7 Best Lawn Mower for Steep Slopes and banks

Best Lawn Mower for Steep Slopes

Finding a perfect and best lawn mower for steep slopes is quite difficult. While some mowers do not have sufficient power, others may be too heavy. Several petrol mowers are difficult to operate on steep floors. Another common problem arises when the mowers don’t have enough power. These issues tell you why finding the best mower becomes so challenging. When you opt for online shopping, the risk factor increases. You don’t know about the real condition of the product until it arrives at your doorsteps.

We have reviewed a list of the best lawn mowers for steep slope for your help. This review is based on customers’ feedback and reviews. It will help you understand the product better and decide wisely. So if you are confused about getting your next lawn mower, keep reading. This review includes some of the well-known brands that produce the best results.

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7 Best Lawn Mower for Steep Slopes and banks – Review:

  1. Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO Electric Lawn Mower:

Tackle the steep slopes of your yard using this Sun Joe lawn mower. This brand takes pride in providing innovative solutions to outdoor tools. The mower offers easy lawn mowing for users of all ages. Additionally, it also features a durable steel blade cut and height adjustment. A hardtop rear collection bag is included for feasible grass disposal. The powerful motor provides an excellent appearance to your lawn.


Steel Blade:

This lawn mower features durable steel blades to ensure precise and sharp cuts. The blade is made of good-quality stainless steel for additional durability. Therefore, the lawn mower is more likely to perform better with a long life. Even if the grass is tall and starts giving you a hard time, this Sun Joe mower will cut out easily.


A mower has to be light in weight to be able to run on a steep slope. Thanks to its light design, you can run it all over your garden without any issue. Its ability to move around the difficult surface is great. Hence, operations and maintenance become easy with this mower. That’s why you should consider buying this Sun Joe lawn mower.

Easy Usage:

The overall functions of this mower are user-friendly and easy. From youngsters to the elderly, every member of your family can mow the lawn smoothly. The designers have created it to be less complicated. Therefore, its assembly, usage, and storage are quite simple.

  • Easy to manoeuvre

  • Powerful motor
  • Durable blades
  • Includes rear discharge chute
  • Easy assembly
  • Narrow cutting width

Final Verdict:

This small and sleek lawn mower is a good choice for your yard. Even if the lawn has tall grass or a steeper slope, it’ll cover it all. With a sharp blade and powerful motor, this mower performs exceptionally well. Therefore, buying this mower might be a great choice for you.

  1. Greenworks 10 Amp 16-Inch Corded Mower

Here is another option for the best lawn mower for a steep slope. This Greenworks electric mower delivers excellent cuts thanks to its powerful motor. The creators used high-quality material to ensure maximum durability. As a result, you can enjoy the joyful experience of mowing the lawn for years. From durability to versatility, you can enjoy multiple features by buying this Greenworks corded mower.


2-in-1 Mowing:

If you want to enjoy multiple services in a single mower, look no further. Greenworks mower brings 2-in-1 mowing versatility for exceptional performance. You can convert from rear bag to mulch quite easily. Furthermore, the grass catcher works efficiently to give your yard a nice look.

Portable Handle Bar:

The attached handle bar of this mower ensures easy storage anywhere. The compact design will help you carry the mower quite easily. Furthermore, you won’t find storage even in a small area. A Portable handle bar is one of the great characteristics of this mower.

Height Adjustment:

An excellent lawn mower provides several options to the users. The goal is to make customers’ lives easier and less complicated. One of such features is height adjustment. Thus features lets users select any height from the given options as per their choice. You will get five height adjustments for the perfect cut of your choice.

  • 7-Inch rear wheel

  • Rear bag for mulching
  • 16-inch durable cutting bag
  • Height adjustment
  • 159 feet cord
  • Mowing might seem challenging with a corded machine

Final Verdict:

Greenworks lawn mower is offering a sleek design with great cutting. Since the material is premium-quality, this mower is more likely to last long. It’s a good option if you want powerful performance and versatile features. The brand is well-known for its lawn mowers, so you can trust it with your money.

