10 Best riding lawn mower under 1500 $

Having a lawn in your house is perhaps a great blessing. You can enjoy outdoor family gatherings, casual tea time, and family sports on your lawn. But the most important thing is its maintenance and trimming of grown up grass. For this purpose, you will require a lawnmower.

There are different types of lawn mowers available in the market. However, a riding lawn mower is quite convenient to use. This is because while doing the task, you are actually riding on the mower rather than ushing it. It proves to be a good activity for elderly people of the house who enjoy spending time in lawns and gardens.

However, usually, these kinds of lawn mowers are very expensive. This is why many people don’t opt for them and end up buying the tiring petrol lawnmowers. But there are a few brands that produce riding lawn mowers at a very reasonable cost.

This is why in today’s blog, we will be telling you about the best riding lawn mowers under 1500. Not only do they cost less but they also perform well on any type of grass and soil. They are a great help in the maintenance of your outdoor gardens and lawns. Let us have a look at them.

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Best Riding Lawn Mowers Under 1500

1.Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Series

Best riding lawn mower under 1500digitalglobalistThe Cub Cadets riding lawn mower is perhaps the best one which is available for less than 1500. Not only can it trim the regular lawn grass,  but can also be used for mulching. You can easily ride on it and cover the larger lawns in a relatively short period of time.


Reachable in difficult areas

 The Cub Cadets lawn mower can reach the curvy areas and all the sof lawn surfaces. It has a wide deck which has a size of 42 inches. The wider deck allows you to trim larger area all at once and consumes lesser time. This wider deck size also proves to be make the mower energy efficient. The lawn mowers turning radius is almost 16 inches. This is more than what lawn mowers usually have. With this turning radius, you can reach almost all the areas including curved planters, flower beds and fountain boundary.

Requires little experience

 Although it might be an easy option to mow the lawn with the riding mower, some experience is required. A beginner cannot ride and mow the lawn with this machine simultaneously. However, if you are aware of using a lawnmower, it is effortless to set it up and use it.

Riders comfort

The Cub Cadets lawn mower has several comfort features which make it easy to mow large lawns. The seat is adjustable according to the rider’s height so that anyone can ride on it. The seat is well cushioned and protects the back from the impact of sudden jerks. It also prevents fatigue and muscle spasms which are likely to occur during jerky movements. The handgrip is also comfortable and is not harsh on the hands.

  • The powerful engine results in swift lawn mowing

  • It has many features for riders comfort
  • Also suitable for mulching
  • Latest design and coverage for all types of surfaces
  • Mulching blades are not provided

Bottom Line

 If you have frequently used lawn mowers, especially the riding ones, this one is ideal for lawn mowing. It can work over different surfaces and is comfortable to ride on.

2.Troy-Bilt 382cc 30-Inch Premium Neighborhood Riding Lawn Mower

Best riding lawn mower under 1500digitalglobalistRegular users are familiar with the quality and smooth riding experience of Troy machines. The same can be said for this lawnmower from Troy. The lawnmower is an ideal one to trim the grass of a medium-sized landscape.


Heavy-duty engine for maximum performance

 Bilt 382 cc features a heavy-duty, auto choke OHV engine. It is located at the rear side of the mower. This helps you to attain a full speed of 4.25 MH. With this riding mower at your disposal, you can easily trim a smaller to medium-sized lawn with smooth surfaces.

Larger Gas tank

 The gas tank of this mower is relatively large. It can house up to 1.3 gallons of fuel. With this, you can mow your lawn easily without frequent refueling or shortstops. If you are to cut a larger landscape, be sure to keep an extra fuel tank at your disposal. Another convenient feature of this mower is that it has a window through which you can check the fuel level at any time.

OCR system

 Troys riding lawn mower has a unique OCR (Operator Controlled Reverse system. With this feature, the rider can mow the grass as he reverses the lawnmower. The mower also has a six-speed transmission. This makes its operation smooth and quickly shift through the gears without stopping. The user can also adjust the height of the blade according to the length of the grass or any other needs. The 18-inch radius for turning allows maneuvering over difficult areas, around flower beds and benches.

