10 Best Robot Lawn Mower UK

Cutting grass manually is a hectic and lengthy process that requires additional effort to bring balance to the garden. A robotic lawn mower is getting popular massively these days due to its fully automatic functions. For many people, professional lawn mowing service is expensive. Homeowners have to maintain it by going through extreme efforts.

The best robot lawn mower UK is easy to set up and quiet in operation. Without bothering anyone around you, you can use the equipment anytime and let it work for you. In terms of operation, this product is similar to robot vacuums that save tons of time. This equipment will handle the coarse grass like a pro, and you don’t have to spend a whole day cutting grass. Now you can relax in the sun while a robotic lawn mower will work for you. Without delaying this valuable review further, let’s dive into the details of each product.

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 Best Robot Lawn Mower UK

  1. Robomow RS622 Battery Powered Robotic Lawn Mower

Best Robot Lawn Mower UKdigitalglobalist

This lawnmower is exceptional for homeowners who are tired of cutting grass manually and still are not satisfied with the trimming quality then Robomow robotic lawn mower is all you need. It saves tons of time by showing efficient performance and adjusts itself according to the user’s need. It’s an ideal option to adopt by Robomow to make this task easy than ever.

Move Effortlessly

As a beginner, you may be worrying a lot about setting it up and how it will move to different areas on its own? This intelligent Robomow RS622 robotic lawn mower moves to several areas for cutting, and once the task is complete, it returns starting point. Through a personalized web app, you can connect with Bluetooth and manage every move.

Easy to Setup

This incredible product is easy to set up, and you don’t have to spend a whole day. To save your time and easy operation, schedule the lawnmower for a week, and it will work like a pro without disturbing you. Also, you can set the perimeters of the yard, and it will keep moving in the adjusted direction.

Rain Sensor

Robomow RS622 robotic lawn mower is only not helpful for cutting grass quickly, but it also has rain sensors to guide the user. As soon as rain starts, this friendly product returns to the station and starts working again once the weather condition is under control.

  • Quiet cutting

  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Anti-theft and safety system
  • Dual blade for effective cutting
  • Parts of mowers are not available


Bottom Line

This lawnmower is excellent equipment to adopt when you want to reduce the grass cutting timing and require efficient cutting. Within a limited budget, it can deliver tons of features.

  1. WORX WR142E M700 Landroid Robotic Mower 700m²

Best Robot Lawn Mower UKdigitalglobalistThe fully automatic lawnmower by Worx is revolutionary equipment to shorten the lengthy process of cutting grass. By using this equipment, you can enjoy the weekends in full swing and let it work in your garden. It takes care of trimming and cutting by protecting the base of a garden. Workx WR142E landroid robotic lawn can detect cutting areas and deal with them. It’s an ideal lawnmower for a garden of up to 700m2.

Wi-Fi Compatible

There is no need to adjust settings manually because this efficient robotic lawn mower is compatible with wifi and the app. By sitting on your chair, you can change the settings and control every move while it’s working in the yard. With the help of an app, you can schedule cutting, check the progress and update software for more features.

Intelligent AIA Technology

This smart device works efficiently on dense grass due to intelligent AIA technology. This feature boosts the speed and let it work 30% faster than a conventional mower. If you are concerned about the edges of yards, this robotic mower will also take care of it. You will get clean results like manual settings.

Silent Operation

It’s the best robot lawn mower UK that works in silence and never disturbs your neighbors. It’s an ideal product to use even at night and, you will never produce a loud irritating noise while cutting the grass. Unlike other lawnmowers, it’s an efficient device that knows where to move and when to return to the base station.

  • Efficient and durable

  • Wifi compatible
  • Quiet cutting
  • Smart auto-scheduling
  • The wire is hard to install

Bottom Line

The intelligent navigation and impressive performance make this lawnmower stand out from all and cut the grass through tight passages. Worx WR142E lawn mower is an excellent product to invest in when you want to have accurate results.

  1. Lawnmaster L10 Robot Lawnmower 20V Max

Best Robot Lawn Mower UKdigitalglobalistGetting easy to install and the low-maintenance lawn mower is the dream of every homeowner on a limited budget. The lawn master L10 robot lawnmower is a complete unit require to maintain grass weekly without investing time in it. Set the timings, and it will deliver you timely results.

