How to Reset E-bike Battery?

The battery is a significant component of an e-bike. The reason is the difference that makes it an Electric bike. The E-bike will no more be an electric bike if the battery is not there. The battery power up the motor, and this is how the Electric bike functions. So, the e-bike users or those who are going to buy an e-bike must have comprehensive knowledge about the e-bike battery management system.

An electric bike is equipped with a rechargeable battery which ensures power backup every time you ride the bike. The batteries are usually lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are durable and have a greater life span as compared to the other battery types. However, these batteries are expensive, and if you don’t have enough information about their maintenance, you may need to get them replaced, incurring additional costs. So, read on and discover more about the E-bike’s battery management system and how to reset the e-bike’s battery.

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How to Reset E-bike Battery?

The first question that arises in my mind is why we need to reset the E-bike’s battery. The reason is to achieve its efficiency. The case is the same as the mobile. When your mobile starts to hang or does not recharge properly, a factory reset is done to get it refreshed and to flush out all the cache data and extra applications which utilize a lot of power in the background. As a result, your mobile gets faster. The same happens with the E-bike’s battery.

Sometimes, the electric bike’s battery loses its efficiency while working strenuously so you can apply this hack to re-achieve the efficiency of the battery in a matter of minutes without spending money to hire a professional service.

E-bike battery is quite like other batteries. The system is simple and has three internal components i.e. Battery meter, Battery Cells & Battery management system. The battery management system is the component that needs to be reset in order to improve the performance of the battery.

How to Reset E-bike Battery?

What is Battery Management System (BMS)?

Each lithium-ion battery is equipped with a microcontroller that is responsible for the recharging & discharge of the battery. Sometimes the battery loses its efficiency after being exhausted or recharged and does not recover on its own. This is why you need to reset the battery to recover. This recovery can take up to 24 hours. If the battery does not recover itself, you can contact customer care and check about the battery warranty before resetting the battery yourself.

The first step is to check the BMS thoroughly before you proceed. Check the voltage using a multimeter before opening up the battery. If the voltage is the same as the cell’s actual voltage and the BMS is Zero, then BMS is okay. You can do it by turning the battery on and placing the multimeter’s negative size on the battery’s negative side and its positive side on the battery’s positive side. Black is the negative side while red is the positive one. Fluctuating numbers indicate that the battery may have a problem. Now check whether the battery cells are working well without BMS. Now check the BMS chip in the end.

How to Reset E-bike Battery?

Why should we Reset BMS?

Because Often, the battery is not in good health & not working well. So before resetting and trying to re-achieve efficiency, one must reset the BMS to check the health of the battery. Moreover, sometimes the battery management system should be reset to start battery upgrades.

How do you Reset a Battery?

You should think about resetting the lithium-ion battery if it charges more quickly than before or discharges completely. Use the lithium-ion battery until it gets exhausted. Make sure that the power cord of the battery-powered device is plugged into the electrical outlet. Now connect the multimeter’s positive side with the BMS positive side and its negative side with the BMS negative side, along with putting the battery in the charger. Make sure that the charger is plugged into the electrical outlet and the power light is turned on. Charge the battery fully until the power light indicates the same.

Some E-bikes are equipped with the Bosch Battery. These batteries have a different and simple resetting mechanism. You must remove the Bosch battery first. Now, just press and hold the On/Off button for about 10 seconds to reset the bosch battery. You can now re-install the battery in the battery mount to start using it.

How to Reset E-bike Battery?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you need a BMS for an E-Bike?

Yes. All E-Bikes are equipped with a BMS. The Lithium-ion battery keeps working and charging without BMS. However, it can over-charge or explode if the BMS is not installed.

How do I fix it if my e-bike battery is not charging?

Batteries are typical, but there are numerous hacks on how you can fix them. If the battery is not charging, you can try another charger. If it recharges well with another one, then it means that the battery is working well. You can also reset the battery to fix the issue. Otherwise, you must take the help of your e-bike’s mechanic.

How do I check my e-bike battery health?

Apparently, the batteries do not indicate anything if they are not working well. You should buy an external battery pack test to check whether the battery is working well or not. Otherwise, you can also check your e-bike’s battery with a multimeter.

Does the factory reset damage the battery?

Probably No. It just refreshes the battery and improves its efficiency. The effect is the same as when you factory reset your phone. It loses all the installed applications and becomes faster. Only the built-in applications are left in the phone resulting in an improvement in efficiency.

Wrapping Up:

The battery is a key component that allows the smooth functioning of the e-bike. Therefore, proper care and maintenance should be carried out ongoing basis; otherwise, the battery may need replacement before the due time. Lithium-ion batteries are expensive, so one must not overlook when it gets depleted or recharges quicker than normal.

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