing about this bike is that it is designed for people of different heights. The handlebar heights and saddle are created to be adjustable so every rider can adjust them based on their size.

Different riders can adjust the bike easily without worrying about not being able to fit the bike’s size. This feature is great for people who prioritize comfort over everything else. According to the sellers, this bike is suitable for adults as well as teens.

  • Powerful motor
  • Simple folding design
  • Offers premium quality
  • Three working modes
  • Height adjustable
  • Received a complaint about the saddle not being able to tilt

Best Electric Bike for Easy Storage under £800:

  1. Rymic Folding 20″ Electric City Bike

Best Electric Bike Under 800

The sellers claim that the product can easily fit in small storages and any vehicle. This electric bike by Rymic can be a great option for the best electric bike for easy storage. This feature can be important for train commuters, motorhome owners, caravanners, and boating enthusiasts. The bike also offers a removable built-in lithium battery of 48V 10.4Ah. The scammers present in online markets may try to fool you by giving you cheap batteries, but doing proper research and learning detailed features about a product can save you from being fooled. Rymic offers upgraded battery capacity.

As per the sellers, the distance that this electric bike can cover is around 25-50 miles per charge. It can be sufficient for the day’s adventure. Comfort while riding is also quite an important factor that you need to consider. This bike is said to have a front shock absorption fork that can help in softening the ride on your arms. As a result, the ride may feel more comfortable. In case you plan to ride on a road that has bumps, you would be delighted to know that this bike offers the ability to absorb any bump on the route.

Another great feature offered by the electric bike is its multi-functional display. It offers a power display, meter background light, mileage is shown, and real-time speedometer. All these displays can help you keep track of important stats while traveling to your destination.

  • Considerate design
  • 250W motor
  • Multifunctional displays
  • Safety efficient battery
  • Triple shock absorption
  • N/A

Best Lightweight Electric Bike under 800:

  1. 26″ HYPER MTB Electric Bike

Best Electric Bike Under 800

If you have not yet found the best electric bike under £800 yet, check out this Hyper electric bike. This 26″ electric bike offers a front suspension fork and high-strength, lightweight aluminum frame for shock absorption, making it one of the best lightweight electric bikes. Riders are given three levels of pedal assist to choose from at their convenience. Furthermore, it is also said to have a powerful rear hub drive motor of 250W to provide and activate extra assistance that can be controlled with a thumb pad present on the handlebar. As per the sellers, the battery of this electric bike will last around 20 miles, depending on factors like the weight of the bike, level of assistance, and the rider’s path.

What’s more, this bike is said to have a hyper custom geometry aluminum frame alongside internal cable routing. If you are an adventure enthusiast who enjoys riding outdoors, then this bike can be a great option as it offers extra power on hand to take you to the hills or ride back home.

When it comes to the wheels, this electric bike offers a double-wall aluminum rim alongside CNC sidewall. It is also said to be equipped with all-surface tires of 26″ x 2.1″. Furthermore, it offers pedals made of aluminum so riders can experience comfortable and good grip.

Riding becomes more fun when you are in full control of your bike. Feeling comfortable throughout is essential for a long-hour adventure. There are numerous other features offered by this bike that make it worthy of your consideration. For instance, the V brakes of the bike are made of aluminum that offers sure stopping power on the rear and front wheels.

  • The integrated battery of 36V 7.8Ah
  • Shimano TY21 6-speed gearing
  • Zoom front suspension
  • Front and rear alloy V brakes
  • Received a complaint for slowing after reaching a certain speed

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Best Electric Bike with Impressive Design under 800

  1. Hyuhome Electric Bikes for Adults

Best Electric Bike Under 800

Last but not least, we have Hyuhome electric bike for adults with a compelling design and valuable features. It offers an ergonomic design with an ergonomic handlebar, wear-resistant and anti-slip tire, and an adjustable seat. The meter is said to have a 5-speed smart button. The overall design of the bike is quite impressive, and the details of this design are worth-mentioning. The overall appearance of this electric bike makes it among the best electric bikes with impressive design.

Furthermore, this electric bike also offers an upgraded speed controller that is capable of adjusting the maximum speed limit to 15 mph. However, one must take into account safety measures while riding a bike. This electric bike also offers a high-speed motor of 36V. In addition, five sets of smart computers are also equipped that can help you check the speed, battery status, modes, and trip distance. The battery is a 36V 13Ah lithium battery that can support three modes.

These three modes are normal bike, pedal assist, and electric mode. If the rider wants to ride in an electric mode, the bike can take him up to 40-50 km, as per the sellers. The assist mode offers an even more distance. All modes are claimed to be freely switchable and selectable. With the 21-speed drivetrain system, the bike allows users to power through small hills conveniently. The Shimano gearbox offers quick response and precise control.

  • Ergonomic design
  • 36V high-speed motor
  • Large capacity removable battery
  • Three working modes
  • Received a complaint for having cheap parts.

Best Electric Bike under 800 – Buying Guide:

Searching for the best electric bike under £800 can be quite overwhelming as the online market is full of sellers claiming their product to be the best. In such a case, it’s always a good idea to first list down the important factors to look for while buying an electric bike. It will help you stick to the essential factors, so you don’t exceed your budget. This article outlines some of those factors so you can make a better choice.


The battery is among the primary factors that determine whether the electric bike is the best choice for you or if you should just pass. A good-quality bike often comes with a lithium-based battery. Other than that, how much distance the bike covers on a single charge is also important for those who want to ride for long hours. Make sure to search for the battery before you place the order.


There is no joy in riding an electric bike if the rider doesn’t feel comfortable while riding. It’s like all the money you have spent has been wasted because the bike doesn’t give you the comfort you deserve. The upright style of riding is considered more comfortable for many riders. If you are not sure about the comfort, you should definitely try riding the bike before buying it.

But how will you check your comfort level while buying an electric bike online? You can note down the model that you’re interested in and check it out at any nearby local market. Everyone has a different riding style and their definition of comfort differs accordingly.


The motor is yet another important factor that determines the quality and performance of the electric bike. The motor should be checked for reliability and quality. It’s always best to opt for a well-known brand to stay safe from scammers. Motor performance is measured in Watts (W). Higher Watts indicate that the bike has more power. However, big motors will also require big batteries.


In most cases, the frames of e-bikes are made of aluminum. However, other frame options are also becoming available, such as steel or carbon fiber. Frame design and material are among the biggest contributors to the bike’s weight.

Best Electric Bike under £800 – FAQs:

Is it worth getting a cheap bike?

A cheap bike doesn’t always guarantee performance. However, it doesn’t guarantee failure either. Price is only one of the many factors that indicate the electric bike’s performance. If you go for a well-known brand that offers cheaper rates, the chances of their product performing great are high.

What is the disadvantage of an electric bike?

One of the biggest disadvantages of electric bikes is that they cost more compared to traditional bikes. Other than that, they can also be hefty.

How long does the battery of an electric bike last?

If maintained well, the battery may last as long as three to five years.

Final Verdict:

Here comes to an end our journey of learning about the best electric bike under £800. We hope that you learned something about the highlighted features and found our buying guide useful. Still, you are advised to do your own research to reduce the chances of getting scammed. If you have any queries, feel free to ask us in the comments section.

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