10 Best Riding lawn Mower Under $2000

As soon as we start growing up, we often realize one thing, and that is the value of our time. We can’t invest our precious time in chores that can be done by using the right equipment. Cutting lawn grass is one of the reasons that can save your effort and time if you are using the best riding lawn mower under 2000.

If you love gardening but unable to find the appropriate equipment till now, then you have landed on the right page. The excellent performance of the lawnmower can keep your garden on point and enhance home value as well. Let’s go through some of the best lawn mowers in the market to fulfill all your gardening requirements.

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Best Riding lawn Mower Under 2000

  1. John Deere 100 Series Lawn Tractor E110

Best Riding Mower Under 2000

digitalglobalistWhen talking about durability, the John Deere E110 lawn mower is the model to count on. While using it on the outgrown grass, you can feel the difference, and it can save tons of time by providing impressive speed. The comfort you will feel while riding it is great, and the body is sturdy to last for years.

  • Robust Construction

Usually, the construction is not so reliable, and as a result, you may go through longevity issues. John Deere E110 lawn mower is made from robust material, and you will love it. As you will start riding it, you can have complete control of the different options, and it’s also comfortable to use for long hours. The soft and supportive seat won’t hurt your back even when using for the first time.

  • Perform in Rough Weather

If you own a massive garden and you want it to be on point, then John Deere is the right option to choose from the market. Whether you are riding it in the rain or humidity, it can perform exceptionally well and save internal parts from getting damaged. When cutting grass in the rough season, you can always count on this model for unique performance anytime.

  • Powerful Engine

The powerful engine of this lawn mower helps you cutting rough grass with perfection. It has a 2-years warranty to cover the manufacturing damage. After using this lawnmower, you will never regret the investment. The deck lift lever is also easy to raise and lower down without getting into operating complications.

  • Robust construction
  • Excellent engine power
  • Performs in rough weather
  • Easy to maintain
  • No cons for this mower

Bottom Line

We all want to use the equipment that must be easy to use to save loads of time. It is the best riding mower you can get your hands on at an affordable price. No matter how massive your lawn is, it can perform like magic.

  1. Poulan Pro PP155H42, 42 in. 15.5 HP Briggs & Stratton Hydrostatic Gas Riding Lawn Mower

Best Riding Mower Under 2000digitalglobalistPoulan Pro has come up with a kind of lawnmower that can make your life easy by delivering features you always wanted to cut grass like a pro. Poulan pro PP155H42 riding lawn mower has everything you ever dream of in the equipment, and it’s easy to operate even as a beginner.

  • Auto Hydrostatic Transmission

In some of the lawnmowers, a speed adjustment option is not available. It may become complicated for a beginner. Due to auto hydrostatic transmission, you can adjust the speed with just one motion. You don’t have to stop the mower for changing the speed; you have to move the motion lever to fender for increasing, and back for slowing it down.

  • Durability

The durability of the lawnmower is out of the question as you don’t have to keep maintaining it every month by investing a heavy amount in it. It’s easy to maintain, and you can clean the filter without asking for professional help. It can deliver just the right amount of power to a user when needed.

  • Even Cutting

People often complain about the tight areas cutting by riding lawn mower as it can’t reach the tight areas. For keeping the surface even, it can cut the grass near trees. Now, you have to spend less time trimming. Due to the oscillating front axle and a floating deck, it’s possible to witness an impressive performance.

  • 6-cutting positions

  • 10-years limited warranty
  • Auto-hydrostatic transmission
  • Reliable and durable
  • Take time to assemble

Bottom Line

By using Poulan Pro PP155H42 on the massive garden, you can cut the grass in shape. After using it, you never have to work on anything manually. Within few minutes, it can cut all the grass and comfortable to the body.

  1. Craftsman T225 19 HP Briggs & Stratton Gold 46-Inch Gas-Powered Riding Lawn Mower

Best Riding Mower Under 2000digitalglobalistFor the massive garden, people often get failed to find the right lawnmower. An ideal machine should have a powerful engine to deal with thick grass like a pro. If you are in the middle of searching for the right equipment, then the quest ends here. Craftsman T225 19 HP gas-powered riding lawn mower is the one to fulfill all the gardening needs in an instant.