  • Easy maneuverability around various objects
  • Requires lesser repairs and maintenance
  • Allows for even cutting without much effort
  • Fuel Tank window to view the amount of fuel
  • It is unstable on bumpy landscapes.

Bottom Line

 If the lawn of your house is small to medium-sized and smooth, this lawnmower is the best option to make it prim proper

3.Husqvarna YTH 1942, 42 in. 19 HP Loncin Hydrostatic Gas Riding Lawn Mower

Best riding lawn mower under 1500digitalglobalist Husqvarna is the most reliable and trustworthy brand. Its YTH1942 is one of the best riding lawn mowers under 1500. The best feature of this machine is that it is already assembled to some extent. Simply adjust the seat and steering, install the battery, and you are good to go.


 Air induction mowing technology

 The reason why Husqvarna is one of the top-rated products is its air induction lawn mowing technology. With this, an ample amount of air flows on the top and bottom sides of the deck. This lifts the grass so that the blades can trim it precisely. This works in coordination with the strong cutting deck. It is gas-powered and can perform in all kinds of weather. The result is smooth, even cut grass and well-mowed lawn.

Features a hydrostatic transmission

 Husqvarna lawn mower has a design to deliver optimum performance. With its hydrostatic transmission, the mower can smoothly maneuver through any objects such as trees, benches, small fountains, lanterns, or flower beds. The ergonomic steering provides a convenient forward and reverses action. Additionally, you can adjust the height of your seat according to your convenience.

Accessories can be added.

 With the addition of some accessories, you can increase the productivity of your machine. For example, various trailers, snow blades, brushes, and fertilizing kits can make it suitable for more than simple lawn mowing. The device has an expansive deck of 42 inches and a turning radius of 16 inches. It is ideal for mowing the lawn with different objects and a more extensive, smooth, and flat area with these dimensions.

  • Maximum reverse speed capacity of 2.5 mph
  • It is used for a multitude of purposes
  • This riding lawn mower is easy to store and transport anywhere
  • Air Induction technology
  • Customers have reported frequent engine failures

Bottom Line

 The Husqvarna. is a reliable brand of riding lawnmowers. YTH 1942 is a versatile mower as it serves more than one purpose. It uses Air Induction technology for better trimming of grass.

4.Snapper Classic RER Rear Engine Riding Mower 2691525

Best riding lawn mower under 1500digitalglobalist The Classic REAR Riding lawnmower from Snaer is ideal for both larger and smaller lawns. Not only is it light in weight, but it can also roam about in any lawn, even a number of obstacles such as trees, fountains, etc.


Outclass arts and ergonomic design

Snappers lawnmower is ideal if you have a rugged and bumpy small size areaa , like 2 acres. It has the industry’s best pneumatic tires and an 11.5 HP phenomenal engine. The engine is located at the rear side to deliver absolute power in driving the mower. The overall design is simple yet efficient. All the controls are located so that they can be easily accessed.

Convenient gearbox

With a convenient gearbox, there is no need to turn off the machine before shifting the gear. You can easily switch between 5 different gears while you ride. Apart from this, the lawnmower has many other convenience features as well. For example, the stand on edge feature allows the rider to stand and examine the hidden art of the mower safely. Storing this mower is also very easy. It comes with a vertical stand at the rear side.

Anti-vibration feature

 The lawnmower comes with an anti-vibration feature. Now you can seamlessly mow any lawn, even if it is bumpy or rocky. The shock-absorbing vehicles do not let the impact of vibrations reach the rider. The result is a smooth and efficient lawn mowing experience. You also do not need to choke the engine before starting it. It turns on with a simple twist of the key.

  • Stratton Intek Engine having 11.5 HP
  • Ideal lawn mower for average to more significant sized landscapes
  • Convenience features for ease in use and storage
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Experiences difficulty in maneuvering

Bottom Line

The Lawnmower is one of the best ones in the market. It has a lot of convenience features which make it a user-friendly machine. The design is compact and straightforward and calls for a similar operation.

5. John Deere 100 Series Lawn Tractor

Best riding lawn mower under 1500digitalglobalist When we hear John Deere, we automatically assume that the machine will be outclassed in its performance, will be reliable and stable. The brand ensures that the consumers get ultimate satisfaction from their devices and remain comfortable while using them.


