10 Best Petrol Lawn Mowers UK

If you are looking for a new mower for your lawn, you are likely searching for a cordless lawnmower. Even though they are very innovative and efficient, cordless lawn mowers are not right for medium to large lawns. Maybe you haven’t thought about it, but petrol lawn mowers are your best choice for large lawns. You can mow for a long time without worrying about charging the batteries. They are efficient and long-lasting. These petrol mowers can save a lot of your energy which would be wasted after buying a cordless lawn mower.

Petrol lawn mowers are simple and easy to operate. Some of them offer self-propulsion that makes users’ life way easier. They are more powerful than cordless ones and can easily tackle the long damp grass. You are required to ensure the availability of petrol but it doesn’t need to be charged often. All in all, petrol lawn mowers are a reliable and efficient choice for your lawn mowing.

If you want detailed information about the petrol lawn mowers, you are at the right place. Here, we have reviewed the best petrol lawn mowers UK for interested individuals. Researching online and feeling overwhelmed by it is normal because you cannot pick the best one yourself. So now, you don’t need thorough research. Learn more about the best lawn mowers in the UK by scrolling down.

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Best Petrol Lawn Mowers UK

  1. Yard Force 41cm Push Petrol Lawnmower with 125CC Briggs and Stratton 300E Engine GM B41

best Battery Lawn Mowers


This lawn mower is aimed at individuals whose lawn’s size is 400m2 or less. It is easy to use and provides exceptional performance. Even though it is 22 kilos in size, pushing won’t be a problem due to four wheels. You will be able to mow the entire lawn as quickly as 15 minutes. This mower is also recommended to young individuals who prefer the self-propelled and infirm version.


Powerful Engine:

This product contains a 125cc engine of the Briggs & Stratton series. This engine is capable of producing 6.1 Newton meters of torque (4.5 ft. lb) while running regular petrol. 4-stroke engines are 300E so engine oil doesn’t get added to the fuel. In E-series motors, a prime-n-pull E-Z starting system is used. You can start the engine through some quick pumps. The creators designed the air filter to enable tool-less access, which is an impressive approach for cleaning and re-oiling.

Height Adjustment:

Yard Force offers easy handling of its lawn mower for users’ convenience. The mower consists of a lever that can control the wheels’ height. It also provides five different cutting heights to ensure even planting of this machine on the ground. You will also be able to cut more grass with blades leveled rightly on the grass. In this way, Yard Force has made mowing a little easier and safer than its competitors.

Grass Box Capacity:

As mentioned earlier, this mower is ideal for gardens that are 400m2 or less in size. That’s the reason why this machine does not require a huge-sized grass bag. It contains a 45 litre fabric bag that is sufficient for users. However, the owners are required to assemble an internal metal frame that supports the fabric bag. You can hook the bag on the back of the mower and remove it at any time as per your feasibility.

  • Foldable handles
  • Diamond sharpened blades
  • Easy to start with fuel efficiency
  • Low noise
  • No mulching

Bottom Line:

This machine is a great way to improve the accuracy and safety of cutting. You can control all wheels at once. It comes with an elegant design and large wheels that ride rough terrain easily.

  1. Hyundai HYM430SPR Self-Propelled 17″ Petrol Roller Lawn

best Battery Lawn Mowers

digitalglobalistIt is yet another mower among the best petrol lawn mowers UK. Although Hyundai is well-known for its amazing range of automobiles, the brand manufactures fine lawn mowers too. This lawn mower comes with a good 4-stroke 139cc engine which is powerful and low-maintenance.



You will find this mower economical for regular usage. It is because of its low-maintenance engine. As the cherry on the top, the mower offers low emissions that makes it an eco-friendly machine.

Exceptional Performance:

The overall performance of this Hyundai lawn mower is brilliant. It offers a 43cm cutting width, which is an impressive size for most lawns. This machine comes with a 45 litre grass box, which means more feasibility for customers.


The level of convenience and ease that this machine offers makes it trustworthy for users. It is created with a tool-free design and contactless ignition. You are free to use this mower on any type of grass all year long.


You can make the mowing a pleasant experience by using this Hyundai mower. As the name suggests, this mower is self-propelled and is very easy to move. It can be moved easily around obstacles and curves, resulting in a smooth mowing process.

  • Sufficient size of the grass box

  • Good value for money
  • Self-propelled
  • Good safety features
  • Absence of roller for striped lawns.

