6 Best Electric Mountain Bike Under £2000 UK

Are you someone who is fond of bicycles and want to invest in one of the best ones? Well, enhanced durability and more rigidity are what you are looking for. Not just it, but for an off-road cycling experience, you must be able to find something that offers suspension forks and various other features that make the cycle suitable for heavy-duty use.

Mountain bikes are the ultimate solution to your problems, and thus they are in demand. They, although, come at varied prices, starting from a few bucks to thousands of dollars. You just have to find the right choice that too fits your budget. As for now, I will suggest you invest in the best electric mountain bike under £2000 that can be used for a longer time and you can make the most of it.

Let’s start with my favorite options and top picks so you will be aware of what to look for!

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6 Top Rated Electric Mountain Bikes Under £2000

  1. ANCHEER Electric Bike Electric Mountain Bike

Best Electric Mountain Bike Under £2000

bike under £2000 UK

Starting off with my absolute favorite, ANCHEER is known for producing the best products when it comes to cycles and electric bikes. Each version of it has something amazing that makes the customer buy and try it for once. Not just is the quality nice as per the user reviews, but the price range is also budget-friendly for you to spend some bucks on.

Talking about the features, it comes with 250 watts brushless gear motor for longer usage. You can also carry it with you, and it is light in weight and has a slip-resistant tire. For off-road experiences, you might also want to look for the wheels’ dimensions, and that is great as well.

It also suggests the speed with its LED 21-speed meter equipped with a 36V battery that too lasts for 8 hours. It doesn’t take long to charge and provide you predicted mileage of 22-28 Km. What’s more? There are front and back disc breaks that are too easy to get the hang of.

Moreover, if you are in rocky areas, the wheels move smoothly, so there is no chance that it will let you down anytime soon. Sounds amazing, right? It is the ultimate combination of comfort and fashion!


  • The wheels do not require any adjustments.
  • The bike is easily foldable. Thus portability is intact.
  • The bike is compact and light in weight.
  • The speed is easily adjusted.


  • Manual might take long to understand
  1.  ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bikes for Adults Under £2000 UK

Best Electric Mountain Bike Under £2000

bike under £2000 UK

Next comes another outstanding product from the same brand that has gotten a bunch of positive reviews since the launch. At first sight, you will fall in love with it due to the solid aluminum material and 27.5 inches of its wheel size.

Well, it also comes with a great and sleek LCD display where you can adjust between different modes and 21-speed gears. Together with high strength shock-absorbing fork and Lithium-ion battery, it is indeed a power booster! Charge it for 6 hours and enjoy hours of joyful riding experience.

What’s more is that this mountain bike is safe to use, easy to be assisted, and has front and back disc brakes. In case of any emergency, the brand has also included a braking system in order to protect you. Moreover, to make the gloomy nighttime experiences better and efficient, there is a LED night light you can rely on. Suitable for every body shape, it is a must to try out!

Are you worried about the battery? Well, it is also portable and ideal for hybrid riders. Due to its aluminum construction, it has made the bike light and much durable than any other options lying around the market. This mountain bike is also easy to assemble and seems fun as well. The brand has also made it easier for you to fold it in and store it in places.

Look for it and buy it as soon as possible as I am sure it will not make you regret it later on!


  • It is simple and practical to use.
  • It has an upgraded gear system.
  • The aluminum is light in weight.
  • The driving speed is faster than ordinary bikes.


  • It takes a long to assemble.
  1.  MARTES Electric Folding Mountain Bike

Best Electric Mountain Bike

bike under £2000 UK

Third on the list comes MARTES Mountain Bicycle having 20 inches of wheel and indeed one of the best-reviewed bikes to date. For someone who is looking for a travel-friendly, and eco-friendly product, know that it is the best option. Why? Because the brand claims it is a carbon emission-free bike.

With its high-capacity lithium-ion battery of 15AH, you will also get three riding modes to switch in between. The 60N-m torque provided is also a plus point as it makes the bike even stronger and helps in climbing. The bike is also great in terms of carrying some weight and has proven to be a cargo one.

If you want to explore the countryside, I would highly recommend you to consider this one because it goes up to 41 Kms of mileage which is a great deal. Furthermore, it comes with hydraulic shock absorbers, LED headlights, and a Brake light for added security. You can also see the horn, metal fender, and riding seat that is made of great quality material.

Although you might need to replace the LED lights after a while, the bike is an absolute example of value for money. A little bit tip for you is that avoid leaving the battery fully charged as you might end up with a swollen battery. Overall, it has also gained 5/5 stars from the customers.