  1. Worx WH779 40V Power Share 4.0 Ah 14″ Lawn Mower for steep slopes

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This sleek lawn mower comes with mulching capabilities combined with advanced technology. It is powered by two 20V batteries that provide 40V altogether. Thanks to this feature, you can enjoy double run-time and efficiency. Furthermore, this mower contains its patented torque tech, called intellicut. You can dial up and down the power according to the thickness of the grass. This mower consists of several other features, so let’s learn in detail.


Height Adjustment:

This mower consists of a single lever that allows you to set the height easily. You can change the height if you want according to the desired outcome. Many people like different height settings for different seasons. Therefore, having a height adjustment feature is an absolute win!


Intellicut might be a new term for many of the readers. It features torque on demand that can be changed whenever you want. The functions are quite easy, so don’t worry about operating the machine correctly. If your yard had rough conditions, then this mower can be just right.

Compact Design:

You can enjoy easy manoeuvrability and storage by using this mower. It has a brilliant design that makes its movement smooth, even in rough areas. That’s why it can be your best lawn mower for steep slopes. Furthermore, if you have a small room for storage, Worx has got you covered. The compact structure of this mower can be stored easily in little spaces too.

  • Lightweight

  • Cost-effective due to no gas
  • Good value for money
  • Impressive performance
  • Lesser noise
  • Battery is average

Final Verdict:

This mower is a fine choice to deal with a lawn with rough conditions. The creators’ claims and customers’ reviews represent its good performance. Its design and structure are compact. Therefore, it can be stored and carried around. Two strong batteries double the power, and users enjoy excellent mowing. It can be a good purchase if you consider buying this mower.

  1. Black + Decker Electric Lawn Mower (BEMW472BH)

This black + decker mower offers an easy and efficient way of mowing the lawn. It is equipped with a 20 V lithium-ion battery of 20 V. You can perform numerous tasks with the powerful mower. If you are worried about rough grass on the steep slopes, this Black + Decker mower will be helpful. Furthermore, it offers a push button start, so all functions are pretty easy to operate. Let’s learn some exciting features of this lawn mower.


3-in-1 Operation:

The features of this mower go far beyond just mowing. In fact, it comes with a 3-in-1 system. Other than mowing, users can also enjoy edging and trimming their yards. Therefore, users who want multiple functions in their mower can consider purchasing this mower.

Easy Usage:

Ease of use is one of the basic necessities that every lawn mower should contain. The functions are quite simple and uncomplicated. You can start the mower with a single push button. Other than that, the assembling also seems to be doubled.

Comfortable Design:

The pleasure of mowing by using a comfortable mower is unmatched. This Black + Decker product is thoughtfully designed to provide the utmost comfort to you. Its handlebar provides a super comfy grip and reduces friction. As a result, the manoeuvrability of the mower improves. That’s why this mower can be a perfect choice for tackling rough grass. A user who is comfortable with his machine will undoubtedly get better mowing and vice versa.

  • Six adjustable cutting heights

  • Includes a collection bag
  • Comfortable design
  • It offers to mow, edging, and trimming facilities
  • Optimal control thanks to rugged wheel
  • The bag might fall off frequently during mowing

Final Verdict:

Black + Decker is among the well-known names for lawn mowers. This mower truly represents the craft. Moreover, it is recommended to people with small yards. This powerful mower will make sure that no mess is left in the yard. It offers wonderful performance, optimum controls and easy functions.

  1. EGO Power+ LM2130SP 21-Inch 56-Volt Cordless Select Cut Lawn Mower :

This EGO Power mower offers a more powerful performance than that of gas. It contains a select cut multi-blade cutting system. So, there are two interchangeable blades included in this mower. First, there is a premium mulching blade, and the second is a premium bagging blade. Furthermore, you can enjoy controllable mowing thanks to the touch drive technology. The overall operations of this EGO Power mower are convenient and safe.