  • 46-Inches Cutting Deck

Due to the weakness of the cutting deck, many lawn mowers may not perform, but this equipment with a 46-inches cutting deck is the one you need. It can perform cutting, trimming, and clipping grass in a single action. You can drive it like a car as it has a reverse feature, so you can deal with bumps and difficult spots by moving the mower.

  • Supportive Back-Seat

This best riding lawn mower under 2000 has a supportive back seat to prevent backache when using it for long hours. When cutting the grass of the massive lawn, you don’t have to worry about body posture because it keeps you comfortable. The cushioned seat is for delivering comfort and support to the driver throughout the process.

  • Durable Wheels

It doesn’t matter if your lawn surface is even or not; this equipment has durable wheels to handle any garden. The front wheel measure about 15-inches while the back one is 20-inch. It can help you move on any bumpy surface with ease and keep performing.

  • High-cushioned back seat

  • Durable wheels
  • Foot hydrostatic transmission
  • Powerful cutting deck
  • Suitable for experts only

Bottom Line

The flexibility and comfort mean a lot when riding on the lawnmower and trying to even the grass. This model can cover the massive areas like a pro, and you can use it for hours in the garden without feeling tired due to a supportive seat.

  1. Troy-Bilt 382cc 30-Inch Premium Neighborhood Riding Lawn Mower

Best Riding Mower Under 2000digitalglobalistThis lawnmower is another powerful model in the market that can solve your problem of maintaining the garden. It is super affordable and, by investing once, it can last for decades at your place. The exceptional engine and adjustable settings make it stand out from others, and people trust in Troy when it comes to fulfilling grass-cutting requirements.

  • 6-Speed Transmissions

Due to speed adjustment issues, many workers can’t deal with a lawnmower, and they have to work at a constant speed in a difficult environment. Troy-Bilt 382cc 30-Inch Premium Neighborhood Riding Lawn Mower has 6-speed transmissions to prove its versatility and high-end performance. Without stopping the process, you can change the speed anytime. It can deliver a forward pace of about 4.25MPH.

  • Smooth Performance

The smooth performance of the riding mower is all we need to maintain a garden in minimum time. Due to the powerful engine and sharp blade engagement, thick grass cut down without putting additional effort. The operation mode is automatic, so it won’t take much time and will start working right away on the surface.

  • Fuel Capacity

Due to the impressive fuel capacity, you don’t have to worry about any adverse effects on performance. The tank of equipment is about 1.3 gallons and also has a window to alert about gas levels. You can count on this model anytime when it comes to cut grass in minimum time.

  • Impressive fuel capacity
  • Sharp cutting blades
  • 18-inch turning radius
  • Durable wheels
  • The seat is not comfortable

Bottom Line

It’s an ideal lawnmower to use for both residential and commercial homeowners due to its performance. It can add comfort to the ride and deliver ultimate performance in the minimum time. The easy and fast blade can cut the grass like expensive models. Save your tons of money and go for the efficient model to solve gardening issues.

  1. Husqvarna YTH18542 42 in 18.5 HP Briggs & Stratton Hydrostatic Riding Mower

Best Riding Mower Under 2000digitalglobalistYou should buy a lawnmower that is suitable for all your needs and must be easy to use. Husqvarna YTH18542 hydrostatic riding mower does the job when it comes to cut the grass. The quality results and premium performance of this riding mower will win your hearts all over again. You can trust this brand for the versatility and maintenance of a garden. By delivering power-packed performance, it won’t disappoint you.

  • Easy Reverse

In some of the cheap models, the reverse feature is not available and, one has to go through difficulties while driving it. Husqvarna YTH18542 hydrostatic riding mower has a reverse operating system and, with one switch, you can move it back. There will be no difficulty in riding the mower, and you will love the smooth experience.