Durable for Years

Lawnmaster L10 is durable due to its robust construction, and you can always count on it for maintaining the garden with ease. Not just a body of a lawnmower is reliable, but it is also waterproof. It’s a tough product to pick for the garden and has a 2-years warranty to cover any damage.

Safe and Secure

People using delicate models often complain about how the blades stop working after some time due to bumps and no sensors. This efficient lawnmower has sensors for sensing the obstacles to stop blades right away. For security, it has a code feature, so the non-authorized person can’t use it. The efficient cutting of the lawnmower will leave you amazed due to sensor technology.

High-End Performance

The high-end performance of the lawnmower is out of the question as it delivers excellent results and keeps grass healthy. It cuts down the weed and, without snatching nutrients and boosts the growth in a short time. It’s easy to move, and you won’t find its motion disturbing or loud.

  • Bump detection sensors
  • Durable for long-term use
  • Efficient and healthy cutting
  • Quiet operation and charging
  • Charging station require space to setup

Bottom Line

The lawn master L10 robot mower is trusted equipment to adopt when you want to maintain healthy grass. It can work in worse weather conditions like a pro, and you will find the quiet motion fascinating.

  1. McCulloch ROB S400 Robotic Lawn Mower

Best Robot Lawn Mower UKdigitalglobalistAre you searching for the most advanced and efficient lawnmower at a limited price? McCulloch ROB S400 robotic lawn mower is here to help you out in trimming grass in few minutes. You sit back in the chair and let this product deal with the outgrown weed or grass in the best possible way.

Intelligent Adaptive Cutting System

By buying this intelligent lawn mower, you can assign this time-consuming activity to it and focus on other home tasks. Due to the adaptive cutting system, it can detect the grass growth for scheduling the next session. Your lawn will always be green, and it protects the boundary from damage.

Flexible Charging Station

Once the robotic lawn mower cuts the grass, you don’t have to set up a charging station in a massive area. It can set up in a limited space without creating a buzzing charging sound. You can set up a charging station anywhere on the lawn. The easy installation of the charging station allows you to recharge batteries immediately.

Quick Keypad Navigation

To adjust the settings, you don’t have to spend countless minutes on it. The quick keypad navigation gives instant access to settings, such as mowing programs, cutting schedules, home and others.  Within a few minutes, you can adjust settings, and it will start working right away. With the help of Rob’s simple setup wizard, you can install it easily.

  • Easy access to settings

  • Adaptive cutting system
  • Easy to set up charging station
  • Lawn growth sensors
  • The setup is time-consuming

Bottom Line

The adaptive technology and flexible cutting made the operation faster and simpler than ever. From the added security to slopes detection, you can utilize every necessary feature in this model without operating complications.

  1. GARDENA Smart SILENO life Set: Robotic lawnmower for lawn areas of up to 750 m²

Best Robot Lawn Mower UKdigitalglobalistIf you stay busy with other home maintenance tasks and it’s quite a headache for you to deal with outgrown grass, here is the ultimate solution. You need a Gardena Smart sileno life robotic lawn mower for all your grass cutting needs. It can complete the task in no time and easy to use in any weather conditions.

Fully Automatic System

The fully automatic system of the lawnmower allows a user to enjoy their day without adjusting settings time to time. You can control every move of the device with one touch by connecting it to a mobile app. It will deliver precise and accurate results. It’s suitable to use in the lawn area up to 750msq.

Easy to Clean

Before buying automatic lawnmowers, people often worry about cleanliness and maintenance. There is no complicated process of removing residue from inside, and it has a storage bag to keep it safe. It takes few minutes to complete the task and never asks for additional efforts from the user’s side. This easy-to-use equipment will make your day by keeping you relax.

Sensor Control

Many lawnmowers damage the grass due to no sensor control. Gardeno smart sileno lawnmower has sensor control that can detect the growth and cut it accordingly. From the boundaries to the center of the yard, nothing will get damaged from the equipment.