Effective Run Time:

With this lawn mower, you’ll get a better and more effective run time. After a sine charge, your run time will be 60 minutes. The manufacturers claim that this run time is possible by including the recommended battery. Hence, you can enjoy consistent mowing without frequent interruptions for an hour.

Adjustable Speed and Height:

Another unique feature of this lawn mower is its adjustable speed and height. This item has given full freedom of choice to the users. Hence, You can change the height as per your desire. Additionally, the speed can also vary according to the users’ preferences.

Excellent Cutting Performance:

The two blades that are included in this mower result in excellent cutting performance. Premium mulching blades are great for weekly mowing. The cut of grass will be of high quality. The premium bagging blade is considered a heavy duty blade for fine grass cutting. No matter the grass type, the cutting performance is always up to the mark.

  • Easy assembling

  • Fine manoeuvrability
  • Lightweight
  • Enhanced cutting performance
  • Better run time
  • The battery goes down fast by using the drive assist

Final Verdict:

The overall performance of this EGO power lawn mower is impressive. Several customers also seem to love this mowing machine. Its heavy-duty blade is great for finely mowing the garden. Additionally, the brushless motor provides high efficiency and better results. However, a review suggested that there are other similar less expensive products available. Therefore, we suggest doing more research before buying the item for complete satisfaction.

  1. PowerSmart Lawn Mower, 21-inch & 170CC, Gas Powered Self-Propelled Lawn Mower for steep slopes:

PowerSmart is one of the most famous and reliable brands for lawn mowers. No wonder its mower is among the best lawn mower for steep slopes. This lawn mower provides great value by offering plenty of features. Additionally, it contains five adjustable heights and 21-inch cutting widths. The 8-inch rear wheel is included to ensure amazing manoeuvrability. Its weight is light and can give your yard a pretty look.


Adjustable Height:

You can easily select the desired height for mowing your grass. The options for height adjustments in this mower range from 1.18″ to 3.0″. Furthermore, this mower features a cutting width of 21-inches. It means that the users are allowed to adjust the height easily.

Flexibility and Agility:

Its side discharge and mulching capabilities offer an easy spread of grass clippings. The 3-in-1 cutting system can keep your grass healthy in the long term. Furthermore, its 8-inch rear wheels allow easy movement in the yard. A large grass bag of 18 gallons is equipped to improve your efficiency.

Powerful Engine with Durable Mowing Deck:

The PowerSmart lawn mower is equipped with a 170CC OHV gas engine. This single-cylinder gas engine can tackle the toughest and tallest grass. With the help of forced air-cooling systems, continuous power is ensured to the engine. In this way, the mower performs efficiently.

  • 8-inch rear wheel

  • Tidy storage and quick folding
  • Powerful engine
  • Adjustable cutting height
  • Includes mulching
  • Some parts are weak

Final Verdict:

This remarkable lawn mower can be a good solution for your steep lawn. It comes with numerous features, including agility and flexibility. The mulching and side discharge capabilities can ensure the maximum health of the grass. You can fold it quickly and store it even in small rooms.

  1. Redback 15-inch Brushless Cordless Lawn Mower:

Last but not least, we have a Redback brushless cordless lawn mower. It offers efficient and quick mowing thanks to the 40V battery. The entire setup is simple, with no complications involving tangled cables or tripping hazards. Get your desired cut with the five given height settings. Learn more about the exciting features of this mower as mentioned below:


Flow Optimized Steel Blade:

This mower contains a flow-optimized steel blade for smooth grass trimming. This blade ensures minimal resistance to ensure minimal battery consumption. As a result, the given energy is sufficient even for a large yard. Hence, the flow-optimized blade ensures a long-lasting battery life.

Central Adjustable Height:

The central height adjustment makes mowing easy and exciting. There are five central adjustable levels to select the desired height. With the help of a scale, the current height is indicated. Therefore, grass can be cut easily by selecting the preferred height adjustments.

Easy Running Wheels:

The creators claim that the easy running wheels are hard-wearing and robust. The feature direction stability tread pattern and traction pattern. As a result, you’ll get a joyful mowing experience. Due to these easy running wheels, you can get perfect line holding and easy manoeuvring during mowing.

