Lawn Mower Pull Cord Not Catching – Reasons and Solution

 As a beginner, it’s not easy to deal with a lawnmower because oil changing and other processes require your attention after the service. Many people go through difficult situations when they don’t have technical knowledge about the equipment. The massive issue regarding lawnmowers is cord stuck. There are several reasons why this problem arises, and we will help you address them.

If you are in one of those situations, then let us help you troubleshoot them without getting into the complications. Brace yourself as we are about to dig deep to solve these issues by approaching simple solutions.

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Reasons Why Lawn Mower Pull Cord Not Catching

Lawn Mower Pull Cord Lawn Mower Pull Cord

  • Lack of Oil

After using the lawnmower several times, you may feel it’s getting difficult to use as the cord will start getting tighter. It may happen when equipment lacks oil, and the machine is asking to replace the old one. Due to the dryness in a piston, your lawn mower pull cord may be stuck at one point. If your equipment has enough lubrication, you can easily pull the piston without investing maximum energy. When the pull cord is not catching, try to add oil to the piston, and you can start the engine after few minutes. Oil plays an essential role in enhancing the performance of lawnmowers in the best possible way.

  • Layer of Debris

Many people take weeks to clean the lawnmower, and as a result, performance decreases with time. First, the engine power will reduce, and later blades will stop cutting with precision. Another massive issue would be the lawnmower pull cord not catching. In this case, clean the debris and old grass inside immediately. As the starting point is connected to the blade shaft and it won’t let the cord move until cleared.  Also, don’t forget to cast down the brake level when starting a lawnmower. Debris can only not affect the engine power, but it can damage the other parts.

Lawn Mower Pull Cord

  • Recoil Starter

The lawnmower works with the help of different parts, and as soon as everything comes in contact, it starts performing. A problem in recoil starter can be another reason when the lawnmower pulls cord not catching. As a newbie, you may need professional help to repair this part because it includes disassembling the fuel tank. You can observe the professional and later solve the problem for the next time. Recoil starter is delicate, and it may get damaged when a cord is rewind into the equipment but gets stuck into the recoil. You may need a screwdriver to fix back everything as it was.

  • Internal Damages

Using a lawnmower may look easy but maintaining this machine requires effort. If any part requires maintenance, but you are ignoring it, at some point, it will stop functioning. Due to the damage of a single segment, you may go through difficulty in pulling the cord or starting the engine. If there is any cut on the cord, chances it’s damage from the inside. It won’t start until you replace it with something durable. Also, ensure the rope is not tangling when using the lawnmower in the smaller area so, it can rewind into the equipment with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How long a lawnmower cord should be when working on an average area?

The lawnmower cord should be around 5-6 inches if you want to cover the maximum area. In some cases, people unwind the whole cord, and as a result, it gets damaged from somewhere in between. To prevent the pull cord issue, you should stop unwinding it whole and prevent the damage. Replacing the cord may cost you expensive, and you require a professional’s help when using it for the first time.

  1. Why my lawnmower is always hard to pull when I am maintaining it regularly?

If cleaning the debris and changing the oil after using it for few days, there must be some problem with the recoil starter. Before buying a lawnmower, ensure you are satisfied with the pull cord as some people realize this issue later. Another reason why you are finding it hard to start is due to the damage in a rope. Check any broken spring inside and find the root cause of pull cord hardness.

  1. Why does my pull cord jerk?

Lawn Mower Pull Cord

Pull cord is the delicate part of a lawnmower and requires attention every time you use it. The pull cord jerks when valves are not adjusted properly. Valves are responsible for compression, and when the engine feels disturbance, it jerks back. When going through such a problem, ensure to check valves and adjust the settings. It may also happen due to the broken handle, and you should change it to get a firm grip.

  1. How can I start the lawnmower in one pull?

It all depends on your energy and cord power. The strategy to pull a lawnmower is to pull it hard as much as you can to start in the first go. First, ensure you have clean oil and fuel in the tank to make it work. It will save you loads of time, and you can complete lawn maintenance in no time. It may not possible to pull it off for the first time, but with time, you can understand the mechanism.

  1. Can you use a lawnmower when a cord is not working?

No, it’s not possible to use a lawnmower when a cord is not working as it delivers power to the engine. Even if your rope is damaged, it’s not possible to pull it without replacing it. In case, the lawnmower is started, you can’t cut the grass with precision, and it consumes half of your day. By going through the manual and different tutorials, you can replace the pull cord easily.

Final Thoughts

A lawnmower pull cord is an essential part when you want to achieve grass cutting with precision. When experiencing issues in this part, you can try one of our listed solutions, and it will work. By avoiding these issues in the future, you can enhance equipment’s life and performance. You can fix these issues by applying simple steps.