  • Foot-Pedal Operated

To change the speed and direction of the lawnmower, it has foot-pedal operated hydrostatic transmission. You can focus on the steering without getting into the speed-setting complications. There is no need to stop the riding mower when changing speed or direction. It can work on your actions and deliver you complete driving control.

  • Safety Switch

For keeping you safe from any mishaps, this riding mower has a safety switch under the seat. As soon as the driver leaves the seat, it deactivates the engine and cutting deck. The cutting deck is also corrosion-resistant and made of excellent steel for delivering maximum durability.

  • Safety switch

  • Foot pedal operated
  • Easy to change speed
  • Powerful engine
  • Cutting blades are delicate

Bottom Line

The comfortable seat and powerful engine make the ride smooth. It consumes less time than the other models that are slow in cutting and can’t deliver promising results. The front headlights also help to work in late-night hours by illuminating the way. This machine is your best and supportive working companion at any time.

  1. Snapper 2911525BVE Classic RER 28 inch 11.5 HP 344cc Rear Engine Riding Mower

Best Riding Mower Under 2000digitalglobalistIf you own a small lawn and are tired of using a manual lawn mower that consumes your whole day while maintaining the garden, then you may need a riding mower. Snapper 2911525BVE rear engine riding mower has an ergonomic design, and you will be comfortable on the seat while riding it.

  • Efficient Performance

If you complete the performance of this lawnmower with other models in the same price range, you may find them less efficient. It may look small to you, but it can perform like giant lawnmowers. Due to the powerful engine, it can work on thick grass like a pro.

  • Comfortable Seat

The comfortable seat of this best riding lawn mower under 2000 provides back support to save you from pain while using it for long hours. When it comes to the comfort level, you will have no complaints about it. The design is pretty simple and an accurate match for a beginner looking for something easy to use. It can support you throughout the process.

  • Easy to Maintain

If using a riding lawn mower for the first time, you don’t have to spend countless dollars maintaining it. Due to the lightweight design, it’s easy to store, and you can stand it in a vertical position. It is one of the powerful models you can come across to save time and cuts grass to keep the surface even.

  • Easy to maintain
  • Comfortable seat
  • Sharp cutting blades
  • Durable to use for years
  • Steering is not too reliable

Bottom Line

Snapper 2911525BVE classic mower is best for residential use and can finish the work in no time. It is affordable and has all the features you require. It’s an excellent lawnmower to use when you have a heavy-duty workload and less time. It will make the process simple and less hectic for you.

  1. Husqvarna LTH1738, 38 in. 17 HP Loncin Hydrostatic Gas Riding Lawn Mower

Best Riding Mower Under 2000digitalglobalistThis powerful lawn mowing model by Husqvarna is powerful enough to deal with the thick grass of the garden in few minutes. If you own a medium-level lawn and don’t want to spend a whole day maintaining it, this is an ideal equipment to invest in.

  • Unbeatable Power

The unbeatable engine power of the Husqvarna LTH1738 gas riding lawn mower is the reason behind efficient performance every time. The superior durability of the equipment can make it last for decades even if using regularly. You can always count on the engine of this mower when working on thick grass or a hard surface.

  • Pedal-Operated Hydrostatic Transmission

Whether driving the lawnmower for the first time or you are an expert, due to pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission, you can save loads of energy. By using a pedal, you can improve performance and equipment shift maximum control to you. You will find this lawn mower effortless to drive, especially when using such equipment for the first time.

  • Air-Induction Mowing Technology

The air induction mowing technology is responsible for a precise cut, and no matter if it’s thick or not, you can see even the surface after cutting. The steering wheel of a lawnmower is easy to move, and you won’t feel difficulty while changing the direction of a lawnmower when working on an intensive surface.

  • Chokeless start
  • Air-induction technology
  • Great value for money
  • Durable tires
  • Assembling directions are not available

Bottom Line

Husqvarna LTH1738 mower is the one that can keep your garden on point and support the back throughout the process. It delivers just the right amount of power you require to work outdoors and in any weather.