Bottom Line: 

This is a great option for anyone who wants a reliable and easy-to-operate mower. It is light in weight and makes cutting the grass a simple chore. It offers a sturdy body with quick assembling options.

  1. ParkerBrand Petrol Lawn Mower – 21″ Self Propelled

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digitalglobalistThis beautiful mower takes pride in its reliable and smooth performance. If you have a large property or garden, this machine is a solid investment for you. Its body is powder-coated with steel and it uses a 4-stroke 173cc engine. This mower is powerful enough to even cut the mustard. The addition of trustworthy features like soft handle grip and full throttle control makes it an authentic mower.



This product is considered a mulching mower that contains a mulching plug. This plug prevents grass from getting into the grass collection box. The grass is then redirected to the blade to process further.

Good Value for Money:

This big lawn mower provides great value for money as it is equipped with many features and options. It will make mowing a delightful experience for you with its hassle-free functions. No matter you have short grass or long, this product will give you a smooth finish.

Huge Grass Collection Box:

ParkerBrand’s lawn mower comes with a huge 70 litres capacity of grass box. You can easily mow an entire medium-sized garden in a go with this much capacity. So, no need to keep interrupting your mowing to empty the grass box.

  • Pros:

  • Self-propelled with variable speed

  • Mulching and side discharge
  • Large rear wheels
  • 70-litre huge grass box
  • No rear discharges

Bottom Line:

For individuals who are looking for a mower with a strong engine, this one can be the right choice. You can mow your garden for hours without worrying about adding fuel or emptying the grass bag frequently. Your grass will remain well-trimmed with this highly efficient mower.

  1. Einhell Petrol Lawn Mower GC-PM 40/1 S

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digitalglobalistThis mower is great for individuals who want a safe mower while remaining within their budget. It does an impressive job at trimming and is fast to set up any time. Its manageable weight and size let you store it easily. If you buy this lawnmower, you will get the option to disengage its self-propelled mode. In this way, you can function according to your feasibility.


Self-Propelled Drive:

The front wheels of this product are freewheeling and have a diameter of 178mm. The motor included in this machine provides a high level of torque and drives the rear wheels that are 203 mm. It helps users in driving the motor filled with grass on steep inclines. You can disengage rear-wheel power at any time at your convenience.


If you want a reliable and durable mower that could last long, this machine might be your best bet. You can research and see the positive reviews of customers for the durability of this product. It is created by using a powerful plastic composite to construct the main deck. Its wheels are larger than a standard mower that increases the durability of this product.

Strong Cutting Blade:

The main deck of this machine consists of a 40cm dual cutting blade. The blade produces impressive uplift with improved suction as it is curved on one side. The strong blades are strong enough to be used in a large garden of around 1000m2.

Exceptional Engine:

This German company has been producing quality products for customers and this mower is the best proof. It offers an efficient design that appears as well as performs smartly. It contains a four-stroke Einhell OHV engine that produces sufficient power for dense cutting.

  • Pros:
  • 7 cutting heights
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Can be disengaged
  • Absence of mulching

Bottom Line:

This mower is one of those machines that are amazing at what they do. Not only will it cut your grass but it will ensure the utmost efficiency and effectiveness of the process. The motor is quite powerful for the lightweight mower. Overall, it provides good value for money.

  1. Honda IZY HRG416 PK Rotary Petrol Lawnmower Four-Wheeled Push

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digitalglobalistHonda IZY HRG 416 is a strong and safe lawnmower. It contains the GCV160 Honda engine that produces net power of 4.4 hp and 160cc. This machine is designed to be smart enough to stop when needed. If you let go of its handle, the mower will stop automatically. It offers six different cutting positions so users have plenty of choices. Handling this mower is very easy which makes it a good choice for peaceful mowing.


Optimized Engine Performance

The mower is equipped with a great engine that starts quickly and smoothly. Since it offers a self-propelled start, you would need to put in a little effort. The product functions well throughout the year thanks to the auto choke. Like Honda provides excellent quality and durability of engines in its automobiles, it ensures the same quality in the mowers too.

Easy Cutting of Grass:

The mower knows very well how to do its job. It effortlessly cuts the thick grass as well as the thinner ones. While cutting the grass the machine remains stable thanks to its wide large wheels. The wind tunnel sets and the special blade design makes mowing a quiet process.

