5 Best Cheap Zero Turn Mowers

The fastest and efficient way to maintain the lawn is to use a zero-turn lawnmower. As a professional, you must understand the importance of this equipment. In the beginning, you may find it daunting to use it in terms of functionality, but later, you will love the performance and its time-saving nature. Zero-turn lawn mowers are a bit expensive, but now due to the cut-throat competition in the market, you can have an exceptional model at a limited price.

We have short-listed some of the best cheap zero turn mowers that can work amazing on your lawn. Let’s get into the details, and you will love the specifications that can make work fun.

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5  Best Cheap Zero Turn Mowers Reviews

  1. Snapper 2691319 360z Mower, Riding

How cool would it be if you can clean the garden within few minutes as it can save your day and energy? Snapper 2691219 mower is all you need when you have a massive garden, and it needs maintenance for the perfect look. This versatile and convenient lawn mower is on commercial standards. The durability and reliability of the product are exceptional.

Easy to Use

This easy-to-use zero-turn mower won’t make things complicated for a user because the functionality is quite simple. The foot-operated height operation allows you to adjust the seat when cutting the grass and controlling pedals to maintain the speed. For the massive garden, you can use this equipment anytime. It can bring simplicity, and you will love the overall functionality.

Durable Frame

This durable mower deck is beautiful, and due to the durable thick-walled construction; it can work for years at your place. The reason behind the precise cut is the ball bearing and caster spindles. The high-performance snapper mower can make your work simple.

Powerful Engine

The reliable engine of the mower ensures you are getting the right cut even after the year. It’s an excellent product to use on the thick grass. The equipment is capable of carrying weight till 50lbs. This professional series lawn mower can make your cutting session easier than ever without dealing with complications.

  • Easy height adjustment

  • Fully-welded durable frame
  • High-performance engine 
  • The gas gauge may complicate functions

Bottom Line

If you want to invest money in a lawnmower that can offer you long-lasting functionality, then this is what you need. From the performance to appearance, everything is premium, and you will not regret the buying decision. The versatility makes any equipment perfect, and you will find this one full of functions to bring ease to the user’s life.

  1. Ariens IKON XD-52 (52″) 24HP Kohler cheap Zero Turn cheap Lawn Mower

For more than a decade, Ariens is serving customers globally, and people are satisfied with the high-end performance. For the massive gardens where maintenance is compulsory, but you are tight on budget, this model is an ideal match. It won’t be heavy on your pocket and can deliver all the functions you are expecting from an expensive zero-turn mower.

Large Tires

Large tires can handle any garden, and they can also bring balance to the ride. Ariens IKON XD-52 has large back tires to bring speed and consistency throughout a session. These tires are durable to last for years and deliver a firm grip on the ground. The solid frame gets support from the tires, and the user doesn’t have to feel uneven while sitting on the seat for cutting purposes.

Efficient Hydro gear

People often find lawnmowers irritating due to their slow speed and time-consuming performance. The efficient hydro gear of this vehicle can deliver the pace of 7mph and maintain it without asking for additional help from a user.  The tank has a capacity to preserving 2.8 gallons of fuel, and it can cover the massive garden without stopping operation in the middle. It can compete with commercial mowers in terms of performance.

Precise cutting

The blades are precise, and no matter how thick the grass is, it can cover the whole area with a consistent ratio. As soon as you are on the seat, it will start comforting the body, and at the end of a ride, you won’t feel fatigued. The whole structure of a mower is durable and can last in your garden for decades.

  • Durable and long-lasting frame
  • 23-hp Kawasaki engine
  • Preserve 2.8 gallons of fuel
  • Not suitable for commercial use

Bottom Line

The plush seat and durable frame are all you need from the lawnmower when you can’t compromise on the performance. It is one of the best cheap zero turn mowers with a powerful engine to support you throughout the process without feeling uncomfortable or tired.

  1. Husqvarna MZ61 61 in. 27 HP Briggs & Stratton Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower

Husqvarna is a brand that needs no introduction, and people trust the quality of equipment for years. The lawn mowers by Husqvarna are exceptional and worth investing in. The commercial-grade power of this zero turn riding mower makes your work simple. It will enhance your comfort and save loads of time by offering premium functions.

