How to remove the Crank from a Bike? Solution

If you are not maintaining the bike’s crank, chances are that your bike will stop working for some time. The crank is one of the most important bike parts responsible for rotational energy into the forward motion. Whether riding on a rough road or a hill, it’s impossible to move forward when investing energy in a crank. This not only pushes your bike in moving forward but maintains the good rhythm of a bike so you can keep pedaling at the normal pace without burning your legs with energy.

Lately, if your bike is not working properly and you think it’s time to replace the crank but don’t know how to remove the crank from a bike, you are at the right place. Let’s learn how to do it all by ourselves with ease. From now on, you can replace or remove the crank yourself.

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How To Remove the Crank from a Bike

Here we are with the complete process of removing the crank from a bike and doing it easily. By going through our instructions step-by-step, you will be done with it in no time. Let’s go through it.

Step 1

First, you need to detach the right pedal from the crank with the help of a wrench. It should be around 15mm. Connect your wrench with the pedal and turn it clockwise. It will start getting loose, and you must rotate it by hand when moving freely. Keep your hand gently, and if it’s tight, don’t force too much pressure to remove it. Use some oily stuff to start rotating the pedal.

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Step 2

Keep rotating the crank arm in a clockwise position and keep doing it until the pedal detaches from an arm. It might take around 20-minutes of rotation to completely detach the pedal from a bike. Complete each cycle when removing the crank, and don’t pull it on your side when it’s not fully detached.

Step 3

Repeat the same process with the left pedal. If you are standing on the left side, rotate the crank counterclockwise and start moving it similarly. Keep your hands soft while detaching the left pedal from the bike. Detach both pedals from the same process; now it’s time to move forward and remove the crank.

Step 4

Most of the cranks have a cap in the center; before you remove it from the bike, you need to remove the cap from the center. Some are made of plastic, and others are metal; if yours is plastic, you should care about it with a handle. With the help of a screwdriver, pop it out with a gentle hand because plastic is more likely to break when you put in all your efforts. Once it’s out, the crank bolt will be right in front of you.

Step 5

Some cranks have pinch bolts; before you work on the bolt, you need to detach those from a bike. If your crank has those small bolts, you need to insert an Allen key to remove them from it. Insert the key and move it counterclockwise; it will start getting loose. Also, some have plastic pre-load screws as well. Evaluate what kind of bolts and screws your bike has, and then start working on it for safe removal.

Step 6

Usually, the Allen key you need to insert into the bolt should be around 4mm to 8mm. Slide the crank off with the help of professional tools. Remove it from both sides and take it out of the bottom bracket with care. Ensure you handle it carefully and keep all the bolts on one side. Repeat the same process when you are fixing them again.

Step 7:

If you want to install the new cranks and pedal, use the same tools. Push the crank into the spindle and wrap the chain around it to start the fixing process. You can also read the bike manual to better understand crank installation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to remove the Crank from a Bike

How do I take the crank off my bike without a puller?

Many people often find this task difficult to handle because they are confused about many tools. If you want to crank off your bike without damaging it from anywhere, you should use a hacksaw if you don’t have a puller. Cut the spindle and move to remove it from the bike. Ensure you take it forward slowly when attempting it for the first time.

What tools do I need to remove a bike crank?

If this is your first time that you have to remove a bike crank, you should have a few tools in your kit that makes the process way too easy. Add a wrench to your kit, which is necessary to remove a crank and bolts. You should have a hex, crank, and adjustable wrench. Also, keep different tools such as crank puller, torque wrench, thread preparation, and rags. Some of the tools are universal and suitable for all tasks.

Are crank removal tools universal?

What if you have different bikes at home and need to replace or remove their cranks of them. Some tools are universal and will help you work in any model. The CWP-7 is a universal tool that works smoothly and securely in any crank. You don’t have to invest in additional tools when you have universal ones in the kit. Some of the tools are expensive, while others are commonly available everywhere.

Final Thoughts

The importance of cranking in a bike is undeniable. It keeps your bike operational and maintains the rhythm of your ride. It’s hard to remove the crank from the bike without the required tools, and it can damage other parts of the bike. It’s better to keep your hand gentle while removing the crank and use all the tools.

We hope you must have collected enough information regarding how to remove the crank from a bike. It’s easy for you to follow our instructions and remove the crank from the bike without damaging its frame or any of the surroundings.

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