Stealth Bomber Bike Top Speed

Here is a treat for all off-roaders who really like to fly high on the streets like a magic carpet. A magic carpet? Yeah, you heard it right! With a super-quiet motor packed with power, the stealth bomber bike can take you on a distant journey like a magic carpet. So, in this article, we have come up with amazing facts about the stealth bomber bike that can take your off-roading experience to the next level and also discuss the stealth bomber bike top speed.

The outrageous bike is supposed to be the ordinary electrical bike, but it is far more than expected. The speed demons would definitely love its top speed, range, engine, and transmission system. Overall, it is a great buy for riding enthusiasts who love to hover around.

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Stealth Bomber Bike Top Speed:

Stealth bomber is a state-of-the-art bike. It is equipped with a super-powerful 6200-watt motor that allows it to propel the bike up to the speed of 50 mph miles per hour (80 kph). This motor is super-quiet and waterproof. It does not make too much noise like heavy motorbikes and holds up fine in rainy weather. The speed is drastic that exceeds the legal limits of most states. The brushless DC hub motor has higher torque that combines with your muscle1 power and takes you to the moon. It is one of the fastest bikes you will ever come across and go up to 50 miles on a single charge.

All About the Stealth Bomber:

Construction & Suspension:

Moreover, the bike has a sturdy construction with a full suspension frame. The frameworks with a SunTour Vboxx 9-speed Pedal transmission system. This transmission system is potent for off-road biking and adventurous mountain biking. There are no derailleur and shifters cables, so it has a sophisticated look as compared to ordinary e-bikes. Most of the bike’s components are commonly produced mountain bike components. It has an RST- R1 suspension fork and hydraulic six-pot disk brakes on the front and rear.

Battery Power:

When it comes to the battery, the bomber is equipped with high-end 72 Volts 20-ampere batteries. These lifepo4 batteries can be recharged fully from any regular standard current in 2 hours. The manufacturer claims that it has a lifespan of approx. 1000 charges. The battery is safe and contained in a meta case. Another plus is the Cycle Analyst. Cycle Analyst is an amazing battery monitoring system. The system is built into its frame and gives you a fair timely idea of the battery timing and accurate battery discharge rate, so it never lets you run out of battery accidentally.

Throttle System:

The bike has a powerful throttle system that makes it feels ultra-smooth & manageable despite its heavy weight. The stealth bomber bike tackles the roads and hilly areas very smoothly. The bike is silent on tough, bumpy terrains with the help of powerful suspension, and it feels like you are riding on an electric motorcycle. It is a well-balanced vehicle that is thoughtfully designed, keeping speedy riding in mind.


However, there are some downsides that compel you to make a well-thought decision. One is its repair and maintenance. The parts are not readily available, and every motorbike workshop is not well-equipped with the technicalities that are needed to repair this bike. However, the company offers great support in terms of warranty repairs, but it is not convenient for everyone to send the bike to its Australian manufacturers. If you buy the bike from its nearby authorized dealer, then you may have assistance in getting it working again.

In addition, the bike costs you fortune while the parts used in its construction has a mediocre quality that could be better in various aspects. Moreover, it is very heavy that makes it difficult to balance.

Stealth Bomber Bike top speed

Frequently Asked Questions: Stealth Bomber Bike Top Speed

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How Long Does a Stealth Bomber Battery Last?

Stealth bomber uses lifepo4 batteries. These batteries are very potent. They are rechargeable and have a great span which can go up to 1000 charges, so you don’t need to worry about the battery life. These batteries are contained in a battery case which is very sturdy and made up of metal. The batteries take about 3 to 4 hours to recharge.

Stealth Bomber Bike

Is the Stealth Bomber Heavy?

Yes, the stealth bomber is super-heavy and if it runs out of charge and ceases to run in the middle of somewhere then you will not be able to get it pedaled to your home. The rear wheel is equipped with a giant and heavy motor that makes the bike weightier, which causes different issues and certainly feels like a drawback when you choose to buy this bike.

Can you ride a Stealth Bomber on the road?

A Stealth B-52 bomber is an off-road vehicle. The electric motorbike is fierce, fast, long-rage, and powerful. It offers a 50 mph top speed with a range of 50 miles. Yes, you can ride it on the roads, but it exceeds the legal limits of various states. However, the vehicle is great for off-roading and can take you through bumpy, rough roads smoothly & effortlessly.

 What is the best stealth bomber bike?

The most popular and the most powerful variant of stealth bomber bike is The Stealth B-52 Bomber electric bike. The bike is equipped with a high-end 6200-watt motor packed with remarkable power that can ride you through miles effortlessly. The turn-key bike is majestic and speaks about its superiority itself. It offers remarkable performance, a longer range, exemplary speed, and unmatchable battery timings than its rival electric bikes. In addition, this bike is powerful yet super-quiet, which differentiates it from most of the competitive bikes available in the market.

Summing Up:

Overall, the Stealth bomber bike is a must-buy vehicle if you want to witness the speed with performance and quality. It looks cool, like the extraordinary e-bikes, and is faster, more agile, and quieter that the competitive electric bikes. However, the price and weight are the two points you should ponder over. It is very bulky and pricey as compared to the ordinary bikes that are its rivals with respect to performance and speed.

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