  • Excellent sensor control

  • Easy to setup
  • Compatible with mobile app
  • Suitable to use in rain
  • Voice level is high

Bottom Line

The continuous and precise cutting time allows you to sit back and see your garden get into shape. It can cut the grass right up to the edge and leave no ugly traces behind.

  1. Flymo EasiLife 150 GO Robotic Lawn Mower

Best Robot Lawn Mower UKdigitalglobalistFor the small gardens, it’s hard to find an efficient and appropriate lawnmower that can deliver ultimate performance with advanced features. Flymo easilife 150 robotic lawn mower is a compact and lightweight product to invest in for excellent efficiency. It’s the best robot lawn mower UK that can work in any circumstances like a pro.

LED Indicators

For keeping the process simple, this device has LED indicators to learn about the current settings. By connecting it through Bluetooth to an app, you can schedule timing, update software and troubleshoot the problems by sitting from your spot. This lawnmower will impress you with the performance and keep you updated on the settings.


Flymo easilife 150 robotic lawn mower has lawn sense and frost sense to detect the surface. It will not damage the base of your garden and cut the grass by learning about the growth rate. These sensors are also responsible for enhancing the performance of the blade by stopping at bumps.

Intelligent Guide

As a beginner, it’s suitable to use because of the intelligent guide that shows you how to install the wire step by step. It also guides the lawn mower throughout the process so your product can navigate easily without moving irregularly. From installing wire to adjusting settings, you will find everything quite simple.

  • LED indicators

  • Intelligent movement in the lawn
  • Compatible with Bluetooth and app
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • No weather sensors available

Bottom Line

The blades of Flymo easilife 150 are to reduce the maximum mess in the garden and to boost the growth rate by eliminating weed. The compact and smooth movement gives you satisfaction, and you will find it magical. It’s of great value, especially when you want to cut the grass at a constant rate with no ugly tire marks behind.

  1. AYI DRM3-600i Robot Lawnmower

Best Robot Lawn Mower UKdigitalglobalistAYI DRM3 robot lawnmower is an excellent device to cut the grass of the garden up to 600m2. The sleek and innovative design of the lawnmower makes it compact and easy to handle. It works on modern technology to maintain a uniform pattern throughout the process. It keeps the appearance of a healthy garden by cutting efficiently.

Rain Sensors

This lawnmower is appropriate to use in rough weather conditions, whether it’s rain or storm. By connecting it to the mobile app, you can turn on the rain sensors. The lawnmower will alert you when it’s about to rain, and you can complete the task before it. As soon as it rains, the robot lawnmower gets back to the station until the weather is stable.

LCD Screen

The LCD screen of the AYI DRM3-600i robot lawnmower allows you to operate it smartly by setting everything. You can schedule the timing for cutting grass repeatedly and check the current settings of the device on-screen. You can also set a pin code for the added security with the help of a screen and make it anti-theft.

Grass Cutting Adjustments

This efficient lawnmower has an excellent feature to make operation simple and easy. The grass-cutting adjustments allow you to use the device on your terms. By turning the knob, you can adjust the cutting height from 2.5cm to 5.5cm.

  • LCD screen for adjustments

  • Weather sensors
  • Grass cutting height adjustments
  • Easy to carry and store
  • The noise may increase on thick grass

Bottom Line

This brilliant lawnmower has premium blades to trim grass-like never before and works on modern technology. By burying the grass clipping into the soil, it delivers essential nutrients and boosts growth. It’s convenient to use for everyone due to efficient programming and advanced control panel.

  1. LANDXCAPE LX799 300m2 Robotic Mower

Best Robot Lawn Mower UKdigitalglobalistIf you own the garden up to 300m2 but can’t find the right lawnmower, then the landxcape LX799 robotic mower is your companion. It’s perfect for removing messy grass and other harmful plants to boost the growth rate. It maintains boundaries and has modern features to deliver premium results.

Premium Blade Cutting

The blade cutting mechanism of the best robot lawn mower UK is something you will admire. The efficient blades speed up the process and cut the grass as required by detecting the thickness. It has a 3-blade cutting system to cover up an area as soon as possible. A user doesn’t have to deal with manual settings anymore that can consume half of your day.

