Best Folding Electric Bike UK

Are you looking for the best  folding electric bike UK?  Check out this comprehensive article to buy a suitable product according to your needs.

Foldable electric bikes are in trend.  Their foldability is what makes them different from every other machine on the market.  This collapsible nature makes them ideal for every beginner or advanced rider with long, daily commutes.

A high-quality folding bike offers a quick and easy means to cover lengthy miles while offering an optimum balance between performance and practicality.  In this article, we will discuss some of the best electric folding bikes in the UK to help you make a wise and well-informed decision.

Here are 6 Best Folding Electric Bike UK

  1. WHIRLWIND C4 Lightweight 250W Electric Bike

Best Electric Folding Bike UK


Whirlwind is one of the most leading audio interface industries known to have the best artists, technicians, and innovators. The WHIRLWIND C4 is an affordable folding bike with some of the most advanced features you can expect from a quality product.


  • Compact Design

This electric bike is made from extremely lightweight materials.  This feature allows it to be the most portable option in the market.  Since it only weighs 16 kg, you can easily carry it around before enjoying the outdoor riding experience.  It is a very compact bike when folded and only measures 71 x 40 x 63 cm for easy storage in-home or office.

  • Multiple Working Modes

This electric bike features three pedal assist modes.   These working modes can ease the riding on longer commutes, uphill, and whenever you need an extra boost.

  • Maximum Speed Limit

The WHIRLWIND C4 Adult Foldable E-Bike has a maximum speed limit of 15.5 mph or 25kph, which is mostly due to the country’s restrictions on e-bikes.

  • Battery

The electric bike is powered through a 5.2Ah lithium-ion battery, which delivers a range of up to 35 miles. It gives more than 4 hours of cycling with a single charge.

  • LED Display

The display screen on the bike shows distance traveled, speed, city, and assistance mode selected.  The bike also comes with a bright front bike light with front and rear disc brakes and rear mudguards.

  • Lightweight frame
  • Easy to fold
  • Good speed and mileage
  • No instruction manual


If you want to travel easy and commute from one place to another while reducing your footprint, consider buying WHIRLWIND C4 Adult Foldable E-Bike to get your money’s worth.

  1. ANCHEER Electric Bike,  best 26 Inch Folding E-bike uk

Best Electric Folding Bike UK


Ancheer is known for making the best, most high-quality electric bikes that can do it all. The ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike has an amazing overall ride quality comfort, easy setup, and stylish appearance.


  • Frame And Construction

This best budget folding bike UK comes with a strong aluminum alloy frame that uses a single front tube. This feature allows the bike to have a formidable construction and be a lightweight product. The front fork here features heavy-duty carbon steel to form a strong structure.

Another great thing about ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike is the premium shock absorption feature to ensure a comfy ride during rough rides. The electric bike can easily accommodate riders between 5’2″-6’0″ in height and a maximum weight of 150kg.

  • Powerful Motor

It is powered by a potent brushless rear hub motor. The motor here offers high torque and efficiency output for decent scaling inclines. This 250-watt motor can reach up to 15.5mph speed. Also, the acceleration is great and provides an enjoyable ride on level terrain.

  • Working Modes

There are two working modes to choose from. The assist mode requires manual pedaling, whereas the e-bike mode controls the bike so you can enjoy the commute without getting tired.

  • Battery

A small-capacity 36V, 8Ah lithium-ion battery lasts around 15miles with no pedaling and 30 miles with pedaling.

  • Brakes And Rims

The ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike has dual mechanical disc brakes to provide excellent stopping power even at the maximum speed. The brakes are smooth and responsive enough to stop the ride within seconds.

  • Strong wheels
  • Three working modes
  • 6-spoke wheel design
  • Long charging time


The ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike is a very decent model with features to deliver a fun riding experience. It is versatile, so it can be used on multiple terrains with an optimum level of performance.


  1. HITWAY folding Electric Bike Lightweight

Best Folding electric Bike UK


Hitway is all about research and optimization of traditional bicycles and new, advanced electric bike products. The HITWAY Electric Bike is made of high-quality material and high-end technology so you can explore new travel methods and improve your lifestyle.


The bike is equipped with a super long-range 250 watt, 36V motor. This motor can reach up to a maximum speed limit of 25km per hour with a 25-degree gradient. There is a 7.5Ah 36 V removable lithium-ion battery for 45km travel in moped mode.

  • Easy Folding Design

The HITWAY Electric Bike has a normal size of 147 x 110cm, whereas the folding size is 77 x 43 x 70cm. It has an aluminum-magnesium alloy body with low density, high strength, and low weight for convenient carrying around places. The bike’s net weight is around 22.5kg, whereas the maximum payload here is 120kg, which is pretty impressive.

  • Tires

What attracts most buyers towards this electric bike is the 16 inches aluminum alloy integrated tires for powerful grip on the road. The front fork shock absorption and middle shock absorption make your riding experience more stable and comfortable.

  • Two Working Modes

The heights are adjustable, and there are two working modes.  You can either go for pure electricity mode or moped mode as per your needs. The 3-speed speed regulation and smart meter display adds to the convenient use of this e-bike. With adjustable heights of handlebar and saddle, riders of different heights can find the ideal position for an enjoyable ride.

  • Ultimate Safety Features

With HITWAY Electric Bike, you get front/rear dual disc brakes with electronic brakes. Also, it includes customized rear and front disc brakes for further travel protection. It has a safe LED front light and horn to make you feel safe on the go, particularly during nighttime riding.

  • Integrated Large Battery Powerful Endurance

The bike features large capacity lithium battery module, charger, electric control system, and 3-in-1 integrated design to make it look more compact and convenient to use.