50-Litre Grass Bag:

If your lawn has a moderate height, the grass bag of this mower would be sufficient. It comes with a 50 litre bag that fills the grass entirely and efficiently. You can run it without the grass box but the grass will be blown around due to the aerodynamic effect of the machine’s blades.

  • Remains quiet during the cutting process

  • Well-constructed
  • Extremely manoeuvrable
  • Large capacity grass box
  • A proper roller is lacking

Bottom Line:

Although this mower is pricey considering its size, it offers great quality. The brand also offers a three-year warranty so you can buy it without being doubtful. IZY is a long-lasting machine which makes it a great investment for you.

  1. Cobra AirMow51 51cm 20″ Petrol Hover Lawn Mower:

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digitalglobalistCobra AirMow 51 lawnmower contains a Cobra DG350 engine that ensures great performance. This mower cuts the grass without any difficulty thanks to its 51cm metal blade. It can be the right choice for domestic gardeners as it is capable of mowing challenging landscapes of gardens. If you have a garden with a slope up to 45°, you should consider buying this mower. Additionally, it can cut around orchards, where maneuverability is essential.


Ideal for Professional Gardeners:

This mower is designed for professional gardeners so it has the best-quality engine. This product is equipped with a Honda GCV160 petrol engine that works impressively well. The overall performance of this product is quiet yet powerful. It is ideal for medium and large-sized gardens.

3 in 1 Wheel Kit System:

Another great feature available in this mover is the 3-in1- wheel kit system. It allows easy and smooth movement of the mower on uneven or difficult surfaces. You can remove the wheels easily. Furthermore, you can lift them to click in the place if they are not needed.

Maintains Grassy Slope:

While mowing your lawn with the Cobra AirMow mower, you will feel as if you are floating in the air. This mower is capable of maintaining a grassy slope up to a 45° angle. Your mowing process will remain simple and smooth on rough surfaces. As it has a powerful Honda battery, this mower works efficiently and cuts grass impressively well.

  • Comes with a powerful Honda GCV160 engine
  • Reliable and easy to operate
  • Smooth mowing even on difficult surfaces
  • Performs efficiently and reduces emissions
  • Handles are too long for individuals having short height

Bottom Line:

For individuals who want professional-level, high-quality mowing machines, it is a great option. It provides a great engine and exceptional performance. You can also search for the customer review that will how satisfied the users are. This product will be a great investment and you won’t regret spending your hard-earned money.

  1. Webb R410HP Classic Petrol Push Rotatory Lawnmower 41cm

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digitalglobalistIt is yet another great option for individuals who are looking for an efficient and affordable lawnmower. This mower is capable of supplying power efficiently with a 132 cc air-cooled motor. The motor makes this machine quiet and affordable to operate. This Product can collect and discharge grass clipping. It offers height adjustment for up to seven positions.


Easy and Robust Engine

One of the great features of this mower is that it provides easy mowing functions. The engine included in this product is DVO130 engine that provides exceptional performance. The fuel consumption and vibration of the engine are also low with a long-lasting body.

Seven Cutting Heights:

You can adjust the height of your mower according to your feasibility. All you need to do is change the level of its single level up to your desired level. You opt for any length from 25mm up to 75mm.

Large Bag:

A large bag is added to this mower to make your mowing smooth and effortless. Now you don’t need to interrupt your mowing process to empty the bag frequently. This mower efficiently offers great effective service.

Authentic Product:

The brand Webb is well-known for its premium-quality products. Its products are easy to operate and simple to usage. You can search more about the reviews from satisfied customers and put your trust in it.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Simple to operate
  • Maneuverability
  • Lightweight
  • The grass box doesn’t come with a lower lip so there’s a chance of dropping clips while emptying.

Bottom Line:

Overall, this mower is a great option for users who want a solid mower on a limited budget. It is easy to move and carry thanks to its light weight. It is easy to start, cuts well, and lasts long.

  1.  Sprint 410 Push Petrol Lawn Mower 40 cm

    best Battery Lawn Mowers


Sprint is a well-known brand that offers a range of great-quality gardening tools. It is another great option for you if you don’t want to spend too much on the mower. If you live in the UK, Spring 410 lawn mower might be an ideal match for you. It offers powerful cutting and can handle tough garden conditions. You will find this machine quite simple to operate and with amazing performance.