High power Engine

 John Deere’s riding lawn mower houses a high-power, 19 hp engine. This drives a motor to produce the desired high lift during the mowing. This mechanism trims the grass with even and deep cuts and results in a smooth, carpeted lawn. The engine is longer lasting and is re-lubricated for optimum performance.

Cargo Mount System

 This riding lawn mower comes with a unique Cargo Mount System. This helps the user to attach various accessories to their machine and use them effortlessly. Similarly, the device also has a convenience feature through which the user can easily access all the internal components during repairs and maintenance sessions.

More convenience features

 With this lawn mower, your lawn mowing experience gets better and more energy-efficient each time. The deck of this mower has a lift lever that adjusts the height of the deck according to the terrain on which you are mowing. There is also an operator station through which you can refuel your machine within no time. The mower has a hydrostatic transmission, which is the most preferable. This type of transmission provides ease in the overall handling of the device and switching of gears.

  • Easy maneuvering through lawn objects

  • Hydrostatic transmission for better handling
  • Various convenience features to improve the lawn mowing experience
  • Easy for a beginner to use
  • Fuel capacity is lesser than other counterparts.

Bottom Line

If you are new to lawn mowing, this might be the best machine as it has many accessibility features. It works on average to large-sized landscapes and even on bumpy terrains.

6. Troy-Bilt Pony 42X Riding Lawn Mower

Best riding lawn mower under 1500digitalglobalistThe reason we include Try lawn mower the 2nd time on our list of the best riding lawn mowers under 1500 is pretty apparent. The manufacturer produces inexpensive but high-performing machines, which enable a user to accomplish more in less time.


For a prim and proper lawn

Troy Bilt’s only lawnmower can compete with its expensive counterparts and still win. It is because this gasoline-driven lawnmower can trim a vast lawn that may be bumpy and not have smooth terrain. The mower has a cutting deck of 42-inch size with which it can maneuver easily through objects and cover a large area at one time. This makes it energy-efficient. The mower has dual blades and side discharge options for a neat, clean, and carpeted lawn.

Multiple adjusting positions

The Troys dual blades can further be adjusted into different positions. The height difference is between 1.5 to 3.75 inches. What makes it a beginner-friendly machine is that it has anti-scale deck wheels. These enable you not to cut off the giant grass or ruin the beautifully trimmed grass. These prevent the shaving off of the ground as well. It also has a turning radius of 18 inches, with which you can work around any lawn objects or obstacles.

Seven-speed cruise control

Like many other high-performing lawn mowers, this one also runs on hydrostatic transmission. You can quickly shift between the seven seeds without storing the machine to switch the gears. The lawnmower also has an OCR system like the receding Troy mower. This enables the device to mow your lawn while reversing the machine.

  • Mows both in forward and in the reverse direction
  • The fuel tank can hold up to 3 gallons of fuel
  • Can mow a small lawn with ease
  • Comfortable seat for the driver

  • The operation is very noisy.

Bottom Line

Troy Bilt pony is one of the preferable options if you want to purchase a reliable, branded riding lawn mower within a budget. It has a user-friendly interface, and even a novice user can use it with ease.

7. Husqvarna YTH18K46 46″ Lawn Tractor 18hp Kawasaki

Best riding lawn mower under 1500digitalglobalistHusqvarna is a brand name that speaks for itself. Its machines are reliable and high performing. They are durable and have a user-friendly interface. This is why we add to our review the Husqvarnas lawn tractor with Kawasaki engine.


The integration of the Kawasaki engine

The well-known engine brand of Kawasaki collaborated with Husqvarna to result in a high-performing machine. The Kawasaki engine has an output capacity of 18 hp and is a twin type. This 603 cc engine matches the device to deliver superior performance and technology. The high-pressure lubrication reduces the noise level during operation. The Kawasaki engine also has air-cool technology. This prevents the machine from overheating and enables us to work in hotter weather conditions.

Comfortable for longer mowing sessions

The Husqvarna lawn tractor is designed to be comfortable for longer mowing sessions. It has ample space in the driver area to accommodate taller drivers. The tall and straight back seat prevents fatigue and backaches.