  1. Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Series Kohler Hydrostatic

Best Riding Mower Under 2000digitalglobalistWhenever we plan to buy equipment for home, we always focus on the budget first. We all want to buy the best machine in a limited amount, and if you are searching for one, you need a Cub cadet XT1 enduro series riding mower. Despite loaded with features, it’s affordable for everyone, and you will find it efficient.

  • Automatic Operation Mode

From kitchen appliances to cars, we are moving towards automatic operation mode to ease our lives. Cub Cadet XT1 riding mower works on automatic mode, and without getting into the adjustment difficulties, you can ride it. The comfort and versatility of a riding mower are up to the mark, and you won’t feel tired after spending hours in your garden.

  • Maneuver Obstacles

Whether working on a small garden or a massive one, none of the surfaces are too smooth to ride on. This riding mower can maneuver obstacles due to a 16-inch turning radius, and you don’t have to invest additional effort. The adjustable seating and comfort provide relief while working. The soft cushion supports the whole body and keeps you relaxed.

  • Long-Working Hours

The body of a riding mower is for long working hours, and it won’t get heat up when using for a long time. Sometimes it may not look appealing to the eyes, but after witnessing a power-packed performance, you will love it. It’s a great option to choose when you want something durable and reliable.

  • Reverse feature
  • Best for long-working hours
  • Automatic operation mode
  • Soft-cushioning seat
  • Design needs improvement

Bottom Line

This riding mower is one of the best equipment to get hands-on on a limited budget. From the efficient speed to sharp cutting technology, it will consume minimum time to complete the task. It’s simple to use and user-friendly for beginners.

  1. MTD 13A277KS066 Products 420cc 42″ Lawn Tractor

Best Riding Mower Under 2000digitalglobalistIf you want a fast-cutting performance with outstanding durability in a mower, then MTD 13A277KS066 is here to serve you. It is power equipment you require to simplify the grass cutting process like never before. This equipment aims to bring ease, and within few hours, you can complete the whole process like a pro.

  • Cutting Deck

The cutting deck of the riding mower is about 42-inches, and without wasting any of your time, it can start cutting the lawn grass. The cutting deck makes the surface even and makes the process smooth. You can expect every feature from this riding mower that is essential for maintaining the garden. The durability is also exceptional, and you will love the efficiency.

  • Quiet Operation

Many people get irritated due to the loud sound of the equipment, and they have to stop the process soon to relax. This riding mower is quiet in operation and even suitable to use at night. None of your family members and neighbors will get disturbed due to the sound. You can use it for maintenance as long as you want, and it will keep working.

  • 7-Speed Shift

The best thing you will have from this lawnmower is speed shift. This versatile machine is offering a 7-speed shift, and you can change it based on the surface. You don’t have to compromise on the constant speed anymore. Without stopping the vehicle, you can shift the pace as you want.

  • Speed transmission
  • Silent operation
  • 42-inch cutting deck
  • Soft-touch steering wheel
  • Not suitable for massive gardens

Bottom Line

Maintaining a garden is a daunting task, and if you don’t have the right equipment, it won’t be possible to complete it with perfection. By adopting MTD equipment, you can focus on cutting without feeling fatigued.

  1. Husqvarna YTH1942 Gas Riding Lawn Mower

Best Riding Mower Under 2000digitalglobalistThe superior durability of the Husqvarna YTH1942 is out of the question because people are putting their trust in this brand for years. Due to high-end performance and service, homeowners count on this model. It can deliver precise cut on point and works on modern technology.

  • Pedal Operated

The pedal-operated system is easy to use for every person who can’t invest much effort into the equipment. This model has a pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission to simplify the process as much as possible, and you will love the simplicity.

  • Add-on Attachment

For operating the equipment and for the simple process, you can use optional add-on attachments. By adding few accessories, you can cut thick grass precisely. Air induction mowing technology is also responsible for cutting the grass accurately.

  • Easy Control

The worse thing a beginner can go through is difficult control of the machine. Due to the user-friendly functions and easy adjustment, you can adjust it as you want. It can move on any surface; whether it’s smooth or rough, you won’t feel uncomfortable while being on the seat.

