Carrera Crossfire Electric Bike Review

Do you notice how technology positively changes our lives with each passing day? Well, an electric bike is no exception!

As the name suggests, electric bike runs on a battery and is considered to be one of the most prominent examples of green transportation in recent times. No more worrying about scooters that need petrol since you can quickly charge electric bikes that are similar to cycles and get going!

But do we have such great electric bike options available in the market? Yes! Out of many, one of these electric bikes is introduced by Carrera Crossfire which is making waves.

Here is a detailed Carrera Crossfire Electric Bike review for you to make your final decision of whether to buy it or not.

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Carrera Crossfire E-Bike Review:

What makes this e-bike one of our favorites is the fact that it is not only suitable for everyday riders but can also turn out to be a great partner for your weekly adventures. Carrera electric bikes can easily take you to a whole new level if you are looking for more freedom, bumps, and jumps, along with more fun!

Since this is a hybrid bike, it works as a road bike and mountain cruiser bike all at once. So if you are looking for various uses for your electric bike, this Carrera Crossfire Electric Bike can be your go-to option.

Carrera Crossfire Electric Bike Review

Significant Components of Carrera Crossfire E-Bike:

1-      PAS or Display:

The bike comes with a Suntour TFT multifunctional color display which shows all the essential statistics like battery level and mileage and also allows you to switch between power-assist modes. The design of the display is quite large and clear, making it perfect for people who have difficulty reading displays.

2-      Motor:

The Carrera Crossfire Electric bike has a Suntour Performance 36V hub rear electric motor with a cadence sensor for producing torque-sensing power levels and up to 60Nm of torque. The torque sensing power of this motor is excellent, and the power levels are enough to provide an impressive riding experience.

3-      Frame:

The frame of this bike is made using a step-through design which is specifically used to ease the mount, and it comes in an aluminum crossbar. Overall, the frame is not only durable but also quite tidy due to internal cable routing. The total weight of this bike is around 22.5kg which makes it suitable to be used by both men and women.

Carrera Crossfire Electric Bike Review

4-      Battery:

The battery used in this bike is the semi-integrated Suntour STL battery located in the bike’s downtube. The battery has a capacity of around 417 Wh/11.58 Ah, with a range of almost 60 miles. For ensuring safety, the battery on this bike is key removable. This battery’s integrated smart control system keeps the battery healthy throughout and can easily and completely charge within six hours.

5-      Gears and Brakes:

One of the most impressive components on this bike are the hydraulic disc brakes which ensure excellent stopping feature even when you are riding on steep roads. These brakes come paired with the Shimano Altus 9 gear range, which, when used with the hydraulic brake system, are excellent to provide the rider with a reliable ride no matter what kind of adventure he is going to.

6-      Wheels:

The Carrera Crossfire Electric Bike uses 700c size wheels equipped with 28″ of Kenda tires, which are famous for providing durability and puncture resistance. The combination of these wheels and tires makes this bike excellent for road and off-road riding. You can easily switch the tires out for an aggressive tread pattern when you are using this e-bike on rougher tracks.

Carrera Crossfire Electric Bike Review

Features of Carrera Crossfire E-Bike:

Here are the major features that this bike has in store for you.

Excellent Support:

If you are looking for excellent support in cycling, this bike can be a great choice for that. Whether you want to ride more miles with more twists and turns or bumps or jumps, this bike can be an excellent fun partner for you.

Bike range:

All electric bikes come with a maximum mileage range, and this one is no exception. While the bike has a range of around 60 miles, it still depends on various factors, including tire pressure, assistance mode selected, wind speed and direction, temperature, climate, cycling route, etc.

Electric Capability:

On a single charge, the e-bike can easily run around 25-30 miles and a maximum of 60 miles, as mentioned previously.

Comfortable Grip:

The bike comes with memory foam saddles which are excellent for providing your grip on the handles even for more extended periods. The grips are more padded to ensure a comfortable grip.

Carrera Crossfire Electric Bike Review

Frequently Asked Questions:

What frame options does the bike come with?

The Carrera Crossfire Electric Bike comes with three different frame options, including 17 inches, 19 inches, and 21 inches. This range of options allows you to choose any height of frame which is suitable according to your size.

Can I use Carrera Crossfire Electric Bike as a regular bike?

Yes, you have the option of using this electric bike as a regular bike by turning the motor power and using it as a normal one. However, the presence of a motor and battery can weigh the bike down, which will be difficult for the riders to ride without assistance.


Cycling and riding a bike is quite getting famous in recent times thanks to the increasing rates of fuel all over the world. However, moving toward something technological that not only saves your fuel cost but is also a greener option is the way to go. This is where an electric bike comes to the rescue. Providing you with the experience of riding a bike, this bike can efficiently run on a battery and doesn’t require you to refuel it again and again. One of these electric bikes is introduced by Carrera Crossfire, and in this article, we have covered a detailed Carrera Crossfire Electric Bike review for you to make your final decision easier.

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