Stable electric supply

The stable electric supply towards the engine and internal machinery results in smooth lawn mowing. The sark ignite system allows you to maneuver through any lawn object without turning back. Although it has a hydrostatic transmission, choke and throttle are provided to allow a consistent performance.

  • Powerful Kawasaki engine for improved performance

  • Air cooling mechanism to prevent burnouts
  • Noiseless operation
  • Comfortable even for taller riders
  • Not ideal for smaller lawn

Bottom Line

Husqvarna is one of the most highly-rated brands of lawn tractors. Its integration with the Kawasaki mower engine has resulted in robust and high-performing machines. These are suitable for average and large-sized lawns with different objects.

8. Craftsman T135 18.5 HP Briggs & Stratton 46-Inch Gas-Powered Riding Lawn Mower

Best riding lawn mower under 1500digitalglobalistThe Briggs and Stratton mower By Craftsman is one of the finest and best riding lawn mowers under 1500. It is easy to use, performed well on different lawns, and has a powerful engine.


Saves mowing time

This lawnmower has a more expansive, 46 inches cutting deck. This means that it can cover a wide area at one time. The package also includes a deck wash with which you can easily clean the underside of the deck. With this mower, you can mow the lawn in the reverse direction as well. Hence it proves to be an energy-efficient machine and also saves time.

Reachable in narrow spaces

With its reverse trimming mechanism and accurate turning radius, the lawnmower can reach the narrow spaces and in between the areas of lawn objects. This is made even more accessible with the 15 inch frontal and 2 inch back wheels. They allow the mower to glide smoothly over all kinds of surfaces.

Convenience and Accessibility features

The driver’s seat has a straight back to rest at the rider’s center for the rider’s convenience. This position provides short to the back for longer sessions and bumpy roads. The CVT foot pedal transmission allows for smooth lawn mowing experiences.

  • Mows in forward as well as reverse direction

  • It comes with a deck wash for easy cleaning
  • CVT foot pedal transmission
  • Ideal for mowing around lawn objects
  • Noisy operation

Bottom Line

The Craftsman’s Lawnmower is ideal if you have a lawn with various objects. It can mow through narrow spaces and in the reverse direction as well. With its use, you can achieve a neat and caret look for your lawn.

9. Simplicity 2691458 Regent Mower, Riding, Tractor, Orange

Best riding lawn mower under 1500digitalglobalistSimplicity has updated its popular Regent lawn tractor with a load of new features. This provides you with the essential requirements of making a landscape proper and beautiful.


Impact resistance

This model of the Simplicity lawn tractor is impact resistant; it does not let the jerks and vibrations reach the driver. This helps in achieving a neat and clean lawn without fatigue and stress to the back.

Unique mower deck

The mowing deck of this tractor is unique and performs exceptionally well to give your lawn a new look. The deck is free-floating, with which you can give your lawn a smooth look. The mower also has wide rollers on the rear side. With these, you can create landscapes like ballparks stripes.

Briggs and Stratton Engine

Briggs and Stratton’s engine is known for its excellent performance, ultimate power, and quiet operation. Its integration with a Simplicity lawnmower gives you a professional result. You get sleek lawn designs, neat trimming even with lots of lawn objects, and comfortable riding.


  • Adjustable height of cutting deck
  • Improvised hood for heat management
  • Imactless riding experience
  • Modern LED headlights

  • It is heavier as compared to other lawn mowers


Bottom Line

A simplicity mower can easily be purchased online or from a reliable Simplicity dealer. It has a powerful engine and broader cutting deck, which makes this machine energy efficient.


10. Husqvarna MZ54 25HP 747cc Kohler Engine 54″ FAB Deck Z-Turn Mower

Best riding lawn mower under 1500digitalglobalistHusqvarna lands again on our list because it has enhanced productivity and reduced operational times. The FAB Deck lawnmower is ideal for all your landscape maintenance requirements.


Durable steel construction

The FAB Deck lawnmower features a patented ClearCut™ design. It has a gauged steel instruction and firmly welded strips to ensure a solid machine that lasts long and performs well. The transmissions are those integrated into the commercial level tractors. This allows for more seeds smooth ride even on bumpier terrains.

