9 Best Electric Bikes for Hills UK

Are you planning to purchase an e-bike for traveling long distances or climbing through high hills, steeps, or mountains? If yes, “STOP” you’ve reached the right destination.

In this article, we’ve mentioned the 9 best electric bikes for hills that will make your journey fascinating and mesmerizing.

Due to the rapid increase of electric bikes in the mainstream markets, you may find a wide variety of them everywhere. Choosing an e-bike is not a piece of cake because it plays an essential role during your journey.

Nowadays, every other manufacturer has started selling e-bikes, and they claim that they are using high-quality components in their bikes.

Therefore, we would advise you don’t go for the low price tag bikes because there are high chances that you may get exhausted over time or you’ve to invest time to a mechanic for changing equipment.

But fret not; we’re are here to help you out. We’ll discuss some important features you should look for before purchasing an e-bike.

We also recommend you do proper research and read other customer’s reviews and experiences to get depth knowledge about the desired bike.

So, without further wasting your valuable time, scroll down, and continue reading this spectacular article to read about unique and affordable electric bikes.

Top 9 Best E-Bikes for Hills UK

1      ANCHEER Electric Bike – 26 Inch Folding E-bike

Top 9 Budget-Friendly E-Bikes for Hills

Bike for Hills uk

If you are looking for a low-cost e-bike, you should buy an ANCHEER electric bike. The bike is affordable yet, comes with nifty features. The ANCHEER e-bike manages to be consumers’ priority when they are shopping online, particularly from Amazon Prime.

The bikes come with a 250 watt rear hub motor which makes driving exciting. It has a twist throttle and a sealed cadence sensor to assist pedaling. Its travelling speed is 15mph, a speed that is faster than your average bike’s speed.

Furthermore, the bike is lightweight and has a robust aluminium body. It also comes with a shock absorber which works to divide the weight and prevent its rider from fatigue. Its mechanical brakes, both front and rear suspension provide you with smooth driving.

Moreover, due to its strong brakes, it makes climbing easy and fast. It has wider tires that are anti-slip resistant and suitable for travelling high roads and streets any may enhance hill-climbing power.

  • It comes at a low price.
  • It comes with keys to lock the battery, a safety measure.
  • The motor is noiseless that means easily assist in level 1 and 2.
  • Its three modes are helpful for a variety of situations.
  • You may notice battery may die out quickly.

2.       Speeded 26”Electric Commuter Bike

Friendly E-Bikes for Hills

Bike for Hills uk

Innovation in the industry of the best electric bike for hills is Speedrid 26”electric commuter bike. Like other bikes, Speedrid comes with a high-speed performance motor and a powerful battery range. Its motor is a Shimano motor with 250W power.

The motor helps to maintain an average distance of 25-40 km at a speed of 25km/h and torque of 34N. Not only have that, the bike used 36V/10Ah lithium-ion battery, which is removable.  Its charging time is longer than other expensive bikes, which is 6-8 hours.

It covers a distance of up to 25-40 miles on a single charge, may vary according to load, usage, and height. The bike is comfortable to sit on because of its comfy saddle, making it convenient and adjustable for everyone.

Its powerful LED display makes it easier to read statistics like distance travelled, battery power, and relatable things. It has an adjustable 6-speed gear which makes riding contented. Moreover, it has mechanical brakes and a powerful front suspension that make your journey thrilling.

  • It comes with a dual brake system that is easy to stop.
  • You can go on hilly tracks effortlessly.
  • It comes with a large and intuitive LED screen.
  • It doesn’t have a headlight.

3.   Swifty Electric Mountain Bike

Top 9 Budget-Friendly E-Bikes for Hills

Bike for Hills uk

If you are searching for a bike with a motor and battery attached, you should go with the Swifty electric mountain bike. One of the powerful bikes with its vast and exclusive feature which suits for hill’s commuting.

The best thing about the bike is that it has power-assisted pedals that make it easier to pedal. As the bike comes with a motor and smooth pedalling feature, it is way more powerful. This feature is handy for jaunts on mountainous paths.