  • Clear display
  • Multiple safety features
  • Wide tires
  • Too small for some buyers despite adjustable saddle and handlebar


HITWAY is indeed one of the best e-bike brands on the market. The HITWAY Electric Bike has improved offerings, advanced features, and appealing style for people looking for a robust all-rounder for longer and shorter commutes.

  1. MARTES Electric Folding Bike – Best Folding electric Bike UK 

Best Folding electric Bike UK


MARTES Is another leading brand that many people prefer while looking for a high-quality electric bike. The MARTES Electric Folding Bike is one of their best products that conveniently folds up and features capacities with maximum user comfort.


  • Versatility

This electric bike features strong capabilities and an exceptional comfort level.  Thanks to its 4-inch fat tires and prominence for stability, the bike is ideal for every off-road adventurer out there.

Moreover, it has an adjustable seat and handles, so any rider between 5’2″ to 6’3” height can comfortably ride the bike and reach his desired destination.  This bike can easily lodge a maximum load of 150 kg, which means that neither height nor weight is an issue when it comes to Martes electric folding bike.

  • Comfortable Tires

The bike’s tires are CST 20 inches x 4 inches.  They are rated for a 5 psi- 30 psi pressure with some bump absorption features and knobby treads.  Even at lower levels like 5psi, the bike works extremely well on different terrains, for example, snow or sand. However, the manufacturers recommend dropping the tire pressure for rough adventures.

  • Power Combination

With 60nm torque and a 500 watt motor at the user’s disposal, the brushless motor within the frame powers up the bike to steep inclines. It can promptly get you to top speeds, all while remaining noiseless and unobtrusive.

The 15Ah 48V battery is great for long-range endurance and longer commutes. The integrated double fuse keeps the battery intact for an added safety and peace of mind.

  • Powerful hub motors
  • Long-range battery
  • LED lights and brake lights
  • Lacks rear light


The MARTES Electric Folding Bike is a great utility cycle capable of carrying an impressive amount of weight. It is affordable, strong, durable, and gives good value for money.


  1.  VIVI Folding Electric Mountain Bicycle

Best Electric Folding Bike UK


The VIVI folding e-bikes offer everything one can ever ask from a high-end bike with the added bonus of foldable structure. The VIVI Folding Electric Bike for Adults gives a smooth and powerful ride; it is very easy to maneuver on the road as well as rocky terrains.


  • Design

This best foldable electric mountain bike is made of a lightweight aluminum alloy frame. You can fold it up fast and easily stow it away when not in use. The compact design allows convenient storage in the room or the trunk of any vehicle. It comes with an adjustable seat and handlebars to suit riders of different sizes and heights.

  • Shimano 21-Speed Gear

Thanks to the three-speed front wheel and seven-speed rear wheel, the e-bike delivers a proficient 21-speed capacity, good range variability, climbing ability, and adaptability to different terrains. There are two shock absorbers, so you can easily ride on mountains and uneven roads with optimum performance.

  • Multiple Working Modes

There are three working modes, i.e., electric bike, auxiliary bike, and ordinary bike mode. There is an LED three-speed smart meter button to help reach a driving distance of 40-50 miles in assisting bike mode. The electric bike mode is for long-term commutes, whereas the bike mode is for exercising.

  • Powerful Motor

The VIVI Folding Electric Bike for Adults is equipped with a 350W motor to deliver a speed of up to 25km/hour.

  • Battery

A removable 36V, 8Ah lithium-ion battery is given that takes only 4-6 hours to charge. The electric motor, battery, and control system of the bike expands to make an energy-saving system to help augment motor efficiency, save energy and increase the life of the battery and motor.

  • It comes 85% pre-assembled
  • High-speed brushless gear motors
  • Dual suspension
  • A bit expensive


If you are looking to enjoy new terrains and expand your ride routes, look no further than VIVI Folding Electric Bike for Adults for great power and performance of all times.


  1. eelo 1885 PRO 14″ Adults Folding Electric Bike

Best Electric Folding Bike UK


Another impressively lightweight, easy, and well-equipped e-bike on the list is the eelo 1885 PRO 14″ Adults Folding Electric Bike. It is an ideal choice for small or medium-sized riders who do not want to go too far or fast on their bike but still need to relish a fun riding experience.


  • Folding Frame

The folding frame of the best folding bike 2021 allows you to keep and store it in the most compact and tight spaces possible. You can store it under your work desk, the trunk of a car, or even in a carry bag while not in use. This feature helps make the unit more manageable while stowing away. The frame here is aluminum to keep the bike extremely lightweight at just 16kgs.

  • Better Battery Performance

The brand’s partnership with LG has led to the formation of advanced battery management. This feature perceptively protects the battery from extra strain while you are riding up the hills. The battery is located at the central top tube for convenient charging than other e-bikes out there. The battery takes about 4-6 to fully charge and can easily last up to 40 miles.

  • Throttle Control

The thumb throttle control feature gives you complete control over the bike. You can choose to opt for little assistance or let the battery do the hard work for you while delivering an effortless ride and no gear change.

  • Versatile LCD Display

Its multifunctional LCD is designed and manufactured to notify you of your battery status, speed, and outside temperature.

  • Waterproof backlit display
  • LED lights for safe nighttime riding
  • Reliable braking system
  • Not suitable for heavy and tall riders


The eelo 1885 PRO 14″ Adults Folding Electric Bike is great for people who need assisted transport with the overall convenience of a foldable e-bike.

Final Thoughts about Best Folding electric Bike UK

There you go. These are some of our best electric folding bikes in the UK for the year. Though every product on the list gives good value for money, the winner here is WHIRLWIND C4 Lightweight 250W Electric Bike. It has almost all the essential features that you might expect from a quality foldable e-bike but at a fraction of the affordable price range.



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