2-in-1 Cutting System:

This mower offers you a 2-in-1 cutting system. It means that other than typical cutting and collecting, it also discharges the clippings. However, the collection of clipping is a preferred choice for many customers. Rear discharge is sometimes useful but it leaves plenty of clipping on the lawn. You need to remove these clipping for optimal growth of your garden. Hence, using a collection function is useful.

Strong Engine:

Sprint 410 mowers are equipped with a Briggs and Stratton engine. This 300E engine is quite impressive as it uses the advanced technology of OHV (overhead valve). As a result, the engine produces less noise and performs impressively well.


Even though this mower is self-propelled, you won’t find it difficult to operate. Its weight is only 23.1 kg, making this product one of the light mowers available. It is quite suitable for owners of a small lawn. The wheels of this mower are quite large so you can experience stability while mowing the garden. Large wheels also help in mowing the surface that is uneven or contains longer grass.

  • Works well for damp, long, and weedy grass.
  • Equipped with a robust engine
  • Easy to function
  • Quick grass cutting
  • The mulching plug and grass collector cannot be attached at the same time

Bottom Line:

This mower is easy to operate and performs really well. If you have a small or medium garden, it might be a perfect mowing option for you. It will also save your time and energy with its super-efficient performance.

  1.  Frisky Fox PLUS 20″ Petrol Lawn Mower 51cm 173cc Self Propelled

best Battery Lawn MowersdigitalglobalistThe Frisky Fox PLUS 20″ mower is designed for people who have medium to large-sized lawns. It comes with a heavy-duty Wolf ‘Dynamic’ engine along with a deck and drive system. Frisky Fox Plus 20″ is a 4-in-1 mower. It offers cutting, collecting, discharging, and mulching options. These great features make it among the best petrol lawn mowers UK.


Engine Controller:

This mower comes with an engine controller which lets users take full control over the speed. Now you don’t have to compromise on the drive speed because you can adjust it up to your desire. Whether you want a high-speed mowing experience or take it gentle and slow, it is up to you.


Exceptional Cutting:

Frisky Fox mower is offering you four different ways to cut the grass. It includes a 50.8-centimeter blade that does its job well. You can choose if you want to send grass in the bag for further processing or disposal.

Adjustable Height:

Just like other good-quality mowers, Frisky Fox Plus 20″ also offers a chance to adjust the height as per your desire. You don’t have to work on the same height as you can set the height of all four wheels. All you need to do is use a single level and adjust the height. The level is also helpful in adjusting the level blade height throughout the corners.

  • Self-propelled

  • Offers 4-in-1 performance
  • 7 cutting heights
  • 50 L grass collection box
  • Mat Stripper doesn’t work as good as the roller

Bottom Line:

Frisky Fox Plus 20″ is a great self-propelled mower that offers plenty of impressive features. It is equipped with a large motor that ensures a well-maintained garden. You won’t find many alternate options that offer all features that the Frisky Fox mower provides.

  1. Mountfield SP535HW 53cm Petrol Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Mountfield SP535HW lawn mower is a high-wheeler that offers excellent features. It is equipped with rear wheels of 280mm that appear just as beautiful as they perform. You will get a smoother finish on challenging terrain thanks to these wheels. The front anti-scalp plates that are fitted in this mower ensure an efficient finish in the lowest heights. The following are some more features that come with the Mountfield SP535HW lawn mower.


Excellent Rear Wheels:

This mower offers excellent rear wheels with a diameter of 280mm. These wheels will be sufficient to give your lawn a fine cut. The grass in your lawn will be getting a smooth and neat finish thanks to ant-scalp plates. No matter what the condition of your lawn is, this mower performs effectively in tough conditions too.


This amazing machine is a self-propelled mower as what can be expected from a high-quality brand. It means no more wasting energy moving your mower across the lawn. Simply start it and you are good to go. It provides drive to the cutting blade as well as the rear wheels. Now mowing becomes easy and effortless, especially on the sloppy ground.

Washing Link:

Are you worried about the cleaning after mowing is done? Here is a solution. Your washing will be quite easy with the onboard washing link. It ensures that your mower remains clean and well-maintained.

Powerful Honda Engine:

This lawn mower features a robust Honda GCVx170 auto chole 176cc OHV engine. It ensures a continuous and generous supply of power whenever it is required. The auto choke system that comes with the engine ensures a quick and easy start of the engine. The engine is quiet as well as economical. This machine also contains a fold-down handle for additional storage.