Not only that, the bike comes with an aluminium frame that is lighter in weight which further enhances your riding experience.

The bike comes in two stunning colors alongside an aesthetically designed body. Also, it has equipped with a lithium-ion battery which is strong and durable. Its charging speed is 3 hours, and it will allow you to travel up to 30 miles only on one charge.

Moreover, the bike comes with three assisted modes for cycling with a low-speed walking assisted mode. This feature is quite helpful for some people when they want to walk along the hilly paths. Its working motor is powerful for long rides and starts at 5 mph.

  • The battery is excellent for everyday use with little charging.
  • Despite the big motor and battery, it looks like a sports bike.
  • Its controller comes with extensive setting options.
  • The 7-speed gear system is powerful and easy to use.
  • After some time, the tires and tubes may fuse.

4.       RDJM Electric Bike –  Best Electric Bike for Hills Uk

 Budget-Friendly E-Bikes for Hills

Bike for Hills uk

The people who are fond of folding e-bikes for commuting on hills should choose the RDJM electric bike. The foldable e-bike is one of the best electric bikes for hills because it has lightweight, popular among commuters, and enhances the practical ability for urban mobility.

It is one of the lightest folding e-bikes that comes with extensive features and specifications. Despite its small size, it’s an essence to ease movement. It comes with a front suspension and smooth paddles that perfectly considerable for long route journeys.

Not only that, its front fork is made from high-quality carbon steel and provides excellent strength. Moreover, it’s packed with a shock absorber to absorb and divide extra load over the edges evenly. Its anti-resistant feature is perfect for trailing, back roads, hill-climbing, and gravel.

Besides this, it has a robust design made of high-quality and non-slip rubber. It is perfect for everyday commute or climbing through high steeps. Its comfortable saddle and smooth seat will further improve your journey, and you’ll feel exhausted while covering larger distances. Furthermore, its battery life is 5 hours.

  • It has an ergonomic design to fit your body contours.
  • It comes with anti-slip and wear-resistant tires.
  • You can change its removable power supply anywhere.
  • The grade ability can reach 30° in common road conditions.
  • You may observe it’s heavier in weight.

5.       PASELEC Electric Bike –

Top 9 Budget-Friendly E-Bikes for Hills

Bike for Hills uk

One of the first e-bike with an E-PASS energy system is the PASELEC electric bike. The best thing about the E-PAS system is that it can charge power back to the battery pack, particularly when you exceed the speed of 14 mph.

E-pass system works to enhance battery life and reduce energy loss. It’s more beneficial than other control systems because it saves electric power by more than 50%. It’s one of the best mountain bikes because its tire thickness is 4.0, which is quite resistible for hilly paths.

Not only that, it comes with a powerful motor of 750W, enough power to provide substantial energy and to reduce energy consumption during riding. It has a unique feature – circumnavigate, which helps navigate mountains, snow, beach, and other alleyways easily.

Furthermore, its speed is up to 28-30 mph will help you reach your destination quickly. It has a battery with a large capacity of up to 48V 14AH, which offers intense climbing. Moreover, you can reach up to 50 miles per charge.

  • It comes with an E-pass system to save energy.
  • It has a portable design to avoid falling during riding.
  • It’s convenient to charge the battery on/off.
  • It has excellent shock absorption and wear-resistance feature.
  • It’s slightly expensive than the others.

6.       EggshellHome Electric Bike

Best Electric Bike for Hills

Bike for Hills uk

If you find an affordable mountain e-bike that offers you a more comprehensive range, you should consider the EggshellHome electric bike. It comes with a 350W powerful motor which allows you to reach your destination quickly.

Moreover, its resistible battery is 36V which can come as 8-13 Ah. It depends upon your requirements and range. With the battery, you can ride up to 90 KM on a single charge. Generally, the battery recharges within just 4 hours and so.

Its ergonomic design brags some additional and durable features like its anti-wear 26 tires and its adjustable seat.

Above all, it has three assistance modes which are helpful to reach your speed up to 35 km per hour and at 30 degrees to tackle steep hills with no issues. One of the notable features of this e-bike is its dual disk brakes 35-speed transmission system.