Turn Radius

While working on the massive lawn, a user may find it irritating when they can’t turn the mower due to radius issues. This model has a zero-turn radius, so you can control the steering on your terms without putting too much pressure on your hands. The ergonomic controls are the reason people find them easy to use as a beginner.


As a beginner, you may find it difficult to calculate whether it’s time for the service or it can work for more weeks? This efficient lawn mower focuses on making life simple by showing an hour-meter to indicate service reminders. In this way, your equipment will always be on point, and no technical issue will keep you stuck. Less operator fatigue is another massive feature you can have from the model.

Bushel Collection System

People spend all of their day when it comes to installing or cleaning the parts of a zero-turn mower. This model has a bushel collection system that can bring versatility to the overall operation. The 9-triple bushel bag can help you removing and installing the parts in a matter of seconds. From the hydraulic drive system to the battery, everything is in your reach, so you can start working on the ground.

  • Easy to install
  • Comfortable steering
  • Indicator for service reminder
  • It doesn’t work on a steep surface

Bottom Line

Husqvarna MZ61 is the best turn mower with a heavy-duty steel frame and hydraulic system. Whether used for residential or commercial purposes, you will find performance impressive at such cheap prices. You can always count on this model for ultimate comfort and unique features to deal with heavy outgrown grass.

  1. Troy-Bilt Mustang 54 25HP 54-Inch cheap Zero-Turn Mower

The most efficient way of cleaning the yard is to use a zero-turn mower. Troy-Bilt Mustang is one of its kind of equipment and delivers powerful performance while being on the ground. Due to the speedy operation, it completes the work within few hours, and you can focus on other chores later. It can turn your dream into a reality when you are sensitive about the garden.

Reliable Engine

This lawnmower is featuring 25HP Briggs and Stratton Intek twin-cylinder engine to enhance performance in the best possible way. The added oil filter lets you keep the functions on point by cleaning or changing the oil frequently. The dual suspension spring also plays a massive role in making the ride smooth. You will enjoy the ride without feeling pressure on your legs till the end.

Adjustable Deck

Regardless of the height, this model is suitable for everyone because the deck is adjustable into 8-positions. The blade engagement of the vehicle is precise, so you don’t have to make additional rounds. The automatic operation mode let you handle the equipment without anyone’s assistance. It’s easy to activate any of the functions by pressing the button.

Reverse Mow Control

The best thing about this zero turn mower is the reverse mow control. For the safe and easy operation, it can cut the grass in reverse. The fuel site gauge is at the front to deal with re-filling and has a floating front axle. You can witness the ultimate performance of this mower while covering a massive lawn on speed.

  • Powerful 25HP Briggs and Stratton engine
  • High-performance adjustable deck
  • Reverse mow control
  • Electrical components are delicate

Bottom Line

Troy-Bilt Mustang 54 is one of the best cheap zero turn mowers with a powerful engine that can help you mow the grass in the best possible way. The company is offering a 3-year limited warranty with a lifetime frame warranty for the durable life. You can experience a smooth ride on an uneven surface due to premium tires.

  1. Swisher ZTR2454BS Response 24HP 54-Inch B&S ZTR  cheap Mower

While mowing a garden, we all want to use equipment that is easy to use and automatic in operation. Swisher ZTR2454BS mower is the best model you need to cut the grass, and it can make the whole ride fun. For achieving a professional and precise cut, you need a commercial mower within a limited price range. This is the model with a complete performance package as it can offer ultimate comfort to you.

Excellent Airflow

The lawnmower has a front debris shield that can improve airflow and increase performance. There is no need to keep emptying the bag as it can discharge the grass on its own. Due to the airflow system, blades work efficiently and cut the grass precisely without leaving a patch behind. The durable 11-gauge fabricated cutting deck and 3-gator mulching blades can make your work way too simple.