  • User-friendly features
  • Add-on attachments
  • Air-induction mowing technology
  • Pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission
  • The sound is loud and irritating

Bottom Line

Husqvarna YTH1942 is the best riding lawn mower under 2000 to maintain the garden in few hours. Without spending your whole day outdoors, you can complete the task in no time and get on with a day.

Buying Guide for Best Riding lawn Mower Under 2000

It’s not easy to select the riding mower when you are a beginner and in quest of reliable equipment. By going through our ultimate buying guide, you will be aware of some factors while considering a riding mower.

  • Turning Radius

Users find it difficult to turn the mower in a whole new direction due to the steering. Once you are at the corner of a lawn, it needs to be turning around for another round. Check the turning radius of equipment if you don’t want to go through unnecessary challenges while riding it. The turning radius should be higher and suitable to use in a massive lawn for frequent turns.

  • Soft-Cushioned Seat

While driving the riding mower, body comfort means a lot, and without being easy, you can’t use it for a long time. Ensure the seat of a lawnmower is supportive to your back, and after using it for a while, you won’t feel fatigued. If the seat is not comfortable, the whole experience will be too tiring for you to bear and will make you uncomfortable on the bump.

  • Powerful Engine

If the engine of a riding mower is powerful, it will work with you and perform well in any season. The whole performance of the riding mower depends on the engine power, let it be cutting blades or dealing with tight spots in the garden. Consider the engine size and sound of a mower when deciding on buying it. The sound of an engine should not be too annoying or disturbing for others.

  • Robust Construction

The robust construction of the riding mower is essential to check if you want to save money on maintenance and replacement. If your mowing equipment is not of reliable material, it may get you in trouble after using it for few months. If the material is not reliable enough, you may have to replace the whole equipment after a year in the worst-case scenario. Also, make sure about warranty issues before buying.

  • Durability of Wheels

If the wheels of the riding mower are not durable, you can’t deal with bumps and uneven surfaces. Wheels are responsible for delivering a smooth experience to the user regardless of surface and weather conditions. Before investing in the equipment, keep wheels durability and check them by riding. They should be of exceptional quality to work on rough surfaces.

  • Budget

The budget is another massive factor you need to consider when buying. Never go for the cheap quality just because you want to save money as later on, you have to invest double on repairs. Shortlist some of the models that are in your budget and after viewing the specifications, decide which one is suitable to maintain a garden.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. For how many years riding mower can last at my place?

On average, a lawnmower can last for 10-years straight due to robust construction and rough mechanism. If you are investing in the premium brand, it may last more than 10-years, depends on your usage. If keeping it clean and maintained, it may last for more than an average time.

  1. As a beginner, whether should I buy a new lawnmower or a used one?

If you have the lowest budget, go for the used one, but take a look at the condition closely. If you have a massive garden, then used equipment may not work for a long time. Depends on the area and budget, you can choose a suitable option.

  1. How can I maintain a riding lawn mower to enhance life for a long time?

To enhance the life of a riding mower, first, take care of the cleanliness. After using it in the garden, if you are not cleaning it, equipment may not last. Some parts will get damaged, and you have to spend a heft amount on repairing them. Use oil from time to time to prevent the engine from seizing. You can also wash the body of a riding mower frequently to wash the dirt.

  1. Where should I store a lawnmower in winter?

You can keep it in a garden but ensure it is placed on some high surface to keep the base dry from moisture. At the time of using a lawnmower, ensure it is dry and not working strangely. The air circulation in the foundation is essential and allows air to pass.

Final Thoughts

Over time, new lawn mowing models are hitting the market and are economical. In the beginning, you may find it hard to choose one that can fulfill gardening needs, but hopefully, after going through buying guide, you can pick the best one now. Investing in a cheap lawn mower doesn’t mean it will not perform well, read reviews and do some research before investing.

Another thing a user should focus on is what kind of terrain riding mower will be used because longevity highly depends on it. It is always a wise action to check the best riding lawn mower under 2000 to prevent any inconvenience.