Large Collection Box:

The large collection box is included in this mower to make your life easy. This grass box measures 30 litres. You won’t have to empty out your box frequently as this one is quite big. In this way, you can spend more time mowing and less time emptying the bag.

Activation Key:

The activation key is an essential feature, especially for users with small children. It prevents unintentional activation of the mower without the owner’s consent. This mower can only be started with an activation key. If the key is removed, the machine will turn off.

  • Includes safety measures

  • Easy usage and assembling
  • Giftable
  • Lightweight
  • Smart design
  • There are some complaints about the battery performance

Final Verdict:

The Redback lawn mower is offering an easy and quiet lawn mowing experience. It ensures super smooth grass cutting with 3900 RPM speed. Furthermore, the powerful battery allows excellent performance. You can select height settings at your convenience. However, the item also received some complaints about the battery. All in all, this can be a suitable choice for your steep lawn.

Best Lawn Mower for Steep Slopes and Banks – Buyers’ Guide

Best Lawn Mower for Steep Slopes

We have shared a buyers’ guide to help you understand the important details about lawn mowers. If you are feeling confused about buying the right lawn mower, don’t worry. Feeling overwhelmed due to so many choices is normal. All you need to do is find out your priorities.

Types of Lawn Mowers Suitable for Steep Slopes

Many different types of lawn mower can be used for mowing on steep slopes. From riding mowers to walk-behind, several options are available. The type of lawn mower doesn’t count as much as other factors. If you find certain factors in the mower, they can be perfect.

Things to Consider before Buying lawn mowers:

Steep slopes provide a pretty impressive look, but they can be dangerous. That’s why finding the right lawn mower for it can become a challenge. You can look for the following factors while buying the lawn mower. Hopefully, it will help you decide better.

Rear Wheel Drive:

Compared to all-wheel drive, rear wheels can work better on a steep surface. Even though the front-wheel mowers work well, they are more suitable for flat surfaces. Many mowers have rear wheels larger than the front wheels. Sometimes it even indicates better traction.

Ease of Operation:

Avoid buying lawn mowers with complicated functions. Always prefer the mowers with easy-to-understand operations. It is especially important when you buy the mower online. You have to figure out the assembling as well as usage yourself. Hence, it’s wise to look for a mower with easy functions.


Using a heavyweight lawn mower on steep slopes is extremely exhausting. They require enormous energy and effort to deal with steep areas. Therefore, you should prefer lawn mowers with light weight. In this way, your effort and energy will no longer be wasted.

Height Adjustment:

Height adjustment lets you choose the desired height of the grass. Numerous lawn mowers provide excellent height adjustments for users’ convenience. Always select a mower that provides excellent height adjustment features. You will be able to cut the grass as per your desire.

Best Lawn Mowers for Steep Slope – FAQs.

  1. Are lawn mowers easy to clean?

Yes, they are easy to clean.

  1. How can I make my mower work faster?

There are many factors that change the pace of mowers. The most useful way is sharpening the blade. Besides, you also need to ensure that the gas is full.

  1. Can you change the tires of a lawnmower?

Yes, tires of lawn mowers can be changed. The good news is, the process is not as difficult as people think.

  1. Are all lawn mowers have complicated functions?

No, some mowers are very easy to use. The online market is filled with all kinds of lawn mowers. Always ensure easy-to-understand lawn mowers to avoid fatigue and time waste.

  1. How to take care of the lawn mowers?

Be careful with the batteries and use them properly. If the battery lasts long, the lawn mower will also perform impressively well.

  1. Do lightweight mowers provide extra manoeuvrability?

Yes, they do. Having a lightweight mower means excellent manoeuvrability. You can easily use it in rough and tough conditions.


Searching for good-quality lawn mowers is a challenge. However, the task is not impossible. We have reviewed the best lawn mowers for steep slopes. It might be helpful for you to decide which mower is best. We hope that the article helped you decide the best lawn mower for your yard. You can also do further research if you still feel confused.