Rapid Response Control System

The rapid response control system is responsible for controlling the whole equipment with superiority. Due to the complete system, you won’t find the process difficult. It supports every step of the mower and keeps the performance uniform even when working for hours. To enhance the comfort of a ride, the deck is adjustable within a height range of 1.5-4.5″ so you can easily paddle the vehicle.

Fuel Capacity

Many small lawnmowers have small tanks, and it’s possible to cover the massive lawn with such limited fuel. This tank is not only reliable for covering the garden with consistency, but it can store 8-gallons of fuel. This vehicle can move about 8MPH in the forward and reverse direction for your ease. The battery compartment and cup holder are at the front of a mower for easy access.

  • 8-gallons fuel capacity

  • Rapid response control system
  • Sharp and efficient blades
  • Not suitable for steep roads

Bottom Line

Swisher ZTR2454BS is reliable equipment to use on the lawn when you don’t want to compromise on appearance. By showing the performance, it can wind up the work quickly and offering a speed of 8MPH. The durable steel frame and high seat deliver comfort to a user for ultimate comfort.

Buying Guide for Cheap Zero Turn Mowers

A zero-turn mower is an ideal equipment to use on the lawn when there are unexpected turns. If planning to buy such equipment to trim the garden with perfection, here is your complete buying guide.

  • Deck Size

The deck size of the lawnmower should be according to the garden area. If your lawn is massive and requires regular trim due to outgrown area, the deck must be large with quick coverage capacity. It should also have adjust-ability so you can use it on your terms. Before choosing the deck size, it’s essential to evaluate the garden area and invest in the best model. If the cutting deck is appropriate, the overall performance will be perfect.

  • Construction

The construction should be durable enough to last for years while working on any uneven surface. Many mowers are of light material, and as a result, you may have to deal with frequent repairs. No matter, if looking for a residential or commercial mower, the durable construction can leave a great impact on the performance. Cheap zero turn mowers should have reliable construction so you can count on the model for trimming.

  • Engine Size

The main power on which the whole vehicle depends is the engine size. If the engine is not robust enough, the mower will not work even in a small area. For the power-packed performance, it should be reliable to work on the steep ground. If you don’t want to compromise on the grass cutting, engine power should be your priority. Also, ensure that company is providing a warranty of few years to cover the damage.

  • Superior Suspension

Suspension power is responsible for the ultimate speed and overall performance too. If the suspension of a mower is weak, it will start asking for repairing work. The blades won’t work, and you have to put additional effort into the operation. For late-night work, it should also have LED headlights, removable clipping bags, and controllable speed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Why should I prefer zero turn lawn mower over a lawn tractor?

We all want to save time, and everyone is switching to technology that is quick and reliable in performance. Zero-turn lawn mowers are suitable when you want to wind up the work as soon as possible. Lawn tractors are not appropriate for small gardens as they are slow and take time to reach the point where cutting is required. Lawn tractors have fewer features as compared to the mowers with zero turns.

  1. Do lawnmowers consume half of the day as a beginner when learning to drive them?

No, lawnmowers are as easy to drive as you think they can be. As a newbie, you only need 30-50 minutes in an open area to understand the functions and how the whole system works. Later, you can drive it in the garden for cutting and trimming stuff. Drive slowly in the beginning as it will help you understand other features.

  1. Can I use lawnmowers on the slopes or hills?

No, it’s not possible to drive the lawnmowers on slopes more than 15-degree due to the speed issues. Lawnmowers work at a slow speed, and if working on the hill, the engine will take unnecessary pressure, and it can make your work a big mess. Lawnmowers are the best to use on even or uneven surfaces as they can show stable performance.

Final Thoughts

While buying cheap zero turn mowers for your garden, you may find loads of different models in the market, but the one suitable to your needs and pocket is an ideal match. From commercial to residential use, a lawnmower should be capable of handling any surface like a pro. From our picked models, we hope you may find the perfect fit for the garden.

After going through the specifications of a required model, invest in the machine. Gardens are responsible for enhancing the worth of a home, and by maintaining it, you can witness the change. Ensure; it has all the functions you require to handle the lawn, and there should be no complications involved. These models can also give you great control on the wet ground.