  • It covers plenty of mileage.
  • It does not take long to get charged.
  • It is easy to control.
  • The customer service is above and beyond.


  • The LED lights are not bright enough.
  1.   CMACEWHEEL Y20 750W Folding Electric Bike Under £2000


Best Electric Mountain Bike U

bike under £2000 UK

Riding a bike might be easy but finding the most suitable one isn’t. Don’t worry, as CMACEWHEEL has made it easier since they have introduced their new golding electric bike. This isn’t just perfect but has much more to offer, so let’s look at the features next!

750Watts of power might seem a bit unreal, no? Well, the brand has launched a brushless motor that too with the most efficient power system of 750w. It does the job well along with its lithium battery that too is rechargeable and removable. I’m also surprised by the fact that it can cover mileage up to 90kms, which is ideal.

The bike left me in awe due to its throttle display and 100Kgs of load capacity. Also, there are well-equipped riding data that you can check through its multifunctional display. It also allows you to control other settings accordingly. The Mountain Bike also comprises three riding modes and solid construction of Aluminium metal. Its 48Volts and 15Ah battery last long! If I were you, it would be on the top of my Wishlist.

Furthermore, you will also enjoy its basket that allows you to keep the water bottles and other stuff while traveling. What else are you looking for? It is you’re all in one deal, my friend. Don’t wait and opt for this one anytime soon.


  • It has seven-speed transmission.
  • The bike has a multifunctional LCD display.
  • Mechanical disc brakes are intact.
  • It comes with three modes for easy assistance.


  • It is not light in weight.
  1.   Oppikle Best Electric Bike Mountain bike under £2000 UK

Best Electric Mountain Bike Under £2000

bike under £2000 UK If you have been searching for Mountain bikes that are durable and heavy-duty, then Oppikle’s name must have come across. The brand has been offering the services for the longest time and is known to produce the best speed gear with bicycles. If one is saying that perfect is the other name of this brand, then it will not be wrong.

Not just the products are cool, but they vibe with customer’s personalities. Through better customer services, you will surely love the brand.

Now that the product is concerned let me assure you that it is there to last long. The aluminum alloy framework seems hard and efficient with high tensile strength. The standards are high here due to carbon steel and shock-absorbing pads. The front and back gears are also to die for.

Here, you will get a 21-speed transmission facility that makes the cycling experience much better and advanced. Altogether, Oppikle has got you covered with safety protection measures and a perfect break system. The fast charging 36 Volts battery is indeed there to add up on the positive points which charge fast too.

I will suggest you do a favor to yourselves and buy this one as it provides a 30-degree maximum gradient and 22-30 km/h speed at max! Sounds fantastic, right?


  • It comes with a bright LED.
  • The bike has a 21-speed transmission system.
  • It is budget-friendly to use.
  • It lasts long due to solid construction and material.


  • It does not come with instructions.
  1.  EggshellHome Electric Mountain Bikes for Adult Under £2000 UK

Best Electric Mountain Bike Under £20

bike under £2000 UK

Last but surely, the best one out there in the market is EggshellHome’s Electric Mountain Bike that has been a breakthrough Under £2000 UK. From a solid ergonomic design to a removable battery, it has got you covered! The wheel size is 26 inches that look great, and provides a smooth design that is rigid for roadside experiences.

Here I will suggest you go for the battery that provides long hours of a ride for up to 90Km of mileage. The suspension forks are lockable and are made of semi-aluminum alloys that ensure durability. Nevertheless, the price will astonish you as the features offered are a steal deal right now.

This bike is also offering you to enjoy the automatic power off-break lever. Alongside, the solid battery allows you to improve the ability to climb with stable performance. Three working modes and excellent accessories are also included in the offer. This one is just perfect if you need a mountain bike for longer distances to be covered.


  • It has an ergonomic design that too is much comfortable.
  • The meter has a five-speed button.
  • There is a large capacity for a removable battery.
  • It has three working modes for longer use.


  • The discs at break may feel a bit imbalanced.

Things to Know Before Buying the Best Electric Mountain Bike Under £2000?

Before going for a Mountain Bike, please go through the details so you can opt for the best one that fits according to your needs as well. Scroll down a bit and enjoy!

Where do you ride?

The first thing to consider is where you ride or where you might ride in the future. Why? Because that is what will dictate what kind of bike you should go for. E-Mountain Bikes are quite expensive when compared to normal bikes as they are more suited for an off-road riding experience. It is also more advanced.


Once you have chosen your E-Mountain bike, be aware of your budget. The price tag ensures the quality of the product, and that is why such bikes are quite expensive. They offer a sturdy design, much reliable, and easy to use.