Patented Mowing Cutting Technology

Many homeowners cut the grass of narrow passage themselves because lawn mower is not so supportive and perfect. Due to patented mowing cutting technology, the landxcape LX799 robotic mower can move through the tight area. It is compact and lightweight to carry anywhere for the ultimate performance.

Automatic Recharge

Another massive advantage you will get from this lawnmower is automatic charging. There is no need to keep plugging it when power is low. As soon as the battery is about to die, it starts charging automatically without creating a buzzing sound. The automatic charge keeps the device ready for another cutting session with ease.

  • Automatic recharge

  • Excellent blade cutting
  • Patented mowing cutting technology
  • Suitable for small gardens
  • The sound is quite sharp

Bottom Line

From the additional safety to user-friendly installation, you will find everything easy to operate. It can deal with tricky paths like a pro without getting you into the complications. You will find this lawn mower comfortable to use anytime at an affordable price. You will love the features and efficient performance of the lawnmower.

  1. Greenworks Robot Mower Optimow 15

Best Robot Lawn Mower UKdigitalglobalistThe adjustable cutting height is ideal for a large area, and it can perform with excellent speed to save tons of time. Greenworks robot mover optimow 15 is a perfect product for a massive garden, and it can cut the grass evenly. You can control the settings of a lawnmower comfortably without disturbing any of your neighbors due to the sound.

Weather Sensor

The weather sensor let a user know whether it’s an appropriate time to start grass cutting or not? The sensors can also navigate the path b avoiding bumps in the way. As soon as equipment senses an obstacle in the way, it seizes the blades for better performance. After the rain, it reschedules the mowing and starts trimming the yard.

Low Noise Level

The worse thing a user can experience is the high pitch sound of a lawnmower. It also disturbs the peace of neighbors. Greenworks robot mower optimow 15 produces sound less than 50db, so you can use it at night without a sharp sound. After trimming the garden, the mower gets back to the charging station quietly.

Smart Control

This robot lawnmower is to adopt ease in life by reducing efforts by the user. The Smart control system delivers emergency brakes to prevent collision with anyone and keep them safe from injury. By connecting it to the app, you can control the mower as you want. It will also show you the current status and progress on the mobile phone screen.

  • Voice level below 50db
  • Smart controls
  • Suitable to use in any weather
  • Sensors for avoiding obstacles
  • It may take time on thick grass

Bottom Line

This incredible lawn mower can simplify grass cutting. The razor-sharp blades move on the grass with great precision. You can communicate with a lawnmower with just one touch.

  1. OUNUO Robotic Lawn Mower – Cuts Up to 800 sq m

Best Robot Lawn Mower UKdigitalglobalistOunuo is a trusted brand when talking about home care equipment, and people find it reliable at affordable prices. The robotic lawnmower is an ideal equipment for massive gardens that require something efficient and quick to perform. This robotic lawn mower asks for zero effort from a user and performs everything on its own.

Complete Automatic Operation

This best robot lawn mower UK is a complete automatic unit that performs every function with perfection and moves flawlessly on the surface without leaving traces behind. It reduces the mess from your garden and fertilizes grass clipping for healthy maintenance. Within a few minutes, you can have a neat garden right in front of you.

Automatic Ultrasonic Sensors

The built-in automatic ultrasonic sensors are for collision prevention and to seize the blades when an obstacle is coming on the surface. It also stops the circuit when overloaded and needs rest. With the help of intelligent recognition, you can control every movement of the lawnmower. By sitting at your spot, you can change the cutting settings at once.

Smart Control

This lawn mower is compatible with WiFi, and you can also connect it with an app to control the settings. There is no need to change the features of the lawnmower manually. Set the boundaries and other requires settings as it will follow the settings strictly. You can also set an anti-theft password to prevent unnecessary use by a non-authorized person.

  • Compatible with WiFi

  • Built-in automatic sensors
  • Intelligent recognition
  • Quick and sharp cutting
  • It may produce an annoying sound

Bottom Line

Ounuo robotic lawn mower is suitable to use on huge gardens when you want precise and accurate results. The instant access to settings will make your work simple, and you can always reschedule the cutting regardless of weather conditions.