This system is helpful to allow you to ride confidently. It also has a mitigating front suspension fork alongside the rear shock absorber that works to exceptional while riding. Its mechanical brakes are excellent to provide you with a safe ride.

  • It has a high-powered motor with excellent battery life.
  • Its suspension and rear shock absorber add extra comfort.
  • Its 30-degree grade-ability allows its rider to tackle hills easily.
  • Its 35-speed transmission system offers more control.
  • You may notice the disk and brake have a slight imbalance.

7.       GUNAI Electric Bike for Hills

Best Electric Bike for Hills

Bike for Hills uk

The best amalgam GUNAI electric bike comes with versatile features and is convenient for all kinds of paths, mountain terrains no matter, commuting or riding on hills. One of the exceptional features of the bike is, it comes 26 x 4.0 inch flat tires e-bike.

Its stable front motor has 250W power and a detachable Samsung 36V 8AH lithium-ion battery covering the distance range up to 25km-50km. Its battery charges within one hour and stay until 4-6hours. Its construction is compact and comes with a frame that is built of durable 6061 ALUMINUM.

It comes with three working modes; pedal assist mode, fully electric mode, and manual mode. The best thing is that you can alter them according to your requirements with its meter button.

Moreover, it has a carbon suspension and a 26-inch frame, which provides you with an extra-control on the rugged road. Also, it comes with dual disc brakes both on the front and backsides, which are helpful to give you double-stopping power.

Besides this, the bike is fixed with a 21 gear Shimano speed transmission system, allowing a powerful and confident rising throughout. Additionally, the bikes come with accessories like a bright LED headlight to see at night rides.

  • Shimano gear system for confident riding.
  • Its powerful motor enhance riding speed.
  • It has a quick charging time.
  • It comes with a 3.7 inch Central Control Display.
  • You may observe the bolt on the suspension unscrewed off.

8.       Shengmilo MX21 Electric Bike

Best Electric Bike for Hills

Bike for Hills uk

Shengmilo MX21 e-bike always provides exciting riding to its users. It comes with a sturdy design and a small frame that is unique, making it long-lasting and durable. The most pleasing thing is that the battery is hidden inside the frame to make it more attractive.

It comes with a compact motor on the backside of the wheel, making it incredibly powerful. It has fat tires to provide an additional grip on all kinds of roads to deliver you smooth and steady ridings even on rugged and tough terrains.

Besides this, you can change the speed of the gears because of the Shimano transmission system. It depends upon the paths like climbing uphill, gliding, downhill, beaches, and transverse snowy terrains – which kind of path you are using.

In addition, it comes with a removable and replaceable 48V/12.8Ah lithium-ion battery. Its charging lasts for 5-6 hours after a single charge. After charging, you can travel up to 40 km to 60 km distance. Not only has that battery come with all the protections like overcharge, over-discharge, and overvoltage.

  • It comes with a brushless MX21 motor.
  • It comes with three power modes.
  • The Shimano 7-speed shift system provides flexibility when riding.
  • It uses anti-exposure safety painting material.
  • Despite its good quality, it has fewer ratings.

9.       Metamere Electric Bike

Best Electric Bike for Hills

Bike for Hills uk

If you are considering an inflatable rubber tire e-bike, you should consider Metyere electric bike. Like other bikes, Metyere comes with versatility and uniqueness in terms of durability and functioning.

It comes with a long power range of 250W, which is quite efficient and sufficient to provide desired power. It’s tough motor provides the maximum speed and maximum 30-degree gradient. Not only that, the e-bike has endurance for a maximum of 80-100km mileage.

It uses a brush-less and saw-like motor that is hardly observed in other e-bikes. Moreover, it has 20% stronger endurance than casual brush-less motors. It is fold able and can work efficiently on rough terrains like other e-bikes.

Therefore, as it is fold-able, you can carry it easily wherever you want, and it takes up a small space.

Not only that, it comes with front and back brakes – double disc brakes. These are essential to make it a perfect shock absorber. Its inflatable tires bear rugged paths easily.