  • Premium quality

  • Light and maneuverable
  • Easy to clean
  • Height adjustment
  • Average appearance

Bottom Line:

Mountfield SP535 HW is a self-propelled lawn mower that offers plenty of high-end features. It is equipped with a Honda GCVx170 engine that performs excellently without making noise. This product does not require much of your effort since it is self-propelled and can drive itself.

Buyers Guide to the Best Petrol Lawn Mowers UK

Choosing a suitable lawn mower for your lawn is a difficult decision. Not because of a large number of mowers available but because they have many kinds. How would you know what features to look for? Or which mower is perfect for your garden’s size? To help you select the best lawn mower, here is a buyer’s guide. It will give you enough information that you would understand how to buy a good mower.

Types of Petrol Lawnmowers:

First, let’s talk about the types of petrol lawnmowers. These include petrol rotary lawn mowers, petrol hover lawn mowers, and petrol cylinder lawnmowers.

  • Petrol Cylinder Lawnmower:

Petrol cylinder mowers are fitted with premium-quality blades that provide excellent-quality grass cutting. However, these mowers do not perform excellently when it comes to long grass. Using a petrol cylinder mower on long grass would require cutting the grass at a certain length then using the mower. Additionally, these mowers are more pricey compared to the rotary mowers.

  • Petrol Hover Lawnmower:

These mowers are a little different than the rest. They contain horizontal blades that cut the grass through spinning. They are also equipped with a “skirt” and a fan present on the outside of the mower. That’s the reason why this machine floats about the grass that it is cutting. The floating attribute makes them quite a suitable match for gardens that are uneven. You are not required to push the mower over bumps and difficult areas.

  • Petrol Rotary Lawn Mower:

These are one of the most common lawn mowers which are often opted by homeowners. Petrol rotary lawn mowers are cheaper compared to cylinder mowers and cut the thick grass exceptionally and quickly.

Self-Propelled Vs. Push Petrol Mower:

If you opt for a push mower then you should be prepared for using your strength. Generally, push mowers are manual without any motorized capacity that could drive them.

On the other hand, self-propelled mowers contain a transmission that drives their wheels. These mowers move by using front or rear-wheel drive, just like a car. They are different from push petrol mowers because these machines don’t need human efforts to move forward. You would only be responsible for steering them.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some common questions regarding the best petrol lawn mowers UK that might be helpful for you to decide the best mower for you.

  1. Why should I buy a petrol lawn mower?

Petrol lawn mowers provide a great cutting performance and offer many distinct features. They have wide-cutting widths that are extremely beneficial for large gardens. These big machines are equipped with powerful engines that cut the grass well. Overall, petrol lawn mowers are a great choice for users because they are strong cutters.

  1. What type of petrol lawn mower should I buy?

The most important factor to consider while purchasing a suitable petrol lawn mower is your garden’s size. If your garden is of medium-to-large size, you should consider searching for a mower with a strong engine and bigger wheels. Small garden owners should look for lightweight, easy-to-move mowers. Important features that you can consider while buying a petrol lawn mower are mentioned below:

  • Engine capacity and power
  • Cutting height and width
  • Type of propulsion
  • Grass box or mulching
  • Recoil or electric start
  1. How to Maintain a Petrol Lawn Mower?

Even though lawnmowers are big and strong machines, they require regular maintenance. Your newly purchased lawn mower will work perfectly for some years but eventually, it will need service. Petrol lawnmowers require service once a year.

Other than service, you should change its oil, keep the blades sharpened, and monitor the blade adapter. Cleaning different parts of the lawnmower including petrol tank, cooling fins, and air filters are also necessary.

  1. How to Start a Petrol Mower after Winters?

When a petrol mower doesn’t start after winters, chances are that fuel is mixed with water. It might interfere with the spark plug. It would be best if you change either petrol or the plug. You can avoid this problem by emptying the fuel tank once your season’s final cut is completed.

Final Verdict:

Petrol lawn mowers are essential for everyone who has a lawn with a lot of growing grass. Hopefully, now you must be more clear about how to choose the best petrol mower UK. You can also search further customer reviews and online guides to clear any doubts. Research thoroughly about the best petrol lawn mowers UK and the best options within your budget.