Buying Guide for Best Robot Lawn Mower UK

A robotic lawn mower is the dire need of every homeowner with a garden that requires constant effort for maintenance. Due to the advanced technology, you don’t have to hire professional services anymore. Here is the essential buying guide you can go through while planning to buy the best robot lawn mower UK.

  • Sound Level

Usually, people often complain about the sharp sound because it disturbs the peace of home and you can’t use it for a long time. The robotic lawnmowers are ultra-quiet, but some of the massive models can create sharp sound while working. If you want to maintain the peace of your home and neighbors, then choose the model with a sound level of less than 50db. It should work quietly to use it anytime, even at night. It should reach to recharge station after performing the task.

  • Premium Blades

If you want the best robot lawn mower UK for the massive garden, ensure it is offering multiple premium blades. It must cut the grass evenly, and instead of creating mess, it should bury the remaining clippings for further growth.

The life of blades must be long-lasting so they can work for years on the grass regardless of the weather and grass strength.

  • Smart Controls

The fundamental reason why people switch to robotic lawnmowers is the Smart control system. It should have sensors to recognize obstacles coming its way while working. It should also have a collision safety feature to keep everyone safe in the family by sensing them in front of blades.

Before buying these efficient lawnmowers, ensure it also has an anti-theft feature to lock by adding a password. It must be compatible with wifi and controllable from a mobile phone for easy access to settings anytime.

  • Waterproof

Another feature you need to focus on while making a buying decision is the waterproof function. Many lawnmowers are delicate and, as soon as water enters the system, it gets damaged from inside. The modern-day lawn mower should be waterproof so it can survive in rough weather conditions. The majority of premium models have weather sensors to get alerts about rain. As soon as rain starts, they move to the recharge point automatically. They stop working until the weather gets better.

  • Adjustable Movement

Lawnmowers are to bring advancement in the grass cutting, ensure that robotic lawnmowers have adjustable settings. You must be able to change the height settings, movement, and boundary settings. Due to no adjustability, people often feel disturbed when lawnmowers ruin the boundary and cut grass without detecting the strength. By connecting to the mobile app or accessing the control panel, you can change settings anytime.

  • Durable Battery

The durable battery is the primary requirement of every user who wants to deal with a large garden at one time. Before investing in any lawn mower, ensure it has a powerful and durable battery that can last for years without replacement. Other than the battery, the recharge station should be efficient without creating buzzing sounds while working.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Are robotic lawnmowers loud?

It depends on the size and performance level of the lawnmower. Due to the thick cutting, sometimes lawnmowers use all their power, which creates a buzzing sound. The majority of models are quiet to maintain peace of the home and for night use allowance.

  1. How long do robotic lawnmowers last?

Robotic lawn mowers are reliable and durable to use as they are expensive than conventional models. Usually, if investing in the robotic lawnmower, then it will last for 10-years on average. Due to robust construction, they work for a long time without replacement or damage issues.

  1. How can I store a robot lawnmower in winter?

It’s essential to keep your lawnmower at a dry place during winters due to excess moisture. If keeping it in the open air, wetness will get inside and damage the internal components. Try to use it twice a week to keep the motor running and functional.

  1. Is a garden mower suitable to use on slopes in the garden?

The first thing you need to make sure of is whether your lawnmower is compatible with slopes or not? An average lawnmower can work on a maximum angle of 45degrees. Pay close attention to the sound changes while moving on the height and if it’s making weird noises, turn the motor off to reduce pressure.

Final Thoughts

Mowing the lawn with perfection is a daunting task and impossible to complete until you have the right equipment. From our short-listed products, you can have perfect lawn mowing equipment that can deliver exceptional performance. The best robot lawn mower UK can cut the grass in few minutes minus your efforts to save tons of time. Take time to understand the equipment and start using it by covering the small area to understand the remote functions.

Whether you have a small or massive lawn, you can always count on the mower for instant grass cutting. This equipment is an essential need of every homeowner with a lavish garden. We hope you may find the appropriate unit from our guidance.