  • Its assistance provides you to go for a longer ride.
  • Boost power to go smoothly on zigzag hills.
  • It provides a convenient, comfortable ride throughout.
  • It may heavier than conventional bicycles.

Buying Guide – Features to look for the Best Electric Bike for Hills Uk

Buying an electric bike for hills might be challenging and time-consuming, especially if you’re a beginner. The market is saturated with multiple varieties of bikes such as gravel bikes, road bikes, urban bikes, and much more based on specific purposes.

But if you’re looking for a bike that would help you to climb on the jerky roads or paths or high mountains, then you should go for an electric bike.

Always go for a bike with strong paddles, mechanical or hydraulic disc brakes, carbon forks, aluminum frame, strong front suspension, smooth pedals, a soft saddle, as these factors will make your ride less exhausted and make your travelling convenient.

  1. Check Out for the Weight and Size: – 

Mountain bikes are designed for different terrain or covering longer distances. So, the first thing you should look for is that whether the bike has lighter in weight or not. Ask the retailer for the weight of a bike, and check for a comfortable seat as well.

Not only that, but also look out for the height adjustments, size of the bike, and the wheels’ weight to save yourself from future troubles.

  1. Look Out for a Powerful Battery: –

Having a strong, durable battery for a daily commute or travelling high hills play an important role because it will help out to ride more effortlessly and conveniently on jerky or bumpy roads. Also, if the battery dies out quickly, you won’t be able to travel longer distances. So, a powerful battery is a must-have.

  1. Always Purchase from a Reputable Brand or Website: –

Many retailers are selling e-bikes these days, and it is becoming more difficult which brand you should rely on. Therefore, we would advise you to go for the one having top-rated reviews. Also, ask your friends or relatives from the trusted brands or websites to save yourself from problems later.

  1. Look Out for the Warranty: –

A positive sign of a reliable brand is that they offer you a warranty with their bikes. Having a warranty provides you conviction and security that the bike you’re going to purchase is built of good-quality materials.

Furthermore, look out for a money-back guarantee in case if your bike gets damaged or needs repair or replacement.

  1. Examine for the Flexibility and Adaptability:

Some e-bikes are hard to ride due to their heavier weights or uncomfortable brakes, saddle, seats. Therefore, always look out for the saddle/seat if flexible or not.

Moreover, check for the other handy features, such as a smart LCD screen, resilient battery, wider wheels, powerful brakes and suspension, and different working modes. These features will make your journey unforgettable and comforting.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is a license needed for riding an e-bike?

No, having a license for riding an e-bike is not required. However, you must be at least 16 years above to ride an e-bike. Also, your e-bike should have a motor size of more than 750 watts so you can travel easily without any hassle.

  1. Does the size of the e-bike matter?

Yes, it plays an important role in everyday travelling or climbing high hills. However, e-bikes are heavier in weight than regular bikes, but multiple users claim they are outstanding for climbing high hills. Hence, e-bikes are always a good option to go for.

Not to forget, your bike shouldn’t weigh more than 150 pounds or so as you won’t get exhausted instantly. Also, go for the bike with a foldable feature to carry other essential items along with you.


  1. What is the maximum time an e-bike will take to charge?

Generally, lithium-ion batteries take approx. 4 to 6 hours to get fully charged. However, not all e-bikes take that much time.

Some e-bikes from reliable brands, such as Ancheer, Swobo, Nashbeer, take 2.5 to 3 hours. Moreover, some batteries that contain partial charge will get recharge more quickly.

Final Thoughts: –

We have tried our best to give all the essential information that is mandatory for purchasing an  best electric bike for hills UK.

We would recommend you to go for the one having a wide variety of premium-quality specifications and features. Also, note down your requirements on paper or a notepad initially, so it will help you decide at the time of purchasing.

Furthermore, don’t get impressed by the low price tags because some manufacturers use low-quality materials and mislead you. Hence, before ordering an e-bike for you, check out the buying guide mentioned above, as it will help you decide the best and affordable e-bike.

We hope we have resolved all your queries through this article. If you want to know further about these listed products in detail, check on trust-able websites, and then choose accordingly.


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