Roll Over Protection System (ROS

A handle is welded to the sides of the tractor, which is foldable. This is a part of the Roll Over Protection System. It keeps the rider safe and can be conveniently folded down in areas with low branches or smaller trees.

Comfortable seat

The seat of this tractor is cushioned heavily. It looks like a classic car seat and keeps the rider comfortable during longer sessions. The vinyl covers of the seat can be replaced in case of regular wear and tear.

  • Gasoline-powered machine for fuel economy

  • 54 inch wider cutting width
  • Powerful Kohler 25h engine
  • Comfortable seating
  • Deck arts or accessories not included

Bottom Line

Husqvarna is one of the most remium brands for the lawn mowers and landscaing equiment. The FAB Deck is one of the best riding lawn mowers under 1500.

Buyers Guide for best riding lawn mowers under 1500

Since riding lawn mowers are a costly item, it is better to read about them carefully before buying. Analyzing and assessing different brands in the light of their features is beneficial to make a wide selection. It lasts longer than many other counterparts with proper care and maintenance.

So before you rush out to the market, be sure to read our buyer’s guide and understand the important features of riding lawnmowers.

Difference between riding lawn mowers and lawn tractors

When we read about riding lawn mowers, we often come across a relevant term riding lawn tractors. The main difference between these two is pretty simple, defined by the exact location of the cutting decks.

In a lawn tractor, the cutting deck is located in the central area. Riding lawn mowers, on the other hand, have the cutting deck located at the front side. The benefit of this position is that the riding mower becomes convenient and more maneuverable. This is especially important if you have a lawn with flower beds, fountains, shrubs, and other objects.

Selection of the right size

If you have a larger lawn, this means you have ample space to ride on a lawnmower. You can select one with a larger cutting width that will cover a massive area at one time. However, it is only possible when you have an obstacle-free lawn area.

If you have a small lawn with additional objects such as planters or lawn decorations, you need a mower that has a smaller cutting width. Overall, some of the best riding lawn mowers under 1500 come with cutting depths between 38 and 54 inches.

The best cutting method

The lawnmowers can offer different types of cutting methods. Select the best one according to your personal preferences.


Some lawn mowers come with a bag to collect all the waste while trimming the lawn. This saves time and prevents the need to clean the blades in between the mowing sessions. It also prevents allergies from plants by preventing the spread of seeds and spores.

Side discharge

It is most suitable when the lawn is not mowed for a long time. Side discharge works on longer and coarse grass.


Mulching is somehow opposite to side discharge. It is food if you frequently mow the lawn. It gives a neat and prim look to the lawn without making it prone to droughts.

Adding the accessories

In most riding lawn mowers, you can add accessories to make them even more workable. These include trailers, fertilizer spreaders, and snow blowers.

Suitable transmission

It is always advised to choose a riding lawn mower with a hydrostatic transmission. This is because it allows you to work without interruption as you shift between the gears. With a manual transmission, you need to stop every time you change the gear.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which size of mowing deck should I select for my lawn?

This depends on your lawn size and the objects in it. If you have an average-sized lain lawn without any flower beds, fountains, or benches, then a larger deck will offer better cutting in less time. However, a small deck provides better maneuverability. These decks can trim the lawn around trees, outlines of the fountain, and any other lawn objects.

What kind of fuel is required for a riding lawn mower?

The kind of fuel depends upon the type of engine of your riding lawnmower. If it’s four strokes, you will require high-quality gasoline, which is unleaded. Two-stroke engines work with gasoline, but they need to be mixed with two-cycle engine oil in specific proportions.

 What other functions a riding lawn mower can perform?

The riding lawn mower can be used for various purposes with the help of additional attachments. A mulching blade allows you to mulch the lawn. Different snow blowers help to clear the snow. A sweeping attachment enables you to remove away all the dry leaves from your lawn while trimming the grass.


Riding lawn mowers are ideal for those people who have larger lawns to mow. They also befit the elderly people who want to save their time and energy. Amongst all the brands which produce riding lawn mowers, we found Husqvarna to be the best of all. Not only they have robust engines, but they also come in various sizes of cutting decks to accommodate different lawn sizes.  We hope our review and buying guide will help you in making a good selection.