Twist & Go Electric Bike – What you need to know

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What are the Twist & Go Electric Bikes?

As the world is moving forward, the automobile industry is also developing with amazing inventions & modifications that can bring greater convenience to your life. Twist & Go Electric Bike is one such variant of the Electric Bike. The Twist & Go bikes are classified as EUL1e-A powered cycles, provided that the motor is limited to generating 1000 watts’ power to propel up to the speed of 15.5 mph. These bikes do not require the rider to pedal in order to supply power to the wheels. What you need to do is to twist the throttle, and here you go. The throttle gives more control and power to the bike to cross hilly areas, inclines, and obstacles. This is why these bikes are known as Twist & go electric bikes.

The bikes that exceed the limit are known as S-pedelecs. UK law requires S-Pedelecs to get registered as mopeds and required them to be taxed and insured by the authorities. Moreover, the rider is required to wear a Crash helmet and must obtain a driving license in order to ride the bike lawfully in the UK.

Twist & Go Electric Bike- What you need to know

How do the Twist & Go bikes function?

The twist & go bikes are equipped with a throttle. There are three types of throttle these bikes are equipped with, i.e., Thumb Throttle, full-twist & half-twist throttle. The thumb throttle is operated by the thumb. It is a button that requires you to press it harder. The harder you press, the faster the bike will go. Full-twist or half-twist throttle is present in the form of a handle that needs to be twisted down in order to start the motor. Scooters & motorcycles also have this kind of throttle system.

The throttle system of a twist & go ebike also works like that of the motorcycle. It is located on the handlebars. When you turn the handlebars, the motor starts, and releasing it will result in a stoppage. The system is easier when it is about convenience. You can easily start your bike without putting too much effort and need not pedal in order to increase the power. This is how you can smoothly ride over hilly areas, cross obstacles easily & accelerate effortlessly. Pedaling is a difficult task; sometimes, the rider does not find himself fit enough to pedal for a longer time and gets exhausted in the middle of the journey. Twist & Go bikes are an optimum traveling solution for such riders. The plus is that you have both options available.

Twist & Go Electric Bike- What you need to know

Are Twist & Go Bikes Legal in the UK?

Twist & go bikes are very useful. They are easy to ride and perform very well on tough terrains and bumpy roads. People with knee or joint issues can also ride these bikes effortlessly. However, there are a lot of ambiguities about the legality of these bikes. The EU Legislation in 2016 declared Twist & go bikes illegal in the UK.

The UK Law has imposed a lot of restrictions on the use of Throttle electric bikes. Some throttle bikes are legal, while some are not. So, one must buy the Twist & go bike, considering that the bike fulfills all the legal requirements. The law allows the use of bikes with throttle systems up to the speed limit of 3.7 mph. When the bike reaches the speed, the motor ceases to function, so the rider needs to begin pedaling to start the motor. The bike can go up to 15.5 mph speed on pedal assist mode.

A bike that exceeds the speed limit of 15.5 mph is not allowed on the roads provided that it fulfills the requirement prescribed by law.

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So What Twist and Go Electric Bikes Are Legal?

Any pedal-assist electric bike with a throttle feature in the UK has a limited speed capability of up to 3.7mph (6kmph). At this stage, DVLA registration or license is not required. However, the twist & go bikes that go above 3.7 mph are classified as a moped. Mopeds need to be insured, registered by the taxation authority & obtain a license & DVLA registration.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Twist or thumb throttle better?

The throttle system is of three types, i.e., thumb throttle, full-twist throttle & half-twist throttle. Full-twist or half-twist throttle requires you to put pressure on it in order to keep going. Those with arthritis or wrist problem will find it difficult to hold it firmly. So, such people should buy a twist & go bike with a thumb throttle.

Do you need a license for an electric bike?

The bike is equipped with a 250W electric motor and pedal assistance stops where the bike reaches over 15.5 mph speed and does not need a license. However, if the bike exceeds the speed limit, then it needs to be registered by the tax & insurance authorities along with obtaining a license to ride on.

Are Pedal &U Pops legal in the UK?

Bikes having a motor power capacity of more than 250 watts are illegal in the UK. In order to be legal, the bike should not use a throttle over the speed of 3.7 mph and must be assisted by pedals up to a speed limit of 15.5 mph. However, the bikes that exceed these limits need to be registered by the DVLA authority & should be insured & taxed. The rider should also obtain a riding license in order to ride on.

Wrapping Up:

Mopeds or Twist & go bikes are super-convenient vehicles to ride on. They are good for users who cannot pedal strenuously or have joint or knee issues. If you are an adventure-lover and want to cross hills and hurdles smoothly, then Twist & go bike is the best bet. However, there are uncertainties regarding their legality on the road of the UK. We hope this article will rule out all important points and factors that need to be considered when buying a Twist & go bike.

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