Do not spend a few bucks and get something that does not suit you well. It will only be a waste of money. Rather than research more about the bikes that lie within your budget, know the features and invest in a good one.

The price variation among the E-Mountain bikes is based upon the material used. However, the suspension will provide you an edge because that is going to give you more comfort and control.

What Motor or the Battery?

There are various combinations in the market when it comes to the battery. The battery capacity ranges from 400w to 700 or more. Thus, go for the one that provides higher capacity or carries a spare one. Make sure to get the right size of E-Mountain bike.

Some lower power bikes in the market have lower torque and draw less on the battery. There are a few people that say the motor is all you need, which is not true. The motor is a crucial part, but it does not define the quality of your E-Bike. The integration is of utmost importance here.

The motor helps while climbing and provides you with better controls. In my opinion, go for a detachable battery as it is easier to get charged anytime. It is better to buy a spare battery as well for a longer ride. Question yourself about your needs and think if it’s good to have a removable battery or not?

The batteries should be standard so that they can be replaced with ease in case of service.

Where Do You Live?

It might seem a vague idea, but please consider your area before going for one. If you live on the eighth floor in the middle of a city, it might not be practical for you to buy a slightly heavy E-Mountain bike. In this case, you might need to look for something that offers a detachable battery so you can take it upstairs, charge it.

You should also lock the E-bike at a safer place on the ground floor.

What About Servicing?

The tires, gears, breaks, and the suspension will need servicing, whereas it’s quite likely that the motor and the battery will not need it. If something does go wrong with the motor, get it replaced as soon as possible as it might affect your efficiency. You should also double-check the brake pads and look for their wear and tear.

Tips to Maintain a Good Battery Health:

Having a great battery life is what seems ideal to you if you own or you are planning to own an electric mountain bike. Know that the battery life can be determined by its charging cycles. In simpler words, the charge cycle is the usage of your electric mountain bike and the time you take to recharge it along with its charging frequency.

Thus, 50% or 100% charging and 50% or 100% depletion predict one charge cycle, respectively. Thus, the number of times a battery has completed its cycle would depict how well it has performed in a certain period. Know that if the lifetime of the battery is expired, its power will get affected, but it will still work.

Not this, but other factors also influence the battery life that includes the temperature it has been exposed to or its storage location. The depth of discharge is yet another factor that has an effect on the battery life of your electric mountain bike. If you talk about average cycles so it may vary from 700-1000.

Your charging methods also have an impact on its life. I will suggest you charge it till 80% instead of 100%. Checking the brand and its battery management system is also crucial here as it may vary.

Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Mountain Bikes:

  • Why should I choose an electric mountain bike?

An electric mountain bike is super fun to use and practical as well. It allows you to explore the countryside without any hustle and hassle on the go. What’s more, is that such bikes are much advanced and easy to use. It is since they are made with great frames and suspensions that make biking much better.

Moreover, it boosts your confidence and provides comfort as well.

  • What is the expected battery range of my new electric mountain bike?

Well, it depends upon various factors. It might be your battery size, the efficiency of the motor is working on, the weight of your rider, the temperature of your environment, etc. It all adds up when it comes to predicting the average battery span of an e-bike.

It is a fact that the more work is done on the motor, the more power it will require to make things work. Thus, efficiency might suffer in this case as time passes by. As a result, the battery time becomes short when power is being used at an extra pace. Thus, if you want to ride for a longer time, you might need to carry a spare battery.

The same goes for the riders that are larger, so they travel less or vice versa—this way, the sustainability of your bike is ensured. You can also use Bosch’s calculator to determine the average span.

  • Can electric mountain bikes go fast?

Why not? Keep in mind that such e-bikes move fast but to a certain limit. If you have a pedal-assisted bike, it will run to a limit when your leg moves. The cut speed can be determined by the area you live in. For instance, it’s 20 miles each hour in North America but 25 miles each hour in Europe.

Final Verdict:

The market is full of options to choose from. Settling for low-quality products to save a few bucks will regret you later on. To avoid such mistakes, choose the righteous option.

I will highly suggest you find the best electric mountain bike under £2000 that fits in your range and worth the experience. It should also provide you with an advanced definition of what an off-road experience is. It might cost you a bit, but for once, you can feel relieved and enjoy each moment if the product is ideal.

I have assisted you by reviewing my top picks and what I think works the best for various conditions. I am hoping that the article helped you gain a lot of information along with an extensive buying guide. In last I have also added some FAQs and tips as a plus. Fill in your cart with the one you think would work for you.

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